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[deleted] t1_j0uthns wrote



TechieWithCoffee t1_j0w0ljx wrote

It's that worldwide love for the game and celebrations that will ensure those atrocities and corruption continue. In the end nobody really cares. It's bleak, sure. But hey, happy times right?


psycholio t1_j0w4vpj wrote

yea you tell em, try and make people feel guilty for loving soccer. YOURE LOVE OF SOCCER CAUSES ATROCITIES no lol, qatar being a corrupt society and FIFA being corrupt is what caused atrocities, not worldwide love of soccer moron


TechieWithCoffee t1_j0w8sdl wrote

I can't tell if this is a really poor strawman or if you genuinely have a mental disorder


psycholio t1_j0wdb7y wrote

people loving soccer isn't the cause of human rights abuses, people in power abusing humans is the cause of human rights abuse. if you blame celebrating soccer fans for poor working conditions then you're just stupid, idk what else to tell you


TechieWithCoffee t1_j0wh9hv wrote

Yeah that's not what I said at all or even implied.


a4techkeyboard t1_j0wz128 wrote

You literally said "that worldwide love for the game and celebrations that will ensure those atrocities and corruption continue."


TechieWithCoffee t1_j0x4e9q wrote

Right. Do I really need to explain the difference between causing something and enabling something? FIFA gets away with all of this b/c of how much money they make. As long as FIFA continues to make an absurd amounts of money, the atrocities and corruption continue. Simple as that.

If you knew a local business was polluting the local water supply killing millions, would you keep going there to give them your business? You know where your money is going. You know what's going on.


psycholio t1_j0wyvc1 wrote

not only are you blaming soccer fans for the continuation of human rights abuses, but you're also claiming they dont care about human rights abuses since they still celebrate their team winning. lol, keep blaming ordinary people for the abuse perpetrated by those in power, see how far that gets you


TechieWithCoffee t1_j0x57gh wrote

I'm blaming FIFA for the continuation of human rights abuses. No fans. I'm blaming fans for enabling FIFA b/c they know exactly where the money they give to FIFA goes. If fans actually cared, nobody would have gone to Qatar. If fans actually cared, 2022 wouldn't have been the most watch World Cup ever. If fans actually cared, they wouldn't be happy spectating a sport in a stadium constructed with SLAVE LABOR. Do you really not have a problem with that as a fan? You just blame FIFA for everything and b/c you're watching the sport there's no blood on your hands? That's a very convenient way of looking at things.

The exact same mentality of companies, individuals, and countries that did business with Nazi Germany. Same exact mentality of companies, individuals, and countries continuing to do business with Russia. They're not the ones actively committing those atrocities so who cares? It's somebody else. You're just giving them money. Sure that money goes directly into committing those atrocities, but you're a good person. Sure...

As long as people keep giving money to FIFA, continue watching the World Cup, nothing will change. You can try and keep slapping FIFA on the wrist. See how far that gets you