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bowzerb t1_ivm4kwh wrote

I had no idea the Tiffany version was a cover


Sunsparc t1_ivmrjry wrote

A lot of 80s songs were covers of 60s and 70s hits.

Examples (along with other decades).


Cuillin t1_ivn0vta wrote

Pfft, next you’ll tell me Weird Al Yankovic is a cover artist


harvest3155 t1_ivnk6n9 wrote

he did a lot of covers, but we have to give him due with Eat It. it is crazy that kids these day actually think that MJ's Beat It was the original.


JohnDivney t1_ivnb8ax wrote

This is probably one of the biggest frustrations of being an adult, thinking of all the bands I adored as a kid for writing such an epic song, only it to be an effin cover. Black Crowes, looking at you, for starters.


doubleflush t1_ivmmtd6 wrote

did you think a pop star princess could write a banger like this ? lol


starmartyr t1_ivmnpqo wrote

Madonna did. It's not that unbelievable.


doubleflush t1_ivmo28k wrote

madonna wrote i think we’re alone now ?


starmartyr t1_ivmqo3d wrote

No, but she wrote all of her own songs. She's certainly a pop princess.


doubleflush t1_ivmqu74 wrote

but she didn’t have any bangers though lol


Cuillin t1_ivn0s7k wrote

You’re entitled to your opinions, and you clearly don’t like Madonna, but saying she didn’t have any bangers is asinine. She’s a household name decades later still.


junkmm3 t1_ivm0cxf wrote

Great bass line.


LBobRife t1_ivmtfub wrote

Tommy James is one James Acaster-looking motherfucker.


Ruffdawg t1_ivo1ox3 wrote

'X' looking motherfucker is one of my favourite insults!!


LeonardSmallsJr t1_ivn5kg3 wrote

Fun fact: Tommy James and the Shondells had back to back #1 hits in the 80s with this song covered by Tiffany and “Mony Mony” covered by Billy Idol.


ybonepike t1_ivoa0da wrote

I love the oldies


marywait t1_ivopa04 wrote

I'm an old lesbian who sings this song in karaoke and in a geezer cover band. It's a great song for any form of "forbidden love."


catwith4peglegs t1_ivm9h2f wrote

What the hell is a Shondell?


tacknosaddle t1_ivoo43y wrote

No spoilers, but you might want to watch the movie Shakes the Clown as that same question comes up.


catwith4peglegs t1_ivooe19 wrote

It’s one of my favorite movies of all times.


tacknosaddle t1_ivotclh wrote

They had a 25th anniversary screening of it at a movie theater in Harvard Square a few years back that Bobcat and some others involved were there to talk and do a bit of a Q&A. I have a picture with him and his autograph on my copy of the DVD.

One of my favorite bits of information was that the hickey added just above the bust of Florence Henderson was her idea, Bobcat said his reaction was, "Fuck it. It's your Wesson contract."


Vladius28 t1_ivmck27 wrote

Two things:

  1. TIL

  2. kinda funny looking dudes


You_are_Retards t1_ivpr1ih wrote

Isnt that the villain from The Highlander film?


dankdooker t1_ivq7pq5 wrote

Coolio doing Gangster's Paradise was also a cover of a Stevie Wonder song