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ApatheticAbsurdist t1_irpbfbt wrote

But that was 37-33 years ago, still makes him 83 today.


potatoriot t1_irpibit wrote

He looked 83 in the films 37-33 years ago though. A lot of people are surprised to learn how young he was when he played the role.


momjeanseverywhere t1_irps1iy wrote

Watch them again. He does not look 83. He looks like a 50 year old in bad old man makeup in part 1 for 10 minutes, then he looks 45 for the rest of the movie. In part 2 they have him literally peel off his bad old man makeup and just say “Well, I got a futuristic facelift” and he looks 50 for the rest of the trilogy.


geek_of_nature t1_irqk49s wrote

People just remember the older version of him, which wasn't helped by him keeping the white hair even after his face lift in the second film.


AlbinoHemophiliac t1_irsv9bm wrote

he looks incredible for 83. like not just saying that but his build looks more sturdy and athletic than that of a senior. i’m not sure why, but when famous actors retreat from public view for a couple decades i expect them to come back look aged and haggard, not refreshed and rejuvenated compared to other still working actors their age.