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darcy1805 t1_j5u2zg4 wrote

The number of Middlebury college kids I saw driving away from campus this week with one square foot of snow removed from the windshield and nothing else… 😑


Hanginon t1_j5uq7k6 wrote

Now if caught, That's a ticket in Vermont.

Going to cost you $105 for obstructed view, plus the officer will have you clear the rest of it off before they relase you from the stop.

Source; It happened to a co-worker, we laughed at her lame complaints. Yes, they should be out arresting bank robbers, however, you made yourself available... ¯\_( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ)_/¯


Ill-Nerve-3154 t1_j5w4l9l wrote

I agree with the statement and the sentiment, but bank robbers? Lol.


Hanginon t1_j5w5257 wrote


Guess there was an otherwise completely unknown bank robbery going on somewhere else while she was being smartened up on the side of the road. If only we had known... ^eyeroll...


FourteenthCylon t1_j5wbojd wrote

That's way too much work. With a compass, a stopwatch and a really good road map, you don't actually need to bother removing snow from the windshield at all.


hideous-boy t1_j5u5q50 wrote

like that stretch of 125 isn't bad enough with the visibility and none of them ever looking before they cross the street


captainogbleedmore t1_j5u2c91 wrote

Ahh BF. Would love to see this person cross the bridge and get pulled over in Walpole for violating Jessica's law!


GrilledSpamSteaks t1_j5udm0z wrote

The act itself is not illegal, but anything that flys off your vehicle and damages stuff is your responsibility, be it snow, fairings, screws. etc… 23 V.S.A. § 1128


captainogbleedmore t1_j5uzkeg wrote

Across the river in NH, where this person was more than likely heading, it's illegal. It's called Jessica's law.


GrilledSpamSteaks t1_j5v488k wrote

If dude crosses over any of the 4 VT borders he’s toast for reckless endangerment at a minimum. VT is, as far as I know, the only one that waits for damage before stepping in.


sad0panda t1_j666zgp wrote

Not quite. MA technically doesn't have a law to cover snow removal either, they cite you for an unsecured load instead which is also technically possible in VT.


Fantastic_Painter_15 t1_j5u52ea wrote

It’s illegal in vermont too


Status_Mechanic t1_j5u94lb wrote

It's not. Seriously. Unless it's on the windshield or possibly the front side windows, VT cops can't do anything until it falls off potentially hurting somebody.


ghostlyone t1_j5w3plh wrote

Vermont is the real live free or die state, not nh.


edwardsamson t1_j5x76eg wrote

We got legal weed, no law to remove the snow from the top of your vehicle, and we can pass on double yellow. And I think we might even have more lax gun laws right? NH helmets on motorcycles and no seatbelts required? Whose more free really?


woolsocksandsandals t1_j5ybd9w wrote

NH doesn’t have income or sales tax and there’s less regulation on polluters.


ghostlyone t1_j5ycfsr wrote

No sales tax but plenty of registration fees. I sure don't feel free every year my car registration comes due. And the property taxes....i always free or die, and no legal weed, meanwhile every state bordering us has legal weed. Makes sense, right?


woolsocksandsandals t1_j5yee8p wrote

You ain’t lying. My property taxes and vehicle registrations are oppressively expensive but as a family we save 3-4% of our income living in NH vs. living in Vermont (edit: just by not paying state income tax). I’d love to move back to my home state but I live about 1,000 feet from the Connecticut River and I can see Vermont from my front yard so I’ll take it.


adamlcarp t1_j5yklok wrote

NH was always a shall issue state but just went to constitutional carry, unlike our legislature they haven't passed magazine capacity limits because some dipshit highschool students made threats... so NH is more lax at this point


immoralatheist t1_j5v109i wrote

Does VT not even have a statute requiring anything on the vehicle be secured? MA doesn’t have a snow-specific law either, but they will cite for an unsecured load if you don’t clear the snow off, since the snow and ice comes off and hits other cars.


Status_Mechanic t1_j5v22ur wrote

With the current laws it's treated like window tint... Have all you want as long as long as the windshield and front side windows are clear.


ArkeryStarkery t1_j5x5oeo wrote

Yes, and yes, state police have been known to issue tickets for unsecured loads of snow under 23 V.S.A. § 1454.


woburnite t1_j5yphsx wrote

Unsecured load on roof. You think if the cops saw you driving around with a loose piece of plywood on the roof, they'd be like, "meh, hasn't fallen off yet."


devkim33 t1_j5u8klo wrote

It actually isn’t illegal to not have your vehicles roof clear of snow in Vermont. “requires that the front windshield, vent windows, or side windows located immediately to the left and right of the operator not be obstructed.”


DicmoVolant t1_j5ubaeu wrote

Vermont tends to just not have some obvious laws that other places do.


captainogbleedmore t1_j5v07y6 wrote

Especially traffic laws like police entrapment. In a lot of states, patrol cars should be visible by up to 100ft, with running lights on, and not at the bottom of a hill.


DicmoVolant t1_j5v4l2t wrote

Shit, in NY I've seen the state troopers fake a roadside breakdown with a shitty old truck, hood up, and the spotter inside. At the next freeway entrance, they a bunch of patrol cars waiting to pull people over. I've also seen them do this with the spotter parked on an overpass, or tucked way back into the trees (with green cars).

Vermont could never afford such shenanigans.


Willman3755 t1_j5vtgug wrote

NY cops suck man.

I've never even been pulled over in Vermont, but in Plattsburgh I've gotten two tickets, one for going 58 in a 45 (I legitimately missed the 45 mph sign at least partly because I've never seen those on proper highways here) and the other for having an out of date VT inspection sticker on my Vt-registered car (that I'm fairly certain NY cops can't enforce...)


VasilyKomotskie t1_j6k61b5 wrote

If you got pulled over in the 45 I think you got pulled over in, you played right into the trap. They literally wait for those green plates 🤣


Willman3755 t1_j6kudk9 wrote

100% lmao.

I now have a radar detector since I do a ton of out of state highway driving (34k miles on my car that I bought new in February).


VasilyKomotskie t1_j6kuygb wrote

As a NYer who lived my entire childhood in the VT speed trap, it’s not worth it to even go slightly over. They are waiting specifically for you haha


TroubleInMyMind t1_j5w3qfc wrote

Oh so not hiding on a private drive parallel to a stop sign that was a yield sign for 30 years?

I have never in four decades seen a police officer that wasn't a State Police do anything what so ever to make the Vermont public safer. 99% of the time they're just sucking money out.


snuffy_tentpeg t1_j5uim9q wrote

Time to update statutes then. They aren't carved in granite.


devkim33 t1_j5uqxg1 wrote

Haha you said granite because Vermont is well known for its granite quarry’s. +1 for you!


weareami t1_j5u9vzd wrote

Has vermont ever had this on the table to vote to make it illegal?


Hanginon t1_j5urmol wrote

There was a snow clearing bill proposed a few years ago but it was such a clueless mess that it was basically beaten to death and buried in an undisclosed location. ¯\_( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)_/¯


woburnite t1_j5ypcgq wrote

I believe it is covered under "unsecured load on roof." Tie that snow down properly.


NJRMayo t1_j5u365j wrote

Can't stand this.. Clean your entire car off, people!


nbelang t1_j5u908q wrote

I like when they come to a stop and it all falls on their windshield. Even better when they have to get out and fix it. Don't be so lazy and this wouldn't happen.


InformationHorder t1_j5w0slk wrote

And with that amount of snow it's so heavy it starts impacting your MPGs and makes you heavier and harder to stop safely.


whaletacochamp t1_j5u2muy wrote

The other morning I was cruising down 89 south by exit 15, yknow the one where there’s like 3/4 of a mile to merge but everyone merges the second the other lane is accessible.

A car that was not even remotely cleaned off came on and merged in front of me. Literally encased in snow. They had scraped out a hole the size of a dinner plate to look out of, and had the drivers window open so they could smoke their cigarette.

For some reason when I passed her and gave her the finger she got really upset…and then as she was trying to angrily speed pat me a huge sheet of compacted snow flew off her roof and smashed the car behind her…..


sammycvt t1_j5ult0h wrote

I'd call that an ass hat.


fallout17asfd t1_j5uez0a wrote

your a cunt who only cares about yourself if you do this just being honest


thqks t1_j5ucekn wrote

They're driving down to NJ to sell snow to Mountain Creek Resort


RMTWHODAT t1_j5uj1qq wrote

Always clear the snow and ice from the highest point of the vehicle. Work your way down until all debris is cleared. Also a good time to check for obstructions. Obstruction may include but not limited to; toys, vehicles, pets and children.


Dr_JackMeoff t1_j5u9t0c wrote

What a moron. At least the rest of the car seems clear. It always makes me cringe when I see a car that has a 1' circle in the driver side windshield and everything else completely covered in snow.


Sheeshka49 t1_j5ucdiw wrote

That’s illegal in many states. It’s a death trap waiting to happen for some other driver and their passengers.


19Vinny_The_Vet92 t1_j5u69w4 wrote

Who would leave a perfectly good car under a pile of snow like that?


Frankie_Wilde t1_j5w5tgq wrote

Don't clean the snow off your car, let it fly off and smash someone's windshield

Be a man


Nickmorgan19457 t1_j5u2vjf wrote

Never trust anyone who buys the “big” sedan from any company.


mojohand2 t1_j5v3n6l wrote

Christ, what an asshole.


Otto-Korrect t1_j5uqcbi wrote

I saw a truck parking lot at a business recently that had a 'plow' an exactly the height of the box, so all the snow got shaved off automatically when they left the lot. Brilliant idea. With technology now, one could even be made to automatically adjust to the height of thar particular truck.


missmoonlight_ t1_j5w8zhm wrote

Exactly why I try to head out early if I have to be somewhere after heavy snow. Gives me enough time to remove snow without being in a rush. Even if I don’t head out early and it takes longer than I’d like it to, it won’t stop me from removing the snow. At that point I just accept that I’ll be running late. It’s just not worth the risk.


allfort t1_j5ww969 wrote

I do not want to be a victim of justified homicide so I always clear my roof off.


smokeythemechanic t1_j5uc24u wrote

People who do this deserve a pit maneuver into the trees sideways.


thetoneranger t1_j5wzhd7 wrote

Sometimes I don’t even clean off my windshield just use echolocation to find my way around whilst encasing my car in a half foot shell of ice and snow.


bobsizzle t1_j5uvm83 wrote

That's just laziness.


Ok-Delivery-2218 t1_j5vx5gi wrote

Please don’t…. These are one of the biggest a-holes on the road 🙄🙄


Big_E01 t1_j5wj5br wrote

Maybe they're really short or an ancestor of T-rex.


ghostlyone t1_j5ycjlr wrote

I'm 5'3 with a dodge ram. Where there's a will, there's a way. Lol


TheQueenCars t1_j5z9bf9 wrote

Then you end up with your hood covered in dents because the dipshit that couldnt bother cleaning their car off has hard chunks of snow/ice flying off while driving 😐


Anon363636 t1_j5ubyvo wrote

"snow on the roof, what a goof"


WoodyMD t1_j5ugqht wrote

I see no person. Just one big asshole.


partial_birth t1_j5uwhyr wrote

I was just on 91 and 89, and the number of trucks and trailers with a foot of snow on the roof was insane.


Allemaengel t1_j5vf0un wrote

C'mon. it's just any northern state's winter hat, lol.


vermontnative t1_j5vupdb wrote

Saw a semi with a huge trailer on 91 with about a foot of snow on top. Not too many bright thinkers out on the road this winter.


Zaius1968 t1_j5w03zq wrote

Lazy. I would have expected that to be a fine German engineered auto actually. But not surprised.


JDS_802 t1_j5w4r89 wrote

I watched someone from my window in my office stop in the middle of the road with cars behind them to brush off the snow that fell onto their windshield from their roof. And they only brushed off the driver side and left the passenger side completely covered 🤦‍♂️


SnooKiwis6943 t1_j5x88q8 wrote

Haha, the car is wearing a cap! Literally a snowcap.


weareami t1_j5yqs3e wrote

Just had someone do this in colchester, then they had to stop on a hill and it covered their windshield...

Then they proceeded to stop mid hill on a corner. Doesnt take much to get a driver's license!


dedepu t1_j5z7jhq wrote

Went to Vermont for the first time. Never going back because of this


jules13131382 t1_j61mu4y wrote

I got a ticket for this in CT 😅


Soci3talCollaps3 t1_j5xi9rk wrote

What? I do that all the time...while the car is sitting in the driveway warming up. What's the harm?


theshoegazer t1_j5ufkk4 wrote

Top of the muffin to you!


ringomanzana t1_j5uzdu2 wrote

They must be new in town.


mowitmanfrontier t1_j5whrgd wrote

Hear me out on this. No ticket no fines. But new law is if a cop pulls you over for this they bust your windshield and leave end of story . No tickets to fight in court or to take time away from the cop doing other things. Just a quick " hi I see you are too much of a dick to clean off your car so smash smash have a good day." Takes about 3 minutes, repeat offenders get the tires deflated cut the valve stems off


SecureLingonberry774 t1_j5whffz wrote

Probably going to get down voted into oblivion and get a bunch of hateful comments because this is Reddit after all but I have never heard of this being illegal.

For reference I live in Wyoming and almost everyone here leaves snow on the top of their car or truck and let’s it fall off naturally. It seems like the windows are clear and I suppose it could slide down and impede the drivers vision but a danger to vehicles behind them? Wouldn’t it hit the ground first rather than fly into someone else’s windshield? Judging by the comments so far I guess I am out of the loop or maybe Wyoming is just different. What am I missing?


pixieanddixie t1_j5x4yo1 wrote

I’m sure someone will fill in the details for me; but there is something called Jessica’s Law that came to be because ice from a large truck flew off while driving on the highway and smashed the windshield of a young girl named Jessica.


snuffytwoshoes t1_j5u3pdc wrote

I was expecting a license plate r/vermont found horrific, but yes, don't be like this person.


hideous-boy t1_j5u62o3 wrote

sometimes folks in this sub forget that Vermonters can be inconsiderate drivers too


snuffytwoshoes t1_j5ukhn9 wrote

I was misunderstood, of course Vermonters can be inconsiderate drivers. I was referring to vanity plates that send r/vermont off the woke deep end.


[deleted] t1_j5v4eh3 wrote

How much you wanna bet they moved from Massachusetts?


hideous-boy t1_j5vojeg wrote

I said this in another comment but I'll say it again: Vermonters are capable of being inconsiderate drivers too


Senior-Tradition-246 t1_j5ytzjd wrote

Not nearly as much as I'd bet that you think you're better than other people because you were born on one side of an invisible line on a map.


Stinkynelson t1_j5vhzb7 wrote

Dude, at least try and blur out their plate number.


[deleted] t1_j5u74sg wrote



devkim33 t1_j5u8sdm wrote

Not illegal in Vermont to not have your vehicles roof clear of snow.


Cranky_Yankee t1_j5uaj86 wrote

No kidding? Having snow on your roof like this against the law big time in New Hampshire where seat-belts, insurance and motorcycle helmets are optional. Go figure.


h802 t1_j5ub324 wrote

Live Free right?


smokeythemechanic t1_j5ud7f5 wrote

Naw, it's not live free, it's live within the feel good laws that do nothing for anyone's life bottom line or quality of life. Useful laws are outside the scope of local government.


DicmoVolant t1_j5ubkxz wrote

You new to Vermont? There are laws that are normal and obvious everywhere else that Vermont just doesn’t have for some reason. It’s a theme.


Mission_Phrase_5133 t1_j5vk6ou wrote

OK like you all have never been late for work and left the house like this, c'mon, be honest now, we've all done it at least once


hideous-boy t1_j5vous7 wrote

I'd prefer to be a few extra minutes late than endanger the lives of drivers behind me


Mission_Phrase_5133 t1_j606j5u wrote

If it's truly endangering someone's life they are probably driving too close. I've never been irritated at other people having snow on their cars. I really had no idea until i saw this post that anyone else ever even thought about it. TBH i will probably do a better job scraping snow off next time now that I know people are apparently judging me about it... truly had no idea. But anything I can do to reduce others' road rage directed toward me, I will. ppl are nuts.


hideous-boy t1_j60xwoa wrote

ah yes. They're "driving too close"

"but that's only one example!"


how about a third?

you can look this shit up, there's plenty of news reports of people having their windshields fully smashed in by this negligence. There's a reason some states require by law cleaning snow/ice off cars before driving


Mission_Phrase_5133 t1_j66sqbw wrote


yeah these do look shitty. as I said TBH i will probably do better on this after seeing this post. I've been driving here for a long time (decades) and this is never something that has bothered me from other drivers. But TIL that this makes some people as angry as the new burn-your-eyeballs blue headlights make me.


[deleted] t1_j5u99zs wrote



1DollarOr1Million t1_j5udq2n wrote

More like it will blow off ON the highway, in one giant chunk, slamming into the car behind you and damaging their car and causing an accident possibly resulting in injury or death. All because you are a lazy fucking piece of shit.


Southall1960 t1_j5ul910 wrote

Its just snow, how is it going to hurt you even if it falls off. I always did this when i lived where it snowed. I'm 62 now, if i lived there i'd do it too


Viper5639 t1_j5une27 wrote

Snow has ice in it when it’s been sitting on your car like this. If you speed up it can come off and crack the windshield of the person behind you.


anom_k t1_j5u9ley wrote

Lmao I'll admit I've definitely done this out of laziness


1DollarOr1Million t1_j5udz3c wrote

Well here is your sign to never do it again. Major accidents have been caused by this and it’s entirely irresponsible to not clear off your roof. No excuse. I don’t care if it’s laziness, selfishness, or your running late. From this day forward every time you don’t clear your roof it is officially negligence.