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Beethovens_Stool t1_isxymst wrote

1970s Belfast was no oke.


boltkrank t1_it05nxj wrote

A guy I used to work with, his dad was a journalist (Irish) in Ireland during this period. When his dad passed away he found quite a few cans of film in the belongings, and threw them out without seeing what was inside because he said he knew he wouldn't like what was in them.

Growing up his dad was clear that the films had bad stuff (violence related) in them, but was never clear about what it was.

It's scary to think what it might of been.


GoldenFleeced t1_isyijd3 wrote

Which journalist was this? I assume this is just someone in 2022 making a fun video. Especially given that this was posted by a Belfast comedian.


Your_Favorite_Poster t1_isytomx wrote

"One woman with legs that would have not looked out of place holding up a billiards table informed me..."


Ardress t1_isz9yxj wrote

He's like the title journalist from the song The Man From the Daily Mail


MikeJudgeDredd t1_it04nim wrote

Takes a real bastard to just stand there and brag about his exceptionally long torso


guywithsybian t1_iszwdop wrote

How is Belfast now?


StampYoPassport t1_it07j4d wrote

They filmed Game of Thrones there and the Titanic Quarter is a big tourist draw. Actually both of those things are pretty much the same area.