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aumin t1_j7hedmx wrote

They look and sound like jackdaws. Isn't this pretty standard behavior for them


CrizpyBusiness t1_j7hm7mg wrote


sn34kypete t1_j7huo47 wrote

Damn I just looked over his account. Huge AMA 9 years ago, retired in disgrace 8 back. Truly he burned the brightest the shortest. Feels like just yesterday I'd see him all over /r/bestof.


Busti t1_j7hil3u wrote

Yep, they used to congregate every evening in the trees on the other side of the road of where I used to live. For several hours they'd chase each other, flying up all at once, move from tree to tree as a flock and whatnot. Pretty interesting to watch actually.


Igottamake t1_j7hq99h wrote

They’re crows.


KingXavierRodriguez t1_j7jqxh7 wrote

paging /u/drkillingermurderbag

Jackdaw or crow?


Beorma t1_j7k8jkc wrote

Jackdaws are, despite the Unidan meme, a type of crow. The whole "the only crows are those with 'crow' in their English name" thing is bunk.

These are definitely Jackdaws by their call though, rather than hooded or carrion crows.


Netflixisadeathpit t1_j7k0cz6 wrote

Been living around jackdaws all my life. Yes. This is just jackdaws being jackdaws. They're basically turning in for the night.


ShaidarHaran2 t1_j7lrtru wrote

So basically they're just doing a bird thing and any behavior before an event like an earthquake, people remember as unusual and ascribe to it


wittor t1_j7hm46z wrote

The problem is that you can cause the same reaction using different stimuli and we still don't have a way to differentiate between birds acting strange because of an earthquake and other reasons.


Cult_ureS t1_j7huywb wrote

If it is the case then they're just like humans.


95%: This is great tree.


TreesACrowd t1_j7iactd wrote

I don't even see any birds acting strange in this video. This is perfectly normal bird behavior.


wittor t1_j7iawur wrote

Well, it is night, I think people are referring to that. But yes, like, the cause could be an earthquake, could be loud noises.


stashew t1_j7iorxw wrote

And even if they were literally saying “earthquake!” there’s not much you can do about it but find a doorway.


jtmarshiii t1_j7hti7a wrote

This looks like typical roosting behavior just before sunrise. Science has nat not seen any evidence that animals acting weird before earthquakes.


svenminoda t1_j7hx2aj wrote

I've seen a few videos of animals (pets moslty) looking like they react a few seconds before the hit. Sadly, it may be annecdotal, skewed (external stimuli making the pets react at something else off camera) etc


jtmarshiii t1_j7i09tz wrote

Science has looked into it and haven’t seen any evidence. Seconds before the quake may just show they heard or felt it before it was clear on video or the one video taping.


CrimsAK t1_j7i47q9 wrote

Well it’s kind of hard to study because you need to know when an earthquake is coming first.

There’s at least one study on dogs that suggest they may be able to hear seismic activity beforehand. This was part of an existing study on dogs that was ongoing and had a strange data point just before an earthquake, but it’s not something you can really do an accurate study on.


Its_Nitsua t1_j7ilseq wrote

Lack of evidence for something isn’f evidence to the contrary


jtmarshiii t1_j7kpcws wrote

Things proven that don’t exist also have higher lack of evidence, no?


SammyTheSloth t1_j7j8z0c wrote

It makes sense that dog would sense the earthquake slightly before humans. They have a highly developed inner ear that helps them react to balance and spacial awareness.

Unless it’s my dog. He runs into furniture at a walking pace.


ConstantlyComments t1_j7jqatr wrote

In my college Animal Behavior class we talked about some cases, but that was quite a few years ago so I don’t remember details. All I really remember was it had to do with infrasound/ultrasound. I did a quick Google and found an article but don’t have time right now to read the whole thing. Here’s an excerpt though:

“The Boxing Day Tsunami on 26 December 2004 was created by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake, 160 km off the northwest coast of Sumatra, one minute before 0800 local time (00:58:53 UCT). The earthquake resulted in a 15.6 m (50 ft) wave that crashed onto the coast of Sumatra. This wave impacted the shoreline, producing low-frequency sounds at and below 100 Hz with much of the energy residing in infrasonic frequencies between 1 Hz and 10 Hz. These sounds travel in the atmosphere at the speed of sound. At the tropical ocean surface this speed will be about 1260 km/h. The tsunami, in contrast, travels at a speed of 700 km/h. Elephants at locations 1000 km distant from Sumatra (Phuket, Thailand and Yala National Park, Sri Lanka) detected and responded to this sound wave 38.1 min prior to the arrival of the tsunami. No elephant in either location was lost or injured. In contrast, a significant number of people on the beaches of Thailand lost their lives [17].”

Edit: And I do realize this may have had more to do with the tsunami as opposed to the earthquake, but if someone wants to read that article there may be more in there specifically regarding earthquakes.


jtmarshiii t1_j7kogjz wrote

They say might a lot and no hard proof and has not been replicated in controls environment… so basically scientists are saying we have antidotal evidence but not one controlled study.


societymike t1_j7jtuj7 wrote

With that said, I was sitting in our office at work in Tokyo on March 11th 2011 with 3 coworkers just bs'ing about our day when the fish in the aquarium we were facing just started going nuts, swimming around fast, hitting the sides and jumping, and one managed to jump out and we put him back in, but they wouldn't calm down. We were all wondering WTF are they doing, they are normally calm and slow all day, but within a minute or so, the water started splashing like someone was moving the aquarium, (but it's heavy and sitting on a concrete wall) and we realized it was a little earthquake. Ok, nbd, we just had a couple trimmers last night, the fish probably felt it faster than us.. but that's when it started getting stronger and stronger and didn't stop, we evacuated, and it just kept going for a few more minutes, things breaking, lights on the flight line looking like windshield wipers, garage doors falling, phones going crazy. Later, we got back inside and only 1 fish was still in the tank sadly.


psamathe t1_j7hyao2 wrote

Just birds being birds?


BBNUK91 t1_j7ipy7o wrote

They’re just sitting there…menacingly!!!


FuriouslyListening t1_j7hyasp wrote

I have birds near my house that do this EVERY GOD DAMN DAY. Where's my earthquake?


Frodo_noooo t1_j7kk1gi wrote

Do they do this at 4 am?


FuriouslyListening t1_j7knecl wrote

Twilight / Sundown actually. Not so much in the AM.


Frodo_noooo t1_j7l29f1 wrote

I guess there's no context to the video, but theoretically, it's supposed to be happening moments before the earthquake, so I guess my question was more "is this normal at the time they're doing it, or is this a weird behaviour?".

Since it happened around 4 am, it's possible they were doing this pre-dawn, so you could be absolutely right.


Redhead_Cecia t1_j7i4xwk wrote

While the title is accurate... it implies the birds are acting this way because of the pending earthquake, and that's false.


MulciberTenebras t1_j7li07b wrote

If they suddenly stopped making this racket and flew away like a bat outta Hell... that would be more accurate of reaction to before the Earthquake.


MarkHirsbrunner t1_j7ijkt7 wrote

Reminds me of an SF story I read. There was a colony on a planet that had earthquakes that lasted for hours that were much worse than those of Earth every few hundred years, that were going to destroy everything. Almost all the colonists have fled the planet but the main character decided he's not going to leave his home. He flies all over the planet in his flying car in the last days before the quakes visiting all the places he had lived and had important memories at, and then waited for the end to come.

I thought he was stupid. He had a flying car that could stay aloft for hours. All he had to do was hover until the quakes were over. Birds have the right idea.


Kaiisim t1_j7ivukr wrote

Birds dont react to earthquakes like that as everyone is pointing out.

But they do flee hurricanes. Studies have shown they can hear the wind coming! When a hurricane is coming you'll notice that eerie silence as lots of birds gtfo.


EricMarola t1_j7izyw4 wrote

Just before the Ridgecrest earthquakes that also hit LA in 2019, I saw birds also acting weird. I’d say it was something like this.


Preseli t1_j7hzey3 wrote

Reminds me of the story of the weird cows that layed down just before the nuclear bomb hit Hiroshima.


yoshhash t1_j7i4dp7 wrote

Can you please provide some more information on this?


Preseli t1_j7ibhp7 wrote

I was just being facetious, actually. Those are just random cows.


Thatguyjmc t1_j7idee4 wrote

Bro you just missed being the founder of CowAnon, the world's only and most lucrative cow based conspiracy


ryan7251 t1_j7iqu0q wrote

nothing odd here?


inagious t1_j7iua71 wrote

What dem birds doin


Ninnux t1_j7izmkp wrote

Translated: In Turkey, strange behavior was observed in birds just before the earthquake. My opinion: Animals always know!


BananaJammies t1_j7jox7x wrote

I think animals can hear things and react to that noise


ManyWeek t1_j7kb21r wrote

It's time to investigate if those birds are behind the earthquake. Those robots are up to no good.


bennypeabody t1_j7l0d21 wrote

Gotta protect the surveillance drones


Kalapuya t1_j7htffb wrote

They felt a disturbance in the force.


Fair-Negotiation3074 t1_j7hw5go wrote

Probably sensing the P waves before the main quake hits.


justsaysso t1_j7iam9k wrote

Or flying around and landing in trees like birds.


gcm6664 t1_j7ip16p wrote

Right? and birds are the one animal that has almost nothing to worry about in an earthquake. So why would they of all animals have some special ability to detect one?


hacefrio2 t1_j7isk0x wrote

I think they are trying to warn us


shawster t1_j7iofa8 wrote

It seems that many (most?) animals are able to react well before an earthquake, or at least before it.

I can imagine a dog's hearing might clue them in to very deep bass that we can't hear, or perhaps far away rumblings of the earthquake. But what about birds? Cats?


juniorgallina OP t1_j7gi13g wrote

"In Turkey, strange behavior was observed in birds shortly before the earthquake. My opinion: Animals always know!"


Pikkster t1_j7hdth6 wrote

I’ve seen a scene like this without earthquakes many times. I don’t think the birds know, they just out being social.


butku t1_j7hfzog wrote

I have a yorkshire which i assume is broken as i felt the earthquake she didnt give a fuck before stuff started falling and shaking


fanboy_killer t1_j7jsgqa wrote

The comment section is also full of people that really want to believe in paranormal activity. Some people just aren't rational.


santacruisin t1_j7gx7zs wrote

all the birds get high in the branches. as soon as the tree shakes they can easily fuck off.

when you see the birds all in the trees like that, now you know.


McNorch t1_j7h8l1d wrote

what are you on about? I see them like this every morning.


RaggysRinger t1_j7hbft8 wrote

You’re just immune to the earthquakes happening every morning


Chrenen t1_j7hp7g2 wrote

Does that mean this video has no real relevance then?


fastornator t1_j7hsf0o wrote

Yes, it's just some Yahoo spouting some mystical bullshit and trying to get other people to believe in mystical bullshit.


santacruisin t1_j7hda2z wrote

all of the birds are on top of all of the trees every morning?

you live in lovecraft country