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Status_Mechanic t1_j5u94lb wrote

It's not. Seriously. Unless it's on the windshield or possibly the front side windows, VT cops can't do anything until it falls off potentially hurting somebody.


ghostlyone t1_j5w3plh wrote

Vermont is the real live free or die state, not nh.


edwardsamson t1_j5x76eg wrote

We got legal weed, no law to remove the snow from the top of your vehicle, and we can pass on double yellow. And I think we might even have more lax gun laws right? NH helmets on motorcycles and no seatbelts required? Whose more free really?


woolsocksandsandals t1_j5ybd9w wrote

NH doesn’t have income or sales tax and there’s less regulation on polluters.


ghostlyone t1_j5ycfsr wrote

No sales tax but plenty of registration fees. I sure don't feel free every year my car registration comes due. And the property taxes....i always free or die, and no legal weed, meanwhile every state bordering us has legal weed. Makes sense, right?


woolsocksandsandals t1_j5yee8p wrote

You ain’t lying. My property taxes and vehicle registrations are oppressively expensive but as a family we save 3-4% of our income living in NH vs. living in Vermont (edit: just by not paying state income tax). I’d love to move back to my home state but I live about 1,000 feet from the Connecticut River and I can see Vermont from my front yard so I’ll take it.


adamlcarp t1_j5yklok wrote

NH was always a shall issue state but just went to constitutional carry, unlike our legislature they haven't passed magazine capacity limits because some dipshit highschool students made threats... so NH is more lax at this point


immoralatheist t1_j5v109i wrote

Does VT not even have a statute requiring anything on the vehicle be secured? MA doesn’t have a snow-specific law either, but they will cite for an unsecured load if you don’t clear the snow off, since the snow and ice comes off and hits other cars.


Status_Mechanic t1_j5v22ur wrote

With the current laws it's treated like window tint... Have all you want as long as long as the windshield and front side windows are clear.


ArkeryStarkery t1_j5x5oeo wrote

Yes, and yes, state police have been known to issue tickets for unsecured loads of snow under 23 V.S.A. § 1454.


woburnite t1_j5yphsx wrote

Unsecured load on roof. You think if the cops saw you driving around with a loose piece of plywood on the roof, they'd be like, "meh, hasn't fallen off yet."