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Metalman9999 t1_j0v0b0c wrote

Non enforceable in this situation tho, can you imagine police trying to stop everything just to stop this drone?


infinite012 t1_j0v2kq5 wrote

In the USA our cops would just start shooting at the drone, at the crowd, at the water, at the landmarks, at each other, etc.


boot2skull t1_j0v4rmf wrote

Why did the chicken cross the road? Well she tried, but shot for jaywalking.


haveyoufoundyourself t1_j0v3uz0 wrote

The worry is that the drone is weaponized and so there's quite the incentive to at least keep track of it. But totally agreed, there's no way they could actually do anything unless they have eyes on where it eventually lands


rocketcrap t1_j109qa3 wrote

Guys, everyone go home. We gotta see who's controlling the drone. Guys. Guys, come on.