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dfwr t1_jal0vb4 wrote

The fucking world needs more people like this


phinbar t1_jaldzdd wrote

I agree. She did a show once, I think it was called "Omelette Party" where all she did was make omelettes, one after another. Now, I will never forget how to make an omelette. I also learned that if you make an omelette for your MIL, you should include chopped liver.


LCranstonKnows t1_jam532t wrote

Any Two Fat Ladies fans out there? "For this group of young boys, we will be cooking duck liver moose topped with anchovies and olives"


mojomonkeyfish t1_jaowf3f wrote

I think I've seen every episode they've done, and can probably count on one hand how many of their dishes I'd want to eat. I loved watching them, but I was like "how do I politely decline to eat that?"

Like, in your example: I can do liver. I can do anchovy. I like olives. But, you're really asking a lot to put them all in one dish.