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roguespectre67 t1_irq4l2j wrote

Isn't Arnold Schwarzeneggar a Republican? I was too young to understand much when he was the Governator here in California but even if we disagree on some policy items, the guy really seems like a solid dude.


imurphs t1_irq7iyr wrote

Arnold is a bit odd. He’s a Republican, but he also seems to hold a lot of traditionally democrat beliefs. He was (at least originally, idk about now) against gay marriage, but was against a border wall, was shockingly pro-environment (at least compared to republicans in general), proposed universal health insurance in CA, and was pretty outspoken against trump.

Kind of hard to nail him down honestly, but Democrats would probably say he’s a moderate/centrist Republican, and Republicans would probably say he’s a democrat given he didn’t fall in line with trump and was pro-climate.


Zosimoto t1_irqdr15 wrote

This really highlights a lot of the problems of our system, that it's considered strange when a politician has stances outside of the dogmatic party line.


Caelum_ t1_irr1xri wrote

Harry Reid had an A NRA rating for a long time when he was still in office. Nancy Pelosi was one of the only people if not the only person in San Francisco to have a concealed carry permit (she gave it up in like 2007 or something)


IvarTheBloody t1_irqxjl3 wrote

Yeah how strange that a politician can actually have a original thought and make his own mind up about something.

It's fucking sad when the best democratic system we can seem to come up with is two options.

You get more choices in condoms than you do politicians.