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chronic_ice_tea t1_j0u5qo1 wrote

I never understood why so many people get so excited and passionate about sports.


xieodeluxed t1_j0ubni8 wrote

Let people have fun. There are enough painful things in the world that we don't need to bring down other people having a good time. I hope you someday feel even a part of what these people are feeling now.


rundmcarlson t1_j0ufzlg wrote

How does "I never understood" correlate to "stop having fun" in your mind?


Murkus t1_j0uc74j wrote

Oh I am positive that commentor feels these kinds of emotions and feelings. I'm just sure he reserves them for things beyond one particular kind of sports game.

The way you word it makes it sound like you only get that kind of feeling from football, which is very strange.


chronic_ice_tea t1_j0uruo5 wrote

I genuinely don't understand. I am not saying people shouldn't have fun you have fun with whatever it is that you want I just don't get it.


SsurebreC t1_j0uw7n0 wrote

What do you get excited and passionate about? I could try to explain from there.


SuperCowToTheRescue t1_j0ur7qi wrote

it's so much more than only a "sport" but we dont expect you to understand it and thats ok


chronic_ice_tea t1_j0us53m wrote

How is it so much more than a sport? I just see it as a bunch of dudes trying to put a ball in a fence. Or like American football a bunch of dudes trying to put a ball past the line and I see people losing their minds over it or trashing their own cities or like my father-in-law becoming angry at his own family because "his team lost". Yes I see a bunch of people celebrating and being happy over it and getting drunk or whatever but I don't get why that is.


SuperCowToTheRescue t1_j0uvggw wrote

exactly, you don't understand it and that's ok. Many people are very passionate about a lot of things. You are just not passionate about sports (or team sports, whatever). You don't have to be. But football is kind of a big deal being the biggest sport tournament in the entire world by far (or at least western world)
I assume you are from the united states, and I (am from Argentina) work with people from the USA, and I also don't understand many things from your culture, and that's ok too :)


chronic_ice_tea t1_j15f42r wrote

I'm not saying just soccer, man I'm saying all sports or anything that involves people getting over excited about other people doing things for that matter.


SuperCowToTheRescue t1_j18lxv4 wrote

have you got no emotions man? you never got excited about anyone else for doing something?


DeTrotseTuinkabouter t1_j0v8uft wrote

Because it's your team! Your country! Your boys!

Imagine your kid, or best friend, or parent doing something amazing. Would you celebrate? Of course!

Some people can muster something akin to those feelings for strangers, because it feels like they're part of that group. And add millions of others who feel the same way and that feeling gets amplified.

Heck, you don't even have to be a part of the group, you can just be rooting for a team for some random reason like them being the underdog or liking the country because you went there once.