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NOMUMON t1_irs538d wrote

Lol, I don't need to prove anything To you. You made this about you my friend. Instead of moving on you got upset about someone posting about charity. I'm just curious what kind of sociopath gets upset about charity.


TastesLikeChiggen t1_irs6ktv wrote

Every one of your replies evades my question, which only further supports the supposition that you haven’t donated at all. What an odd stance to have.


NOMUMON t1_irs7v2r wrote

Not here to tell tell you my life story and every point in my life ive donated. Never even said I did donate lol. If I did I don't need to flex on you about it. Again I'm curious what kind of sociopath gets upset about charity. What an odd stance to have. At this point I'm laughing imagining you yelling at girl scouts. "WHERE'S YOUR PROOF YOU BOUGHT COOKIES?"


TastesLikeChiggen t1_irshj60 wrote

> Never even said I did donate lol.

At last, some honesty from this exchange. Maybe you should try some of this great advice I received:

> Be a leader not a follower.


NOMUMON t1_irsjsnu wrote

What are you talking about? I feel like I'm in the twilight zone. Support charity or don't dude that's your choice. Why are you so upset?


TastesLikeChiggen t1_irspojj wrote

> be a leader not a follower

You said this. Do you not remember?

> Never even said I did donate

Then you said this, after spending all that time advocating for being a leader.


NOMUMON t1_irspzxm wrote

Still waiting for the point to this. You just a bitter person?


TastesLikeChiggen t1_irsrd5s wrote

Oh you’re back to asking questions, are you no longer confused?

You’re a textbook case of virtue signaling. So is the original guy who recommended that people donate.

Practice what you preach. Don’t be fake.


NOMUMON t1_irsrhzd wrote

But I do donate....I just don't have to prove it to you. Are you stupid?

Edit: I see you had to edit and add more. Never was confused. I'm as fascinated by your mentally just as much as the next crazed person.


TastesLikeChiggen t1_irt1sdq wrote

We’re not talking about your track record of donating, you self-centered dipshit. We’re talking about the request for donations for this thread, the one you commented in.

You don’t have to prove you donated, it just would have bolstered your smug comment about being a leader, your advocated stance which you self-admittedly did not do.

>What are you talking about? I feel like I’m in the twilight zone.

> Never was confused

Sure sounds like you’re confused. And stupid.


NOMUMON t1_irt5sp1 wrote

Damn you're still going. What ever you say buddy. Smug comments get smug comments in return. I'm just not as easily offended as you. Him posting a charity to donate is no different then walking in a store and being asked to donate. You're the one who took there time to stop type and type a smug comment. Is this normal behavior to you? Do you ask every single person who speaks freely and shares a charity? Quit trying to be a white knight.