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dj768083 t1_iyhef2k wrote

This is an attorney advertisement. As an employment lawyer that has represented employees and employers, take everything in this video with the grainiest of salts. And if you ever go to a YouTube channel and it has a gawking face with “how to get a $1,000,000 settlement” as a title to the video, you should be as suspicious as you are about the hot single moms in your area that want to date you.


Clickum245 t1_iyheo4c wrote

Um maybe they don't want to date you but I happen to be quite the catch for hot moms in my area.


Frisnfruitig t1_iyhj7yz wrote

While he is indeed advertising himself, he is also not wrong.


dj768083 t1_iyho80t wrote

He is and he isn’t. I started writing a long comment dissecting one of his points and then I stopped when I realized that for me to write that comment without spending all day working on it and providing you the nuance, would be doing you just as much of a disservice as he is in this video. So why even bother telling you that? Because it’s important to send a message that providing guidance on how to interact with your employer, in a world where employees spend a large portion of their lives at work, is complicated. It can’t be whittled down to a 14 minute video. And if someone is trying to do that, then you should be suspicious of their motivations for doing so. In this case, it likely has done its job. Somewhere out there, there is an employee that is going to take some portion of the advice in this video, potentially put their job at risk, and then a new client is born. Talk to a lawyer, don’t watch one on YouTube.


Frisnfruitig t1_iyhpfdp wrote

No one is saying "don't talk to a lawyer, just watch this single YouTube video". It's like you are having an argument with yourself and just stating the obvious.

I think he made some decent points and gave some good information for people who have little to no working experience. That being said nothing he said should be news for people who have some working experience. Everyone knows not to trust HR (in most scenarios).


moyismoy t1_iyhfijx wrote

People are making money on youtube? no way!


igner_farnsworth t1_iyhd69n wrote

"My 3 man IT department isn't big enough to keep up with our expanding company."

"The company just doesn't have the money to expand your department." Says the 6 person HR department.


Sexypsychguy t1_iyhg3yr wrote

At the peak of my career in Mental Health I was earning $58k, in a 5 person department including the Director. HR had twice as many staffers, all making more than me. Heck the chap who literally only kept the employee files and updated them as needed made $68k. The 'intake' person who literally only handled W2, W4, I9 hiring documents made $72k.

Meanwhile I was in charge of responding to behavioral outburst ie. Physical assault and deciding if the police needed to be called for further intervention.


igner_farnsworth t1_iyhghxn wrote

Sounds about right.

HR is nothing more than an industry to promote itself.


draculamilktoast t1_iyhl5pt wrote

If you're good at selling then you can make more money selling nothing than you can if you're not good at selling and sell something valuable.


degggendorf t1_iyhjuei wrote

What the heck kind of HR dept makes financial decisions? That company is all sorts of messed up.


tip_top_scoot t1_iyhkn6t wrote

None of them, but Reddit is full of programmers who all hate HR so it’s cool to think that Hr has any control over department size 😂


Whizi t1_iyhm6n8 wrote

This site has hate boners for any job that isn’t one of the couple stereotypical redditor jobs like IT or dog walker.


doNotUseReddit123 t1_iyhlhtm wrote

On top of that, the concept of HR as a pure compliance function is deeply outdated (or only applies to tiny organizations). Any organization that isn’t using its HR function to better compete for, reward, and develop employees is missing out on talent.


degggendorf t1_iyhm5vf wrote

For sure.

HR serves the company as any employee does, but part of serving the company is attracting and retaining talent, which can be in the employee's best interest too. It's not like they're pure evil (or pure good), they just have a role that sometimes aligns with what the employee wants for themselves, and sometimes it doesn't, and people should understand that.


ChemicalOrdinary7 t1_iyhn8k7 wrote

Yeah this villainizing of HR is insane. Just realize they don’t have any sort of duty to you, and treat them like an arm of the company as they literally are


KillstardoAbominate t1_iyhmg8k wrote

None, but it is HR's job to tell the employees "too bad the company doesn't have enough money to give out raises this year" or "We can't afford to hire more people for your department." So HR always gets shit on. Ya know, shoot the messenger and all that.


hawklost t1_iyhmtu5 wrote

Funny, every job I have ever worked at had HR just get a list of open positions and a salary range for it. Possibly a priority version so they knew what to aim for more heavily.

They never decided how much to budget for hires or even pay raises, that was other departments.


joleme t1_iyhpu73 wrote

The person didn't say they made the decision, but they obviously would know if financial would allow for more workers/higher wages.


Willing_Cause_7461 t1_iyhlqp7 wrote

HR doesn't make those decisions. One of the many purposes of HR is to have someone between the person recieving the news and the decision maker.

Reason being you can only get so mad at the messenger.


igner_farnsworth t1_iyhmslt wrote

> One of the many purposes of HR is to have someone between the person recieving the news and the decision maker.

That hilarious explanation makes HR sound even more useless than I thought in the first place.

So, I literally can't expand my department because the company hired people to be between me and my boss to give me the news he wouldn't have to give me if we didn't have all these HR people?

Not really showing me the value of HR there.


Willing_Cause_7461 t1_iyhngdi wrote

The value is for your boss (or even your bosses boss) to not have to get in an arguement with you which I'd assume is more likely if your boss hands it to you personally.


igner_farnsworth t1_iyhp3bn wrote

Shouldn't someone who can make a decision need to have that argument?

So you're telling me that not only does HR not need to exist but perhaps my boss or his boss shouldn't have a job as well.


thodgson t1_iyhdeqz wrote

HR is there to serve and protect the employer. That's it. They will be friendly and helpful when you start work at a company, because they are usually the first people you will meet and it is their job to orient you to the company and policies. After that, they are not your friend.


3pbc t1_iyhfsfb wrote

Got to love the HR employees downvoting OP's post.


cephalopod_surprise t1_iyhkrio wrote

That's a part of serving and protecting the employer. Most HR employees immediately get super defensive when you point out there role is to mitigated legal liability to the company they work for and not the employees of that company.

Some HR employees may be delusional and believe the serve some "greater good", but I think a good bit are bad actors who know that the job is meant to keep the working man down. Human Resource departments don't like it when you begin to examine things closer.


Fuddle t1_iyhm5yk wrote

It's right in the name - resource management, except the resource is people. They are there to manage the "resource" like any other asset of a business. If HR was there FOR the employees it would be called something else; like a collective advocate for workers, a "union" of sorts.


ElOliLoco t1_iyhn67j wrote

That’s such a American way of thinking. I feel often sad for the business culture there. Sincerely, Hr person from Northern Europe


adgloa t1_iyho59h wrote

I did a BS management course at my work a few years back. The only thing I remember to this day is the HR rep telling us HR exists to protect the employer not the employee.

If they are helping you in any way, it is because it is in the interests of the company to do so, not yours


minnesotaris t1_iyho3aq wrote

Second this. HR is just below attorney representation for the company. They are never on your side. It is called human resources, which is as close to a commoditizing title as one can get. These can be downvoted but it this is what the department is. In my job at large corporations, I never see HR out and about, mingling. I've met with one HR person once in six years.


joleme t1_iyhq6nh wrote

like it or not, AHRAB - All HR Are Bastards.

The only way most of them will be helpful is if they absolutely know you have them by the shorthairs OR if it could cost them more money to ignore you.


Regolith_Prospektor t1_iyhd4ey wrote

Rope it?


Drink15 t1_iyhdkav wrote

Guess you never roped it before


wongo t1_iyheasc wrote

I think it's a way of saying "go kill yourself" which seems a bit overdramatic


JesusaurusRex666 t1_iyhluyu wrote

Incitement of violence and against Reddit TOS. Report it. Mods will dispose of this post and ban OP soon enough.


thodgson t1_iyhdu8a wrote

Maybe, "shut it"?


Regolith_Prospektor t1_iyhdxu0 wrote

Too late. Already tied up 3 HR associates. What do I do now?


argl3bargl3 t1_iyhg4cy wrote

Dispose of them properly. Recycle the bones.


joestaff t1_iyhmbr5 wrote

Do you need to go to specific center to recycle bones?

Whom would I contact if I wanted to use recycled bones in my research project?


hardingman t1_iyhdjr9 wrote

This is basically all based on America with its dogshit employee protections and practises. In other countries your mileage will vary.

Also "Rope it" fuck off.


zero_fool t1_iyhmduy wrote

It's same everywhere. The purpose is the same. Protect the company.


TheClayroo t1_iyhezoz wrote

HR is usually awesome in Canada. We actually have rights and usually the HR reps are the ones telling us what those are when a manager is being shitty.

In the US corporations run the country and unfortunately HR is the one who has to take shit from stupid people because rich people have become terrific at getting them to hate the wrong person and blame one of their peers for their problems. Again, only a stupid ignorant person would blame the HR person who is just doing their job for a terrible company based on the laws of the shitty state in the country they're in.


Flexboiz t1_iyhm3pk wrote

I’m not sure what field or part of the country you’ve worked in, but I’ve worked at around 8 different companies here, and in 7/8 cases the HR team was implicated in poor treatment of employees while I was there, in some cases openly being dishonest with people.

One example I can give you directly was the open bait and switching of interns, where they would advertise a salary, wait until a week before the internship starts, and send the offer letter with 30% lower pay per hour. They gambled that interns wouldn’t reneg, and they never did. It was always “a clerical error” with the Job posting. This was for a tech internship for a company in Burnaby, BC.

Many of them were outwardly nice people. But, their job was, first and foremost, to protect the companies interest. The only exception to this rule was when I worked at a large company that had a huge unionized workforce.

I’m happy you have had positive experiences with HR, but there is no universal rule that distinguishes Canadian HR from American HR. We have slightly more workers rights here, but in comparison to Europe, it’s a joke.


hardingman t1_iyhf4hu wrote

I’m in the UK and can second that usually our HR is awesome and fighting for the employees.


MrSpindles t1_iyhfdgp wrote

I'm in the UK and have completely the opposite experience.


hardingman t1_iyhfkcg wrote

It will always vary. I guess to qualify I work in tech which I know is its own bubble really on how ahead of the curve it is in its practices and focus on employee engagement and retention.


Frisnfruitig t1_iyhiz5t wrote

Even in tech HR works for the company, not you. They care about their paycheck and the company's interests first and foremost. That doesn't mean they don't care about employee engagement and retention because that is also good for -again- the company.


LisaNewboat t1_iyhk4lb wrote

Those sales guys don’t care about you they care about the company and their pay check.

Those maintenance guys don’t care about you they care about the company and their pay check.

It’s almost like that’s how everyone functions under capitalism.


hardingman t1_iyhlsn8 wrote

Literally I’m not sure what people are thinking…


Frisnfruitig t1_iyhn1nn wrote

I'm not sure what you are thinking if you believe HR fights for employees and not the company they work for.


hardingman t1_iyhn9oz wrote

You can literally do both. What’s good for the goose is often good for the gander. Pushing to get better working practices, incentives and benefits also benefits you as someone in HR as well as helping your company improve retention.


Frisnfruitig t1_iyhnn4o wrote

They can do both if it's in the company's interests but that's the best-case scenario.


Frisnfruitig t1_iyhmoh6 wrote

I'm not sure what point you think you are making. He said that in the UK (or specifically in tech) HR "is awesome and fighting for the employees" when in fact they fight for the company and not the employees. They'll fight for the employees if it is in the company's best interest but that's it.


Trenix t1_iyhigpt wrote

This is probably the dumbest thing I've ever read. I can't imagine paying someone to screw myself over.


Repulsive_Pound_714 OP t1_iyhgj12 wrote

I'm from Ireland and hr is just as bad here.


Viper_JB t1_iyhmff3 wrote

Lots of American multinationals bringing their shitty policies with them.


JesusaurusRex666 t1_iyhleak wrote

Soooooo… you’re telling people in HR to kill themselves? That’s the kinda comment I’d report to HR.


Nagsheadlocal t1_iyhhe12 wrote

My two tales of dealing with HR:

  1. Black dude who was both a co-worker and a friend was being shit on by management. He complained to HR and I went in to back him up. This was supposed to be anonymous. Result? HR passed our complaint to management and they made life miserable for both of us until we quit. Fuck you, Beverly.
  2. When I left a job I had been at for 6 years I had some money coming from untaken vacation and other payouts. When I got the check it was $2k short. I complained and complained and even made a trip back to that town to meet with the HR person who handled payroll. Result? Nothing, nada. Never got that money. Fuck you, Elizabeth.

Moral of the story - HR is either actively evil or totally incompetent.


grewapair t1_iyhkzcw wrote

Call your state employment department. Ask how to file a complaint. They. Will. Not. Fuck. Around. They will pursue that company to the end of the earth. Even if the company goes out of business, they usually go right after the owner personally. They will not let go until you are paid, and the owner will soon learn NEVER to withhold from a final paycheck. Ever.

There are also state laws about how soon they have to send your last paycheck. $1 short and they just violated that law. Include a statement in your complaint that they are now in violation of that law.


JesusaurusRex666 t1_iyhm8y4 wrote

This is what people don’t understand. Yes, HR is there to protect the company. If they’re exposed to a lawsuit for illegal behavior, they’re going to “protect the company” by tossing the thieving boss out the nearest window. You can’t just go to them to complain, you have to go to them and explain why they are serving their company by exacting Swift Justice against bad actors.


chromeVidrio t1_iyhix03 wrote

HR represents the interests of the company, not your interests. Idk why you would even go there. They’re there to protect the company.


liberty4u2 t1_iyhmgo8 wrote

2: Department of Labor in your state can be your friend. Often unpaid wages (not sure about untaken vacation) is not paid when demanded in writing within 90 days can be trebled (time 3) The labor board will often get involved if you have good records. I don't know the statute of limitations but you might have $6k waiting for you.


bigedthebad t1_iyhgvmn wrote

I’ve had a lot of really good HR people in my working life.

The problem is that people go to them to solve all their problems and that is just not their job in most instances.


ImTaakoYouKnowFromTV t1_iyhnjvi wrote

This is it. I hate blanket statements like this video is making. Yes, at large companies most HR reps probably do not have your best interests as an employee in mind. But I’ve had some great HR reps in my career that helped me out of tough spots, to no benefit of the company. Got one from a previous job that I still consider a friend, so fuck this guy for telling them to “rope it.”


illbebythebatphone t1_iyhifjj wrote

HR with my employer is generally great. Very helpful to staff and management. Obviously they have to enforce company policies, which benefits the employer, but more often they’re resolving issues between employees.


Nervous_Golf_6561 t1_iyhmvxm wrote

"Enforce company policies, which benefit the employer"

Oof..did they force you to write that? Or are you just a part of the Collective now?


Sir_Q_L8 t1_iyhm4d7 wrote

My HR tale: I was working as a traveling OR nurse at a hospital and there was a old doctor who was very flirtatious and wouldn’t leave me alone. Staff would jokingly Call me his girlfriend which was super embarrassing. He would even come into other cases I was working to talk. He sent a text message asking me if my marriage was ok because he saw me walking home from work in the rain and that’s when I (quietly) went to my charge nurse and asked to please no longer be in his room. He was nearing retirement and I didn’t want to rock the boat, just didn’t want to be around him and thought distance would help. The charge nurse complied and things were starting to get better but then that charge had to leave for several weeks for a family emergency and another nurse was placed in the role. One day she asked me if I wouldn’t mind going to do a case with the doctor and I pleaded with her to please not make me go in there but she claimed she had no other option so I went in. That case was ok, at the end he came up and “bear hugged” me from behind, gross but whatever.

Well, a day later I told a coworker “they actually made me work with Dr W yesterday” and she said “I know! We all gathered around the desk (to watch on the camera in the OR) waiting for him to molest you” and I said “really? Well he did come up and hug me” and she said they were all laughing about it. I took that information and angrily typed up a more formal request to not be in that room again and cc’d my recruiter as well as the offending charge. In that letter I explained that maybe she didn’t realize how serious it had become but that the doc had followed me home on two occasions now and had been texting inappropriately, that again I wasn’t trying to inflame the situation but wanted it to go away and to please stop putting me in there.

Well, that charge escalated to HR the letter and I was called into their office. Instead of agreeing to just pull me from those cases they told me that I was likely instigating the problem and that “everyone knows Dr W likes pretty girls” and that instead of pulling me they would send me to a different city to work. I told them I would transfer to a different OR in the same building but they refused saying that they had a need at another hospital and it was that or they would cancel my contract. They then did an embarrassing “investigation” where they asked my coworkers questions about how I dressed for work, my makeup, my demeanor and work ethic etc. Thankfully during this my coworkers told them I was great and also what a perv the doc was and HR relented and transferred me to the other department but I still think about it all the time and how terribly i was treated for being a victim. I was t trying to gain anything from the situation and instead tried being as professional as I could but instead they flipped the script and tried to make me out to be some harlot looking to find drama when it couldn’t have been further from the facts.


imMadasaHatter t1_iyhkhjc wrote

Hope you get banned from Reddit for telling people to kill themselves for trying to make a living


Repulsive_Pound_714 OP t1_iyhl1u1 wrote

Making a living by intentionally fucking over people using underhanded practises so that the company who pays them that loving doesn't have to shell out a few extra dollars or change in the slightest

Yeah if I get banned it'll be for a good reason


imMadasaHatter t1_iyhlkji wrote

You’re a terrible person. And yes it WILL be for good reason that you get banned, at least you have that level of self awareness


Repulsive_Pound_714 OP t1_iyhmcnm wrote

Hr isn't gonna suck your dick dude. If you wanna make a good impression at work why don't you let your boss fuck your girlfriend while you work weekends


imMadasaHatter t1_iyhmn31 wrote

Whatever job you do is also exploitative to someone but you’re too dumb to realize


Obsolence t1_iyhin91 wrote

I love how every post on here complaining about HR when the issue is actually US's awful and basically inexistant labor laws and practices. Why should a company and therefore HR go above and beyond for you when nothing forces them to and costs a bunch of money.


Repulsive_Pound_714 OP t1_iyhj4ft wrote

I'm not from the US I'm from EU and hr is still a shit hole


JesusaurusRex666 t1_iyhmicu wrote

You posted a thread on Reddit encouraging an entire profession to kill themselves. Did it occur to you that perhaps YOU are the problem?


TheDadThatGrills t1_iyhlh2x wrote

LOL. Imagine how pathetic it would be for an American to be posting about European work practices with the level of fervor you are. You're living on the other side of the world but we live rent-free in your head. Seek therapy.


Repulsive_Pound_714 OP t1_iyhll33 wrote

Everything he says all applies to EU


TheDadThatGrills t1_iyhluks wrote

California employment law and EU employment law are completely different. Fuck, California employment law and employment law in other US states are completely different. Not only are you dead wrong, but you're also embarrassing yourself.


RoboTroy t1_iyhnr90 wrote

OP got in trouble with HR and now he wants us all to be just as mad.


ToffeeAppleCider t1_iyhouxn wrote

I wonder why OP might have an issue with HR?



Daniel_Day_Hubris t1_iyhmbq8 wrote

Human resources exists to protect the company from you. Not the other way around.


JDEWizard t1_iyhmr52 wrote

He's talked to hundreds of employees, he's got anecdotal evidence to back up his stupidity. Just another ambulance chaser.


ResettisReplicas t1_iyhl1yn wrote

I’ve been privileged enough to never have a serious HR issue at work, but I will say that they’re good for benefits & pay questions.


Chissler t1_iyhl8ud wrote

God damn. Where is the worker protection in the US? I work for a rather large company in Norway, and stuff like this just wouldn't fly.


PreZEviL t1_iyhmzh2 wrote

Human ressources as human are ressources not ressources for human...

The sooner you get that, the easier it get to deal with them


ChemicalOrdinary7 t1_iyhn0fk wrote

So you got burned by HR once because you didn’t realize what their purpose was /didn’t educate yourself and now you want all HR workers to commit suicide? Sounds like you have other issues to work through


Radiantsilverbug t1_iyhoarv wrote

HR exists to protect a company from legal issues, not to help employees. They only help you as far as it helps the company. Everyone likes to pretend like they will help you like a union, though.


B8conB8conB8con t1_iyhngk5 wrote

HR is not your friend. They are the friendly face of the business and their job is to limit litigation


TyperMcTyperson t1_iyhnizi wrote

I haven't watched this video, but HR's sole responsibility is to protect the company.


kalaminu t1_iyhnnds wrote

I'd you as an employee thinks HR is there for you, you're a fucking idiot!!!

HR are there for 1 thing only and that is to do the best thing for the company and that very rarely matches up to what is best for the employee!!

Screw HR and anyone that works there tbh


-Quivos- t1_iyhpyjf wrote

What are people even debating for on the comments ?

Who pays HR ?

The Company does.

If you are having a dispute with the company, as an employee, which side is HR going to be on ?

Doesn't take a lot to figure this one out does it ?


omarmctrigger t1_iyhfjlg wrote

Posted by someone who, no doubt, has any fucking clue about what HR actually does.


SerStrongSight t1_iyhhb84 wrote

I thought it was spot on. Basically protect the company at any cost. Throw any employee under the bus to resolve situations. What is missing?