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WankTown24-7 t1_j0uo30b wrote

Congrats, you pulled every dirty trick in the book, spent most of your matches rolling on the ground crying, you fouled more than any other team, you displayed little to no sportsmanship , you have won and boy are you proud.


DonTavo t1_j0upg61 wrote

congratulation on your team sucking and not winning the World Cup. Now go cry for another 4 years.


Know_Your_Rites t1_j0usfzd wrote

He doesn't have to live in Argentina for the next 4 years, lol. Most countries think about things other than the World Cup during the time in between.


WankTown24-7 t1_j0uvbhh wrote

>congratulation on your team sucking and not winning the World Cup.

My country's team didn't even qualify lol, I don't really mind. Just watching Argentina this year was embarrassing for the sport, the histrionics and diving, they have no shame. I think at the start they thought 'ok we'll try to play clean', then lost to Saudi so it was back to the ol' get one goal in and then disrupt play as much as possible, fall down at every possible instance and Leandro Paredes deliberately booting it after a foul right into the subs in the Netherlands match, shameful. They don't know the meaning of the word sportsmanship.