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2q_x t1_j5v6iq3 wrote

It's 53.1 miles from Alburgh VT to Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport.


[deleted] t1_j5v0ga0 wrote

No such place exists, there is no large airports within an hour from this state.


speedydryhamster t1_j5v8psm wrote

BDL isn't much more than an hour from Brattleboro


[deleted] t1_j5vao8e wrote

One terminal airport isn't large to me but it is probably the closest thing to one in the area.


Catamounter t1_j5yw787 wrote

BDL would satisfy OPs needs. I’m sure by “large” he means the availability and frequency of flights vs. how many terminals it has. It’s no LAX or Logan but for all intents and purposes it’s a large (for New England), modern airport.


anusty t1_j62n6uz wrote

Less…brother lives in Winchester, NH and never need more than an hour, either way. That said, assuming speed limit, probably puts it outside the hour window


MarkVII88 t1_j5yi5ir wrote

Montreal is less than 2 hours drive from Burlington and about 80 minutes drive from places like St. Albans or Swanton.


[deleted] t1_j5youph wrote

80 minutes is greater than 60 minutes


MarkVII88 t1_j5ysyph wrote

Yeah, no shit.

OP appears to have no idea what they're talking about. If they want to live less than 60 minutes from a large, affordable, family friendly, safe airport then they should not be looking to live in VT. Burlington International Airport is a decent option, but it's not large, and not always affordable.

Montreal is, by far, the closest major airport to any place in the northern half of VT, 2 hours drive or less. Boston is a 2 hour drive from White River Jct or Brattleboro and 3.5 hours from Burlington.

Albany is a 1 hour drive from Bennington, about 2 hours from Rutland or Brattleboro, and 3 hours from Burlington. Though like BTV, I doubt most people would consider Albany to be a large airport.

Over the years we've shopped prices for flights and never has Albany airport come out the winner. We've flown out of BTV, sure, and we've driven to Montreal, Boston, and NYC more than once.


fruipieinthesky t1_j5uyq6q wrote

I'd consider Logan to be a large airport. Manchester is medium. And Burlington is a precious wee little airport.


Mad__Vlad t1_j5why2h wrote

Don’t forget about Bradley down near Hartford CT, less than an hour from brattleboro.


Team_Flight_Club t1_j60h8nh wrote

I don’t drive slow, but it usually takes me about an hour and 15 to get to Bradley.


alfonseski t1_j600pwq wrote

Bradley is smaller than Manchester these days. At least it feels like it is.


Affectionate_Cod_348 t1_j5vagqp wrote

St. Pete/Clearwater (PIE) in Florida whose only major airline is Allegiant is a bigger airport than Burlington.


Optimized_Orangutan t1_j5ux7a8 wrote

Affordable doesn't exist here anymore because of people moving here.

Edit: if you need convenient access to modern amenities like international airports, gas stations or decent pizza Vermont is not the right place for you.


shoesontoes t1_j5vuen3 wrote

Boston, Massachusetts. God speed.


seanner_vt2 t1_j5uxb1j wrote

An hour drive to a large airport? Other than BTV, which isn't large compared to others, you have more than an hour to Manchester, Boston, Albany. So your best bet would be to live in NH, Ma or NY


alfonseski t1_j601n1o wrote

You could make manch in an hour from white river(go 85). But is it a large airport, sort of.


MizLucinda t1_j5w5g2a wrote

This does not exist.


proscriptus t1_j5ykpr0 wrote

Actually you could live in the Bennington area and be about an hour from Albany airport.


oneisgoodtwoisbetter t1_j5uxw8b wrote

I’m in the Upper Valley and use Bradley International for all my travel needs. Easy 2 hour drive straight down I-91. Much easier to get to than Boston Logan! I haven’t used Burlington, VT, but that’s only 1.5 hours away. Manchester, NH has an airport as well, another 1.5 hours or so. Highly recommend Bradley, and good luck with your move!


PsychologicalEar0 t1_j5v8c0j wrote

souther vermont bennington county is 1 hr from albany


Kimberly802 t1_j5weteu wrote

This. ALB is my preferred airport but BDL works as well.

Unless it's the middle of the night, you won't catch me going in or out of Logan one more time. What a pain right in the arse. I have to fly monthly and sovt is easy for ALB or BDL.

ETA: I'd much rather take the train to NYC airports than deal with Logan AND Mass drivers. F that.


General_Explorer3676 t1_j5v6959 wrote

do you need to travel for work? Cause Burlington is the comfiest airport but it can be a nightmare for delays especially once the rainy season gets going.

I've literally had business trips just straight cancelled three this year from BTV, it was fine and could do a Zoom but its not something I usually need to do


roddyse t1_j69hi6v wrote

Yeah, trying to get an afternoon/evening flight out of BTV in the winter is a complete crapshoot.


Affectionate_Cod_348 t1_j5va9np wrote

Anywhere you want near Hartford, CT or Boston, MA. No such place exists in Vermont.


MarkVII88 t1_j5x3ah2 wrote

Montreal (YUL) airport is not that far from places in Franklin County like St. Albans or Swanton. Still much closer than Albany or Boston.


HandCarvedRabbits t1_j5zq3qt wrote

This is true, and unlike the southern option, the housing costs up here, especially in Berkshire and Richford are very reasonable. There are lots of border stations up here where you cross into Canada and most of them are very quiet- no wait. About 45 minutes north of any of these towns an access to the east/west highway (10?) on which you can drive straight into the city.


random_vermonter t1_j5zbjs1 wrote

Affordable? Nothing if people keep moving here…


patonbike t1_j5yjuzx wrote

Southern vermont to Hartford CT.


anusty t1_j62mvjy wrote



jsolt t1_j5yemnn wrote

BTV will get you where you need to go fairly easily (unless it's heavy international) - Logan is the worst in every way


SVTer t1_j5zug6f wrote

Absolutely love the Albany airport. Super easy to get to, little to no traffic, very relaxed and rarely crowded, fair parking prices, fair airfare prices and flight options. About 45 min from the SW VT/NY line.


quartadecima t1_j5uxzi8 wrote

Your best bets are Chittenden County for Burlington.

North of Burlington gets you “closer” to Plattsburgh, NY, but I don’t think that has as many flights as BTV.

Otherwise, for the northern part of the state, Montreal, in Canada, would be the closest airport with transoceanic flights.

White River Junction is, maybe, 75 minutes or so from Manchester, New Hampshire, which Southwest flies to.


Khanover7 t1_j5v21nr wrote



Affectionate_Cod_348 t1_j5valth wrote

Does Plattsburgh have airlines other than Allegiant's seasonal flights to Florida now?


Khanover7 t1_j5vb6vg wrote

I don’t know but depending on how close you live to the ferry, you’re pretty close to being within an hour to BTV which I don’t consider a large airport but still.