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AlanZero t1_j7fh9k6 wrote

They are shouting warnings in the video. I don’t know what your problem is with this, but let’s just say that people react in different ways when dealing with actual life or death-situations. They probably should have been running but then again there may be people in danger that they could potentially help.

But, you can’t really run from an earthquake so the best thing might actually be to keep an eye on tall buildings around you. I don’t know.


triangulumnova t1_j7fhpa8 wrote

>just seems like really odd behaviour.

How noble you must be to sit there in comfort and judge people in the middle of hell right now. If they want to film a fucking building falling during an aftershock, I'm not one to call it odd.


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guy180 t1_j7fqevv wrote

Running to where? There’s likely falling or collapsing buildings all around you, it’s an earthquake


ktreddit t1_j7gs1xi wrote

During the earthquake in DC in 2011, we walked out of our office building to the opposite sidewalk—as the workers from the building across the street passed us heading to the sidewalk on our side. We all just looked at each other like Oh… There is no place to go. And that was nothing compared to this quake and its aftershocks.


guy180 t1_j7gxvet wrote

That’s kind of hilarious looking back at but yeah there’s no were to really go in a situation like this even for days after


Iseepuppies t1_j7jkadj wrote

When people are in shock they generally aren’t the smartest of creatures. I know I’d want to be probably twice that distance personally but I would be definitely watching it to see what was happening.