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Yeeaaaarrrgh t1_je3cp87 wrote

Some songs would be perfect with just a touch difference. Then you have songs like this where to change anything would destroy perfection.


turn20left t1_je3sv2v wrote

Absolutely incredible. She died in a plane crash 60 years ago 😢


slyder777 t1_je3e004 wrote

easily my favorite song written by Willie Nelson


xXPumbaXx t1_je3idx4 wrote

I'll always remember this song from the movie C.R.A.Z.Y

If anyone have the chance to watch this movie, do it. It's CRAZY good. It's from the guy who made Dallas buyers club


Mrmakabuntis t1_je702wh wrote

It’s apparently coming on some platform soon. The music release is what they have to work out. Such a great movie.


brenbren1234 t1_je3iwar wrote

My 2.5 year old and I listen to this every night for bed, very excited to show her this, thank you!


MadHatter69 t1_je5gbkw wrote

Respect for playing the great classics to your child!


IHateItToo t1_je3o0kw wrote

One of the best songs Willie Nelson ever wrote


mazurzapt t1_je3hmau wrote

I still love her so. Wow!


dor-e t1_je3zss4 wrote

Written by Willie Nelson


tdre666 t1_je4a48b wrote

"How come Patsy Cline don't put out no more new records?"

"Cause she's dead."


Buffyoh t1_je4fml4 wrote

"She's gone to the big Road House in the sky!"


jun2san t1_je3w4sm wrote

Fun fact: Patsy Cline developed a throat infection at the age of 13 that affected her singing voice, giving it a “booming” quality.


Turious t1_je3ya3m wrote

This song is pure nostalgia for me. Seriously impressive in every way.


Buffyoh t1_je4fhtb wrote

Still a great song. (My Mom would entertain us by singing Patsy Cline songs while she was ironing.)


Orpheus3030 t1_je6ptdq wrote

When I was just a kid
My mommy used to sing this song
Now I've grown to be a man
Well, it still lingers deep down in my soul;


megalithicman t1_je4nh0c wrote

She used to rent a room in an old stone house in Martinsburg West Virginia. My great great great uncle built that house in about 1750, and it still stands.


DrVagax t1_je4soks wrote

This just throws me back to the days of playing GTA San Andreas on the Playstation 2, especially when driving around the woods but that one was from Willie Nelson


Mormegil1971 t1_je5beai wrote

One of my favorite songs of all time. Incredible song, incredible voice and incredibly well performed.


dethzord t1_je40z91 wrote

Should you ever work in a country night club that does singing contests for tickets to the Country Music Awards, you will learn to loath this song.

You are NOT Patsy Cline. Please stop.


MadHatter69 t1_je5gimf wrote

Can't blame people for trying, let them sing


dethzord t1_je69uc0 wrote

There's more than one beautiful song to sing. :)


Chickenmangoboom t1_je4lwv7 wrote

I’ve always loved this song but last year I got a hold of a version released by Third Man Records using the masters and the recordings are absolutely stunning. Find the highest quality version of her recordings as you can, it’s worth it.


Jewey t1_je59mhu wrote

Is she wearing a hair band on her forehead?


MadHatter69 t1_je5gyzs wrote

Great voice. I'm also a fan of "Wayward Wind" and "Walkin' After Midnight"


djm19 t1_je70flr wrote

One of the best voices in popular music ever. Such control.