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MakeItTrizzle t1_j5rj2ug wrote

Boy oh boy, do people from Colorado get their knickers in a twist when you list Olympic skiers to come through VT.


MarketplaceMallBTV t1_j5rjoi2 wrote

The ice coast takes no prisoners. Mikaela, Bode, and the Cochrans are all proof.


Eternally65 t1_j5rz23w wrote

There's a reason world class skiers come to the north east for college, and it is indeed because this is where you learn to handle ice. The west is too soft and easy, with all that wimpy powder and such.


landodk t1_j5s56fu wrote

Also… lots more colleges with established programs. There are probably more colleges in MA established before 1940 than there are west of the Great Plains. All those public colleges established since then are great, but they don’t have the athletic department legacy older colleges do. Keeping a downhill program around is a lot easier than selling it to an AD with a limited number of programs.

Sure, big D1 colleges have them, and can do well, but none of the little colleges can consider it


anusty t1_j67k6i1 wrote

Go back to the Meads and what of Chaffee? Burke and Pico birthed many. Let’s not forget Weinbrecht; had a few acquaintances who ski’d with her troupe; nothing those guys and gals could get down quickly and gracefully. For what it’s worth, just wrapped up a stunning 5 days of skiing at Heavenly; love VT, but ski anywhere out west and you’ll love the snow…no ice, but the narrow winding trails of VT can only be found there.


urtlesquirt t1_j6d1gnn wrote

Don't forget the XC skiers! Like half of the US XC ski team came through Stratton Mountain School or Craftsbury as kids or are currently associated with the pro teams at those schools. The only other place that reliably produces pro XC skiers is Alaska. US Biathlon also skews heavily to New England.


CHECK_FLOKI t1_j5rr9tq wrote

I love watching west coast skiers cry everytime over this.


MarketplaceMallBTV t1_j5tab51 wrote

West coast skiers expect 300 inches of fresh light powder. East coast skiers expect 1 inch of ice and disappointment. Discomfort breeds innovation lol


seekingbeta t1_j5tevvw wrote

West coast skiers also get bright sunny days with highs above freezing. East coast skiers question whether the sun still exists.


hippiepotluck t1_j5rpbqc wrote

I heard her on the radio today. They played a clip of her speaking right after the race. Still out of breath, she thanked the crew who worked all night to groom the course. Super classy.


Optimized_Orangutan t1_j5vkegx wrote

Burke Mountain's training slope is one of the steepest in the world and has produced more Olympic ski talent than any other mountain in the world. Great skiers come to Burke because it's the place to ski if you want to be the best.


MarketplaceMallBTV t1_j5zmhq3 wrote

I ski raced for most of my life and had the privilege to train every weekend at Burke. As a non-racer, it can be easy to hate racers as they get the best trail on the mountain to themselves. It’s sad to say, but without racing, Burke would likely fall to the wayside. I remember that when I have to go down Willoughby for the 7th time because BMA kids are training