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hg38 t1_ivbni62 wrote

Here is the whole video with the name of the artist and song ... ... the language is Romanian not Russian.


hgaterms t1_ivciygd wrote

Yeah, the Romanian flag at the end of the music video kind of gives that away, lol


Harry_Gorilla t1_ivdlhyi wrote

Yeah…. I could totally pick out the Romanian flag from a line up


hyunrivet t1_ive5pc0 wrote

That's the Moldovan flag, not the Romanian one. They are very similar though.


verbosity t1_ivdk338 wrote

Better quality too, and you get the whole video narrative lol.


TheBatemanFlex t1_ivcsawp wrote

Why not just put the title and artist of the actual song then?

If y’all liked this, Ozone had some other cool pop hits around the same time. Despre Tine is pretty good.


deefjuh t1_ivcbpl4 wrote

Fun fact: It was released in 2003 by O-Zone .. only in Romania.

But in Italy Haiducii released an unauthorized cover in Italy which became a hit in 2004.

So, O-zone was salty (and rightfully so), because other countries were interested too, and so they re-released the track to other European countries.

This led to the situation that the Haiducii version was on our Dutch Top-40 in the T10 charts slightly earlier but the O-zone version catching up quickly (which ended up on nr 1).

These versions were nearly identical up to sample of the beep of the cellphone.


A40 t1_ivbc1qv wrote

The meme version is definitely better :-)


hgaterms t1_ivcjek9 wrote

Crazy to think that this young studs are all well into their 40's now.