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D2LDL t1_j7jc88u wrote

In my country Kenya, people simply wouldn't have money to take flights to wherever in the country lol.


Zhuul t1_j7k3owm wrote

The worst times bring out the best of us. Wishing peace and health to the people of Türkiye.


[deleted] t1_j7j5ced wrote



mutantfrog25 t1_j7kkte5 wrote

What? This is actually one of the things I would say america is very good at.


Isin-Dule t1_j7jp1vo wrote

Yeah, definitely wasn't a thing when 9/11 happened..... /s


Icedoverblues t1_j7jqbls wrote

There's already videos circulating that the whole thing is fake. It's really stupid. Like the footage they use is clearly altered and not at all the average videos of people recording on their phone and such.

Edit: So everyone down voting this believes that the earthquake and destruction are fake? That the volunteers are all actors? Wow. Stupid is as stupid does


eodtec1985 t1_j7ie4z9 wrote

It's almost like infrastructure and organization are important. A bunch of random volunteers are useless without structure.


Imsomniland t1_j7ijscq wrote

lol they have both in turkey. You think all these people aren't connected with something or someone on the ground?


PM-ME-RED-HAIR t1_j7jqo2s wrote

Then it must be a good thing that they're being coordinated by the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority. They're civilians with at least basic first aid or sar training.