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MizLucinda t1_j5rwd8s wrote

Lots of folks are overlooking geography. Killington is in Rutland County, and is also near Woodstock and the Upper Valley. Everyone giving you advice about Chittenden county is not especially helpful; it would be about a 2 hour commute for your husband if you lived there. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to do that. I can’t answer the question you’ve asked, but you may want to narrow your focus to areas where it makes sense for your family to live.


Admirable-Reveal-412 t1_j5rzigu wrote

Thank you- realistically they are probably looking at living in towns that are served by Rutland HS, West Rutland, Mill River HS, the HS in Bethel, Woodstock HS or Otter Valley HS in Brandon. Or they could opt to send their kids to Killington Mountain School or the private Catholic HS in Rutland. Rutland is the largest community near Killington, and many of the other towns surrounding Killington can feel isolated and lacking of amenities. As you continue to explore your options moving to Vt focus on those areas, otherwise your husband commute will be quite long.


MizLucinda t1_j5rzxsq wrote

Bethel no longer has a high school. It merged with South Royalton. Which could also be a good location for the family, although housing is likely impossible there.

If they want to go south a little they could look to be somewhere so the kids could go to BBA. Might as well get the best education they can.


Jmacd802 t1_j5uhenl wrote

2 hours in the summer. F that drive in the winter


MizLucinda t1_j5ukd58 wrote

Exactly. The stretch between killington and 89 feels like it takes forever, and then it’s another hour at least. The job sounds great but not at all worth that horrible commute.