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AlanZero t1_j7f9jjm wrote

Concrete dust. Don’t breathe this.


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pharaohandrew t1_j7fqxi2 wrote

It’s a reference to old Blendtec Blenders videos, which were a source of humor circa like 2007.

It was a joke.


AlanZero t1_j7h83nx wrote

It was a joke, perhaps too grim at this moment, but it’s also true. Tons of people died from respiratory illnesses and cancer after being at 9/11 ground zero.


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AlanZero t1_j7fjvjc wrote

No, you are.


Anandacome10 t1_j7fkeh5 wrote

I'll breath it if I want bruh


Lubedballoon t1_j7grj7y wrote

Yea! You can’t tell this guy what to do! Let him get silicosis. Fuck you and your helpful tips!!


Horsetaur t1_j7hdyz8 wrote

Can we mail this man some instacrete and have him huff it on camera?


noobvin t1_j7g09ej wrote

I can't help but think about the people that could have been in there. Also, even if all were out, they just lost their whole life. It's really horrible.


Torcal4 t1_j7g33qf wrote

> even if all were out, they just lost their whole life.

This is what got me. A couple of months ago, there was a flood on my apartment’s floor. We only got about 2-3 inches of water that came in and made our living room float. I felt so overwhelmed by having to move everything upstairs and knowing that my storage closet was full of water too and not know what was slightly damaged or not.

I can’t even imagine a situation like this where you literally watch your house crumble. Now it’s not even “what was damaged?” But rather “what survived and can I even ever get it back?”


Tkainzero t1_j7f5rjl wrote

Holy shit... I hope everyone was out of there.


Velzevul666 t1_j7g5eib wrote

Guessing from the people recording from multiple angles, they were kinda expecting it to go at any moment meaning it was long evacuated (I hope).


Willsgb t1_j7hjl8b wrote

I couldn't see anyone in the windows but... I have a sickening feeling that the people on the street were maybe yelling to people in there to leave.

I don't know their language, and I can't tell. Obviously hope to all goodness that I am wrong.


eugene20 t1_j7f1xny wrote

Oh god that's hard to watch, they were totally unprepared, you can hear a kid screaming


Gary_Vigoda t1_j7ffaex wrote

Hope everyone is ok. That's nuts.


Kissaki0 t1_j7ilcl8 wrote

I hope turkey reconsiders its human aid blockade to Syria, which was hit very bad by the earthquake close to the border too.


Brewe t1_j7f6ui4 wrote

Mad props to the camera operator.


MrKahnberg t1_j7gyq6u wrote

Jeez. If someone like my uncle Don lived there , there's at least one victim. Once he got swept away by a small avalanche. A planned avalanche. The highway dept brought down a big cornice in Officers Gulch. Uncle Don thought he could drive past the traffic barrier and get by before the avalanche got to I 70. So I'm sure he would have ignored any warning or cracks and pops coming from the building.


mamasnoodles t1_j7h4paj wrote

Uncle Don sounds like the type of guy that calls 911 and asks whats their emergency.


KRed75 t1_j7fqyxu wrote

One thing's for sure. You don't mess with Sweden!


crimaniak t1_j7feo65 wrote

I am sure that most of the cement was stolen during the construction of this building.


timpdx t1_j7flhgk wrote

Rebar inadequate, contractor pocketed the difference. Same as in the Izmit quake.


PM-ME-RED-HAIR t1_j7fhm84 wrote

Only iron in that building was in the forks


crimaniak t1_j7fjhxr wrote

Yes, that too. But I think that with such a quality of the mixture, even properly knitted reinforcement would not have saved the building.


PM-ME-RED-HAIR t1_j7fmwba wrote

The whole thing literally crumbled. You may be right. It's also not a good sign that our language doesn't have a word for rebar. We just call it iron.


crimaniak t1_j7i19zp wrote

English is not my native language, I am from Ukraine. Previous messages was translated using Google translate, so some word was translated not very correct as I see now. And we have word, it's called арматура


Mor10-84 t1_j7fjt00 wrote

You love sement u piece of shit


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AlanZero t1_j7f9i44 wrote

Because they noticed it was about to collapse? I’ve never seen it but my guess is that it’s pretty obvious when an apartment building begins to wobble.


CLONE_1 t1_j7fa3ci wrote

Nah nothing ever happens, it was a conspiracy


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AlanZero t1_j7fh9k6 wrote

They are shouting warnings in the video. I don’t know what your problem is with this, but let’s just say that people react in different ways when dealing with actual life or death-situations. They probably should have been running but then again there may be people in danger that they could potentially help.

But, you can’t really run from an earthquake so the best thing might actually be to keep an eye on tall buildings around you. I don’t know.


triangulumnova t1_j7fhpa8 wrote

>just seems like really odd behaviour.

How noble you must be to sit there in comfort and judge people in the middle of hell right now. If they want to film a fucking building falling during an aftershock, I'm not one to call it odd.


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guy180 t1_j7fqevv wrote

Running to where? There’s likely falling or collapsing buildings all around you, it’s an earthquake


ktreddit t1_j7gs1xi wrote

During the earthquake in DC in 2011, we walked out of our office building to the opposite sidewalk—as the workers from the building across the street passed us heading to the sidewalk on our side. We all just looked at each other like Oh… There is no place to go. And that was nothing compared to this quake and its aftershocks.


guy180 t1_j7gxvet wrote

That’s kind of hilarious looking back at but yeah there’s no were to really go in a situation like this even for days after


Iseepuppies t1_j7jkadj wrote

When people are in shock they generally aren’t the smartest of creatures. I know I’d want to be probably twice that distance personally but I would be definitely watching it to see what was happening.