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PansexualEmoSwan t1_iroywpk wrote

Damn, Christopher Lloyd is looking way better than I expected


potatoriot t1_irp9t6h wrote

He was only 46-50 in the Back to the Future trilogy.


ApatheticAbsurdist t1_irpbfbt wrote

But that was 37-33 years ago, still makes him 83 today.


potatoriot t1_irpibit wrote

He looked 83 in the films 37-33 years ago though. A lot of people are surprised to learn how young he was when he played the role.


momjeanseverywhere t1_irps1iy wrote

Watch them again. He does not look 83. He looks like a 50 year old in bad old man makeup in part 1 for 10 minutes, then he looks 45 for the rest of the movie. In part 2 they have him literally peel off his bad old man makeup and just say “Well, I got a futuristic facelift” and he looks 50 for the rest of the trilogy.


geek_of_nature t1_irqk49s wrote

People just remember the older version of him, which wasn't helped by him keeping the white hair even after his face lift in the second film.


AlbinoHemophiliac t1_irsv9bm wrote

he looks incredible for 83. like not just saying that but his build looks more sturdy and athletic than that of a senior. i’m not sure why, but when famous actors retreat from public view for a couple decades i expect them to come back look aged and haggard, not refreshed and rejuvenated compared to other still working actors their age.


rawonionbreath t1_irprce3 wrote

Anyone that played a character like Reverend Jim Ignatowski on TV would have an unfairly warped public perception of their actual age.


space_moron t1_irqk85a wrote

Hijacking the top comment to link to the Micheal J Fox foundation for parkinson's research:

It'd be amazing if even half the people leaving comments here could donate $5. It would add up quickly.


TastesLikeChiggen t1_irr6y8u wrote

It’d be amazing to see your email confirmation of $5.00. Why don’t you get us started?


Reeleted t1_irr8xbl wrote

Damn, man, you roasted them so hard. Guess nobody should do it since the person that recommended it didn't prove they did it. So glad you were here to point that out! Saved me $5!


space_moron t1_irr8ftf wrote

Oh, if you send a donation you'll be able to see what it looks like, if you're curious!


TastesLikeChiggen t1_irrdf8k wrote

Still not seeing yours. Odd. Did you post it?


space_moron t1_irrrkle wrote

Hey! I'm so glad you're curious to see what it looks like when you donate to charity!! It really is a rewarding experience. You can go to and experience it yourself. Have fun!


TastesLikeChiggen t1_irrz2bu wrote

Quit your pathetic virtue signaling for fake internet points and post your proof of donation. I’m sure it’ll be a rewarding experience for us to see all the help you’ve provided!!🤗


NOMUMON t1_irrnny3 wrote

Be a leader not a follower.


TastesLikeChiggen t1_irrobcd wrote

Sage advice. Where’s your confirmation, great leader?


NOMUMON t1_irros0u wrote

Do you ask this at every charity opportunity? Selfish, sad life.


TastesLikeChiggen t1_irrs8p3 wrote

Seems like you’re dodging my question... While you keep virtue signaling, I’ll keep an eye out for proof of that donation, pal.


NOMUMON t1_irrtca1 wrote

And who are you? Why do I need to show you my transactions? Oh you're nobody. If you don't donate than don't. But don't jump people trying to spread the word, that's ugly behavior. Why are you sooo upset about charity? Do you go around attacking girl scouts when they try and sell cookies?


TastesLikeChiggen t1_irs15xt wrote

Four more questions from you but still no proof of anything, amazing. If you’d like to kindly provide proof of your donation, that’d be great.


NOMUMON t1_irs538d wrote

Lol, I don't need to prove anything To you. You made this about you my friend. Instead of moving on you got upset about someone posting about charity. I'm just curious what kind of sociopath gets upset about charity.


TastesLikeChiggen t1_irs6ktv wrote

Every one of your replies evades my question, which only further supports the supposition that you haven’t donated at all. What an odd stance to have.


NOMUMON t1_irs7v2r wrote

Not here to tell tell you my life story and every point in my life ive donated. Never even said I did donate lol. If I did I don't need to flex on you about it. Again I'm curious what kind of sociopath gets upset about charity. What an odd stance to have. At this point I'm laughing imagining you yelling at girl scouts. "WHERE'S YOUR PROOF YOU BOUGHT COOKIES?"


TastesLikeChiggen t1_irshj60 wrote

> Never even said I did donate lol.

At last, some honesty from this exchange. Maybe you should try some of this great advice I received:

> Be a leader not a follower.


NOMUMON t1_irsjsnu wrote

What are you talking about? I feel like I'm in the twilight zone. Support charity or don't dude that's your choice. Why are you so upset?


TastesLikeChiggen t1_irspojj wrote

> be a leader not a follower

You said this. Do you not remember?

> Never even said I did donate

Then you said this, after spending all that time advocating for being a leader.


NOMUMON t1_irspzxm wrote

Still waiting for the point to this. You just a bitter person?


TastesLikeChiggen t1_irsrd5s wrote

Oh you’re back to asking questions, are you no longer confused?

You’re a textbook case of virtue signaling. So is the original guy who recommended that people donate.

Practice what you preach. Don’t be fake.


NOMUMON t1_irsrhzd wrote

But I do donate....I just don't have to prove it to you. Are you stupid?

Edit: I see you had to edit and add more. Never was confused. I'm as fascinated by your mentally just as much as the next crazed person.


TastesLikeChiggen t1_irt1sdq wrote

We’re not talking about your track record of donating, you self-centered dipshit. We’re talking about the request for donations for this thread, the one you commented in.

You don’t have to prove you donated, it just would have bolstered your smug comment about being a leader, your advocated stance which you self-admittedly did not do.

>What are you talking about? I feel like I’m in the twilight zone.

> Never was confused

Sure sounds like you’re confused. And stupid.


NOMUMON t1_irt5sp1 wrote

Damn you're still going. What ever you say buddy. Smug comments get smug comments in return. I'm just not as easily offended as you. Him posting a charity to donate is no different then walking in a store and being asked to donate. You're the one who took there time to stop type and type a smug comment. Is this normal behavior to you? Do you ask every single person who speaks freely and shares a charity? Quit trying to be a white knight.


ArchDucky t1_irr9phm wrote

Fun Fact : The scene in Back to the Future 2 where he pulls off his makeup was a demand from Lloyd. He refused to come back for the sequel if they made him wear the old age makeup again.


Ontarioglow t1_irpgcnc wrote

I've never read/heard one negative thing about Michael. He's a national treasure who deserves nothing but happiness. May he continue his fight for Parkinson's awareness.


upvoter1542 t1_irplghj wrote

Unsurprisingly, Rush Limbaugh tried to claim that Michael J Fox was faking the severity of his symptoms. Fortunately Rush Limbaugh is rotting in his grave and Michael J. Fox is still with us.


ignost t1_irpxlwe wrote

>Rush Limbaugh tried to claim that Michael J Fox was faking the severity of his symptoms

As I recall Rush claimed Michael didn't take his medicine for a couple days. All for the "evil" cause of getting more funding for a degenerative disease that affects over a million people. God, Limbaugh was such a piece of garbage. Even if true, Michael was just showing the real impact of the disease. Rush was caught pushing so many lies in his career for attention I can't even start the list. Fox, meanwhile, remains respected by everyone who has come in contact with him.


mwoodj t1_irq0ikd wrote

In actuality it was more likely that his medication caused the movement seen during the interview. Parkinson’s actually causes rigidity as opposed to the dramatic involuntary movements that people sometimes associated with the condition. The medication improves movement but also causes excess movement as well as tardive dyskinesia which are involuntary movements and tics. It’s all degrees of risk vs. reward when deciding if a medication is worth taking. The whole controversy was based on a misunderstanding of the disease and the effects of the medications.


quadriplegic_cheetah t1_irq5mw4 wrote

Wait so the actual movements made by people with Parkinson’s are the result of the medication itself?

That’s interesting. Happy to learn this.


mwoodj t1_irq6h79 wrote

Here is a short video on the subject of l-dopa induced dyskinesia:


quadriplegic_cheetah t1_irq7c4k wrote

Thanks! I actually have a degree in Cognitive and Brain Sciences, and I’m embarrassed to admit I know very very little about Parkinson’s disease. A lot of my studies were focused on cognition and memory as opposed to neurodegenerative disease.


relator_fabula t1_irqcrw8 wrote

The embarrassing thing would be if you couldn't admit to knowing very little about something.


Peeche94 t1_irr0kyk wrote

Yeah, so many issues in the world are because people don't accept they don't fully know something or admit that they're wrong


keepyeepy t1_is0ulvl wrote

Thank you for this, it was really interesting!


zuron54 t1_irqyy0c wrote

Yes and no. Parkinson's still causes a tremor, rigidity, slowing/shuffling gait, and some other symptoms. Levodopa can cause the irregular movements like above in his trunk, head, arms, and mouth.

It's about balancing too much vs too little of the medication.


zeCrazyEye t1_irq7he1 wrote

There's a video of Rush relatively early in his career giving some interview on stage where he straight up admits he lies and making shit up to get you on his side is part of his job.


anohioanredditer t1_irqiys8 wrote

It’s just the nature of entertainment news. Anytime you see a talking head on a major network getting fired up about something, you should damn well know that’s their MO for the sake of money and ratings. Tucker Carlson comes to mind.


Notwerk t1_irpt3te wrote

Name a republican that isn't a pile of shit. I'll wait.


OathOfFeanor t1_irpyahx wrote

Abraham Lincoln?


Notwerk t1_irpzl14 wrote

Got me, but if you have to go back to the first Republican president, I'm not sure what that says about the current state of the Republican party.

To keep things on topic, George W. Bush twice vetoed the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act that MJF supported and that might have helped create new treatments for Parkinson's and other diseases.


OathOfFeanor t1_irpzsy4 wrote

Not sure that is on topic for a Comic Con clip of two famous actors, but yes fuck George Bush for that. He set back research at least a decade.


relator_fabula t1_irqcxs4 wrote

Technically correct, but Lincoln was a liberal. The parties slowly flip-flopped over the course of several years after the civil war.


high_revs t1_irsdtxd wrote

Lincoln was still kind of a pile of shit. He didn't set the slaves free because of the goodness in his heart after all.


roguespectre67 t1_irq4l2j wrote

Isn't Arnold Schwarzeneggar a Republican? I was too young to understand much when he was the Governator here in California but even if we disagree on some policy items, the guy really seems like a solid dude.


imurphs t1_irq7iyr wrote

Arnold is a bit odd. He’s a Republican, but he also seems to hold a lot of traditionally democrat beliefs. He was (at least originally, idk about now) against gay marriage, but was against a border wall, was shockingly pro-environment (at least compared to republicans in general), proposed universal health insurance in CA, and was pretty outspoken against trump.

Kind of hard to nail him down honestly, but Democrats would probably say he’s a moderate/centrist Republican, and Republicans would probably say he’s a democrat given he didn’t fall in line with trump and was pro-climate.


Zosimoto t1_irqdr15 wrote

This really highlights a lot of the problems of our system, that it's considered strange when a politician has stances outside of the dogmatic party line.


Caelum_ t1_irr1xri wrote

Harry Reid had an A NRA rating for a long time when he was still in office. Nancy Pelosi was one of the only people if not the only person in San Francisco to have a concealed carry permit (she gave it up in like 2007 or something)


IvarTheBloody t1_irqxjl3 wrote

Yeah how strange that a politician can actually have a original thought and make his own mind up about something.

It's fucking sad when the best democratic system we can seem to come up with is two options.

You get more choices in condoms than you do politicians.


upvoter1542 t1_irpwsry wrote

That's a tough challenge, I'm not sure many exist. I will say that I don't mind Mitt Romney. I don't really agree with him on most points, and I wish he would stand up for his beliefs more strongly, but I also don't think he's a pile of shit.


1Mn t1_irq482y wrote

No, he most definitely is.


LordCharidarn t1_irq7gpb wrote

He willingly associates with the Republican Party.

He’s a pile of shit.


Alexstarfire t1_irptjr4 wrote

If we name ones that are mountains of shit does that still count?


crackheadwilly t1_irq448h wrote

I was absolutely delighted hearing that Rash had died. He was such a colostomy bag.


otepp t1_irqwywn wrote

My Mom was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2011. Michael and his foundation have had a tremendous impact on our lives, not just in the medical advancements and treatment my Mom can get, but as someone who gave my family a lot of hope. My Mom is doing (relatively) great today and part of that is because of Michael J Fox.


DavidHewlett t1_irqmwe0 wrote

Larry David can't stand him. There's even a documentary about it:


InfectedAztec t1_irquv5t wrote

Such a genius way to alow him to act, not hide his Parkinson, raise awareness about parkinsons... And all the while not doing it for an inclusiveness medal. That episode was geniuenely hilarious.


benoliver999 t1_irvij48 wrote

The shaken up soda gets me every time, I can't believe they went there


SNYDER_BIXBY_OCP t1_irrndth wrote

Fox is one of those rarities. He was in the Brat pack, and bc of the scale of his successes in Family Ties as a #1 network show in the ad wars era of 80s and Back to Future, he was the packs bigger star.

But he never ended up in handcuffs or caught in scandal like Rob Lowe, Kiefer, and the youngins Depp & River.

His LA house was the home court of massive Brat pack parties and still no scandals came out of it and after River Phoenix's death. Fox and the rest of the pack and other Hollywood young partiers went more low key likely bc of their agents advice.

That's what caused so much talk when Dicaprio and "The Pussy Posse" as he and Tobey Maguire called themselves got rolling in the late 90s/early 2000s.

Anyway Fox has had a great reputation on sets. Very professional, isn't late, very diligent. His Spin City run was nothing but glowing reports of his conduct on set.

Chris Loyd has been said to be a joy to work with but some have said he can be very stoic or quiet.

The dude came out of the New York stage/theatre scene of the 60s alongside people like Danny Devito, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Duvall, Gene Hackman, Deniro, and Roy Schneider.

He was a dramatic performer, but loved comedy and since Taxi on TV has never stopped working and always been said to be a cool mutherfucker.

Point being, if there was shittyness in that guys background it would have shown itself by now.

He's been married 5 times and none of his exes have tried to burn his image so that's gotta mean. Something haha.


fibralarevoluccion t1_irrnu7y wrote

I was so shook to learn that Mr Lloyd had been married 5 times. How does that even happen


SNYDER_BIXBY_OCP t1_irs1gyq wrote

Start early and often hahah.

He was married in 60s. 70s. 80s. Then had a long run in 90s divorced in like 04/05 and just hitched current gal in like last 15 years. She is his real estate agent or was if I remember correctly. Google can BS check me on that.


ilikemrrogers t1_irw3cj5 wrote

I started a business nearly 13 years ago that has done exceptionally well.

I always liked the stories like this where huge stars had every reason to be cocky, pushy, and elitist but chose to go the route of professional, helpful, and friendly.

There are a LOT of business owners who taste success and treat their employees like shit, push people around, and stick their nose up at the life they had before winning in the business world.

I’ve consciously worked to avoid that at all costs. I’m a male, but you will never find a single female employee of mine who will ever say I was anything less than professional and equal in my time working with them. I roll up my sleeves and do dirty, hard work right alongside everyone else. At the end of the day, we all go home at the same time.

I want to be remembered as a highlight of someone’s professional life, not as an experience that sucked.


ShotMyTatorTots t1_irr8ffw wrote

Larry David had a room under Michael J Fox and suspected he was being noisy on purpose.


What-The_What t1_irrfl4p wrote

His 'feud' with Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm is hilarious.


steboy t1_irqu237 wrote

I’ve heard plenty of bad things about Michael J Fox. There are numerous claims that prior to his diagnosis, he was a massive douche.

Then, his illness changed him for the better. Changed his perspective, and he started treating those around him, in both his personal and professional life better.

Who knows what’s true, but I think he had a reputation as being a kind of cocky, cliché a-lister before Parkinson’s.


dresn231 t1_iroz6gg wrote

Sadly Michael's Parkinson's has gotten so bad that he can't act anymore. I am just shocked that he was able to show up physically at Comic Con and walk around like this. Modern medicine has extended Michael's life, but it really hits you when you see him like this and sadly everyday the condition gets worse for him.


noobvin t1_irozsym wrote

He had a small stint on Curb Your Enthusiasm and it was hilarious. Not afraid to play off his disability. It's some great episodes and so good to see Michael again.


dresn231 t1_irp03ek wrote

But thing is sadly Parkinson's is a degenerative disease meaning it gets worse over time. For him to be around this long is amazing thanks to modern medicine. I am just shocked that he was able to physically make to a Comic Con and the worst part is there will be a day when the disease has gotten so bad that he will be forced to live at home. I am just glad he was able to be with Christopher Lloyd.


[deleted] t1_irpl8x5 wrote



dresn231 t1_irpp0e7 wrote

That's reality. The disease is going to get worse each day and modern medicine has kept him alive this long so far.


OSUfan88 t1_irq4kqw wrote

Everybody understands that. No need to repeat it over and over. It almost comes across disrespectful to him (I know that’s not your intention).

The man is more than his disease. Let’s talk about the man.


Hail_LordHelix t1_irpaodq wrote

He also did a few episodes of the good wife and was very good in those as well.


Gimme_The_Loot t1_irqu9sd wrote

His character on the good wife was truly fantastic. He was meschievious and really good at what he did. He was also able to use his disability in the role in a way which didn't feel forced at all.

10/10 character.


diabbb t1_irrsdpa wrote

He was in the good fight aswell.


ann0yed t1_irpu1fc wrote

Your comment implies this was recent but that episode was more than 10 years ago :-(


Cardboard_Waffle t1_irpu79e wrote

He came back for a brief appearance of curb back in season 9, which I think was in 2017.


octocred t1_irq7kqm wrote

True but it was really short and he was sitting down iirc


absalom86 t1_irqudo1 wrote

Him shaking the soda was pretty classic.


entity2 t1_irqh1ie wrote

It broke my heart to see just how bad it is now.


Igotthedueceduece t1_irppgrl wrote

I hope he’s tried CBD or THC. I’ve watched people Parkinson’s nearly completely stop with it


dresn231 t1_irppses wrote

Probably has but it's not going to stop severe Parkinson's which he has.


rawonionbreath t1_irprkov wrote

He’s been dealing with it for close to 30 years. I wonder how long a person’s body can deal with such atrophy.


netarchaeology t1_irqvhqw wrote

My mother's roommate from college started to develop her Parkinson's symptoms in her 30s. She in now in her 70s and been lucky to have some excellent medical care through the years. She was never afraid to try new experimental drugs or surgeries. It's not something she likes having but the body can deal with a lot.


Igotthedueceduece t1_irppz99 wrote

Maybe not, I just hope he’s tried it, it’s not a conventional medicine still even though it can do amazing stuff. A guy at work I know tried every medicine for his daughters seizures and nothing worked until CBD

Edit: should’ve added he never even tried or considered CBD until I told him about it. So fuck off


boringcranberry t1_irq40du wrote

I think you’re being downvoted because THC doesn’t stop Parkinson’s. It helps alleviate the tremors that are actually a side effect from the medication for Parkinson’s; not the disease itself. There are plenty reasons why one wouldn’t want to use THC before a public appearance on stage in front of fans.


Igotthedueceduece t1_irr6tng wrote

I’m being downvoted because all of you are dumb as fuck actually, believe it or not

Wait what did you say? tremors are a side effect of the medication for Parkinson’s? What the fuck are you talking about


bpcloe t1_irs1z91 wrote

People are downvoting you because not only is it a fairly well known treatment to the public at this point, but Michael J. Fox has probably heard this unsolicited advice from random strangers every fucking time he goes outside. It's annoying and unhelpful and only serves to make YOU feel like you're somehow doing good.

I get it, truly. Marijuana has a lot of medical applications that we haven't even begun to tap into yet. It helps so many people every day and could've helped many more people in the past if it weren't for prejudice. But don't you think that someone with his money and influence and connections would've tried that by now? The guy literally has an entire medical foundation for Parkinson's research. It's poor taste to tell someone how to manage their own shit when they clearly have as good of a handle on it as they can and aren't asking for advice.


Igotthedueceduece t1_irs6gzi wrote

That’s why I said I hope he’s tried it.. everything you said just proves the insane stigma around it.

Even if someone has a foundation for medical research on Parkinson’s, still doesn’t mean they spend a dollar on cannabis research. None of that is inherent to what you’ve said.

This is a schedule 1 drug on a federal level. If Michael fell victim to any of the propaganda that literally most of his generation was plagued by, he might never care about considering weed medicinal.

Sorry my amazement has just bothered so much of you dipshits. I’ve smoked 16 years, and I never thought it could do things like stop seizures in children and stop tremors in Parkinson’s. You guys all think I’m naive but really it’s all you fucking goofballs think you’re best friends with Michael j fox and can speak on his behalf.

You wanna pretend like cannabis treatment is so accepted yet ordinary doctors wont even prescribe it. Who’s the fucking dipshit here? Then we have the guy above me saying tremors are actually a side effect of the treatment for Parkinson’s lmao? And you say nothing about that? Blatantly wrong and has no idea what he’s talking about and you’re talking to me over dumb shit.

Genuinely hope all you feel smart lol, it’s seriously pathetic


olivetrees420 t1_irqag1x wrote

Sounds like it helps to me. How is alleviating the tremors not helping?


[deleted] t1_irqu7vi wrote



Igotthedueceduece t1_irr6ru5 wrote

Lol all you guys are fucking dumb as hell. Yeah rather be shaking uncontrollably with your mouth open than getting high.

And whether he tried it or not, doesn’t mean that’s the reason he’s passing on it. It must not be effective for him. Love how I’m downvoted but you guys just speak for him like you know jack shit


personalhale t1_irp7tot wrote

Michael is a dang national treasure and it's so sad to watch how much he has degraded with Parkinson's. I can't believe he even still does these appearances! What a great guy! I still love his Scrubs appearance and how they dealt with his disease in the episode. Bink bink bink bink!


Jak_n_Dax t1_irq3k21 wrote

1991 was when he was diagnosed. That’s a year after I was born.

He’s had a good run and kept it at bay pretty well but damn, I can’t imagine living with something like that hanging over my head for 30+ years… The man’s a champ.


T0WERM0NKEY t1_irr9sfe wrote

About the same time my dad was diagnosed. He passed away 4 years ago but really he was gone like 7or8 years ago.

Hang in there Michael, but go peacefully when the time is right. ❤


Jascrey t1_irqclnj wrote

Michael J Fox is a born Canadian so let's go with 'international treasure.' Sharing insulin & Ryan Reynolds with the world just wasn't enough I guess.


I2eB6L t1_irpkzv4 wrote

That was the last time a saw him til this. Wtf....


lukewwilson t1_irpymuf wrote

That was my thought too, it's a lot worse then last time I saw him


UsidoreTheLightBlue t1_irq6znw wrote

I met him at wizard world Philly in 2016 and he was totally different then to now.


Bark4Soul t1_irqic1k wrote

I was going to say I felt like I just saw him on TV and realized scrubs was like 13 years ago. Damn


MoocowR t1_irt8qh2 wrote

> it's so sad to watch how much he has degraded with Parkinson's.

Unfortunately it seems to have been caused by a tumor.

>>Fox had come to Johns Hopkins for removal of a tumor on his spinal cord that was unrelated to his neurological disease. Although benign, the large growth was threatening the 57-year-old actor with paralysis


wargleboo t1_iroytq5 wrote

Man, poor Michael...


irlcatspankz t1_irpdsw9 wrote

The way Christopher reaches out to support Michael when he sort of stumbles after the hug got me.


picardo85 t1_irqp6fn wrote

>Man, poor Michael...

It's been quite some time since I last saw MJF. It's sad to see how he's deteriorated :(


vagaris t1_irpqjua wrote

I got to see that appearance last night. It was amazing.

It’s sad to see Michael struggle. But he emphasized that as tough as it is, he looks at his ailment as a sort of blessing. His foundation has allowed for a lot of support toward the disease. His ability to help others with his voice is one of his proudest achievements.

He also spent so much time talking about how great Lloyd is. It was so sweet.


tekprodfx16 t1_irp7999 wrote

Last great role I saw Michael in was Scrubs. So sad to see he’s obviously gotten much worse since then. What a terrible disorder. And RIP Sam Lloyd Chris Lloyd’s nephew who did an amazing job in Scrubs. Loved Ted!


thatguy425 t1_irph55s wrote

Michael was Hollywood’s next superstar in the early 90s. Had such a bright future. It’s so hard to watch but kudos to him for coming out for the fans.


Omegaprimus t1_irpmls4 wrote

Having listened to MJF’s books it really puts into perspective the Hell that poor man has been through. He had a tumor on his spinal cord, that only one surgeon that would even attempt to try to remove it. Also how Parkinson’s affects everything, the little things like how to walk, the automatic things of your feet moving and pivoting along with your knees ect that goes away, so to walk you have to mentally think of every movement every joint ect. MJF’s foundation has come up with many treatments and things to help others with Parkinson’s


xMurderMike41370x t1_irpts0q wrote


all_hail_cthulhu t1_irr7qg8 wrote

I love how Christopher Lloyd doesn't say a single word and MJF still can't keep it together.


Budpets t1_irsvsmn wrote

I would like to subscribe to BTTF outtakes and also videos showing how much of a great guy Biff is irl


mncyclone84 t1_irpsjeu wrote

Why does Michael J Fox make the best milkshakes?

He uses superior ingredients.


Rhinoclub t1_irpqhpz wrote

Kind of breaks my heart.


IGetUpAgain137 t1_irq6r0z wrote

I saw this on Twitter earlier and I can't believe there are people who don't know he has Parkinson's. Someone actually tweeted "Is there something wrong with Michael?" and then a few other people replied that they didn't know either.


DaveInDigital t1_irqeebp wrote

rough. i watched my grandpa suffer from it, slowly progressing for decades. he's gone now, but i really hope to see a cure within my lifetime.


trogdor1234 t1_irqt7m0 wrote

What a great moment for Michael and fans. It’s very possible this is the last time the two of them will be at an event like that. It’s not like they were doing it a lot to begin with. Doc Hollywood and Doc Brown.


santichrist t1_irqzjnd wrote

After hearing Michael J Fox on Marc Marons podcast awhile back and how close to the end he feels he is im just grateful he’s still hanging in there and feels well enough to make appearances


IronKashyyyk t1_irr517j wrote

As an 80s kid, nothing and no one was as cool as Michael J Fox. I met him at a golf tournament about 15 years ago and he did not disappoint. He was the nicest person in the room and had every reason not to be.


Binarycold t1_irrjm7j wrote

I feel like everyone in here is an idiot. “Wow cristopher Lloyd looks so good” no duh, he literally has a time machine, watch the films again.


djphatjive t1_irpor28 wrote

Man, I thought he was getting better. I know stress makes it worse but this is as bad as I’ve seen it on him.


cepxico t1_irquc6u wrote

Oh man, hate to be the bearer of bad new but this disease has no cure an only gets worse over time.


chrisl23 t1_irqurva wrote

Got to be there in person for this, it was incredible. Michael is still sharp as a tack, so funny. They both clearly have so much affection for one another after all these years, it was wonderful to see.


digitalmascot OP t1_irq2rzj wrote

Fox had that nike colab fundraiser for parkinson's few years back and was well publicised


yellowflux t1_irqphuy wrote

Damn, that’s so sad to see MJF like that. I really hoped to meet him one day but I guess that’s unlikely to happen with his condition.


JackFisherBooks t1_irqu7na wrote

Such a beautiful moment. I was at New York Comic Con this past weekend. But sadly, I couldn't be there for this. I wish I had been. Back to the Future is still one of the best movie trilogies of all time. And seeing Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox together is a nice reminder of just how special that movie was and how special these two men truly are. 😊


Natural-Heart-5645 t1_irr6ihp wrote

I was there too and honestly it was a dream come true. It was so beautiful to watch them and they have so much love for one another. They really are legends!


Late-Engineering3901 t1_irzjzpg wrote

Lets face Lloyd feels the effects of Mike's ailments, so he probably is keeping his health good for the team


grafxguy1 t1_is5gctr wrote

That made me tear up.


mmgolebi t1_irrqli8 wrote

all I see is Rick and Morty


DizzyReply t1_irqxzhk wrote

Please let these two move on from back to the future. It’s a great movie, they’ve also done other stuff.


cookieaddictions t1_irrahb8 wrote

Back to the Future has been made to a musical that is going to Broadway in 2023. Their appearance at Comic Con was part of the promotion for the show, which is why this panel was about BttF, not just the actors in general.