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Asytra t1_j0ugi8a wrote

I haven't seen a celebration this big since the Rebels blew up the Deathstar.

Incredible game, incredible celebration. Congrats Argentina!


SomeBodybuilder7910 t1_j0viin6 wrote

Congrats Qatar for successfully making everyone forget the horrific atrocities committed!


Chiss5618 t1_j0xwqvw wrote

On one hand, I'm happy this WC was probably one of the best, but on the other, I'm very disappointed that it took place in Qatar


Craitledo t1_j0y8wg3 wrote

The larger issue is that the World Cup in general is a frighteningly corrupt organization


youblowboatpeople t1_j0vtc1d wrote

Before I even saw this comment I sent this to my buddy saying it looks like the end of a Star Wars movie after a planet stops the galactic empire. Completely spot on


notmoleliza t1_j0v1csf wrote

> Incredible game, incredible celebration. Congrats Rebels!


silentspyder t1_j0wmovv wrote

I barely remember that. It was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.


klomklorm t1_j0tzdku wrote

You couldn't CGI a more cinematic festive scene, congrats Argentina!


MCd0nutz t1_j0ut3b8 wrote

I half expected a bunch of people on top of the Obelisk, a little disappointed at the lack of commitment Buenos Aires... lol jk, Congrats


Tomycj t1_j0v3v4m wrote

Some people actually broke in and did that. There were plenty of damages but for the scale of this, it could have been much worse.


kingofwale t1_j0ur0i1 wrote

As someone who just started flying a drone casually… that’s some impressive control


haveyoufoundyourself t1_j0uvg26 wrote

Well I'm not sure about the laws in Argentina regarding this, but in America this flight would be illegal in numerous ways. But the pilot didn't crash and that's what matters!


Metalman9999 t1_j0v0b0c wrote

Non enforceable in this situation tho, can you imagine police trying to stop everything just to stop this drone?


infinite012 t1_j0v2kq5 wrote

In the USA our cops would just start shooting at the drone, at the crowd, at the water, at the landmarks, at each other, etc.


boot2skull t1_j0v4rmf wrote

Why did the chicken cross the road? Well she tried, but shot for jaywalking.


haveyoufoundyourself t1_j0v3uz0 wrote

The worry is that the drone is weaponized and so there's quite the incentive to at least keep track of it. But totally agreed, there's no way they could actually do anything unless they have eyes on where it eventually lands


rocketcrap t1_j109qa3 wrote

Guys, everyone go home. We gotta see who's controlling the drone. Guys. Guys, come on.


Excludos t1_j0uyiyr wrote

It's not as insane as it looks. After a few hours on an fpv drone you can easily fly like you see here no issues. Look up some of the pros flying around tight spaces on Youtube, now those guys are insane.

The bigger problem is that flying over people like this is a big no-no, and completely illegal in most parts of the world. Even the best pilot in the world can have a faulty prop and suddenly plummet down into the crowd. And while racing FPV drones like the one that is probably being used here aren't very heavy, they'll still clock in at 6-700 grams with camera, which could do some real damage if you hit someone's face at 100km/h


Ruzzcraze t1_j0wk7a6 wrote

Yeah I was about to say that. If a drone pilot loses control the drone basically becomes a flying rock. Depending on the drone/pilot it’s rare, but if it does lose connection then it’s very dangerous.


tonetheman t1_j0uqy92 wrote

Real question where in the world do you go to the potty in such a crowd?

That is insane.


jaltair9 t1_j0usizk wrote

I bet that question hasn’t crossed the mind of anyone there.


WiseOldTurtle t1_j0v33q7 wrote

Being in a similar crowd when Brazil got the cup in 2002 what I have to say is: if you gotta pee, just find a corner and go. If you gotta poop, you better not. But if you REALLY gotta go, you find a restaurant, shop or anything close by and beg for them to use their facilities.


Zhuul t1_j0v8smk wrote

This question is why I didn’t go to the Eagles super bowl parade


warpus t1_j0v9elt wrote

Imagine that this is the weight Messi had been carrying on his shoulders playing in the final and all the other matches in this World Cup. The hope and expectations and all that energy of all those people rolled into a ball that he was carrying all while performing at the level he did. And that's not even mentioning his personal and professional ambition of getting that one trophy that had eluded him.. the only one that did.. until now.

Such a great performance from him regardless, but with all that pressure on him it's even more impressive.. and yeah, it took the whole team to win this World Cup, a lot of players played their part, not only Messi. But he was the one who galvanized and pushed them forward - scoring in every single round in the World Cup, the first player to ever do so. Such an amazing performance, no wonder he collapsed to his knees when it was all said and done


[deleted] t1_j0uthns wrote



TechieWithCoffee t1_j0w0ljx wrote

It's that worldwide love for the game and celebrations that will ensure those atrocities and corruption continue. In the end nobody really cares. It's bleak, sure. But hey, happy times right?


psycholio t1_j0w4vpj wrote

yea you tell em, try and make people feel guilty for loving soccer. YOURE LOVE OF SOCCER CAUSES ATROCITIES no lol, qatar being a corrupt society and FIFA being corrupt is what caused atrocities, not worldwide love of soccer moron


TechieWithCoffee t1_j0w8sdl wrote

I can't tell if this is a really poor strawman or if you genuinely have a mental disorder


psycholio t1_j0wdb7y wrote

people loving soccer isn't the cause of human rights abuses, people in power abusing humans is the cause of human rights abuse. if you blame celebrating soccer fans for poor working conditions then you're just stupid, idk what else to tell you


TechieWithCoffee t1_j0wh9hv wrote

Yeah that's not what I said at all or even implied.


a4techkeyboard t1_j0wz128 wrote

You literally said "that worldwide love for the game and celebrations that will ensure those atrocities and corruption continue."


TechieWithCoffee t1_j0x4e9q wrote

Right. Do I really need to explain the difference between causing something and enabling something? FIFA gets away with all of this b/c of how much money they make. As long as FIFA continues to make an absurd amounts of money, the atrocities and corruption continue. Simple as that.

If you knew a local business was polluting the local water supply killing millions, would you keep going there to give them your business? You know where your money is going. You know what's going on.


psycholio t1_j0wyvc1 wrote

not only are you blaming soccer fans for the continuation of human rights abuses, but you're also claiming they dont care about human rights abuses since they still celebrate their team winning. lol, keep blaming ordinary people for the abuse perpetrated by those in power, see how far that gets you


TechieWithCoffee t1_j0x57gh wrote

I'm blaming FIFA for the continuation of human rights abuses. No fans. I'm blaming fans for enabling FIFA b/c they know exactly where the money they give to FIFA goes. If fans actually cared, nobody would have gone to Qatar. If fans actually cared, 2022 wouldn't have been the most watch World Cup ever. If fans actually cared, they wouldn't be happy spectating a sport in a stadium constructed with SLAVE LABOR. Do you really not have a problem with that as a fan? You just blame FIFA for everything and b/c you're watching the sport there's no blood on your hands? That's a very convenient way of looking at things.

The exact same mentality of companies, individuals, and countries that did business with Nazi Germany. Same exact mentality of companies, individuals, and countries continuing to do business with Russia. They're not the ones actively committing those atrocities so who cares? It's somebody else. You're just giving them money. Sure that money goes directly into committing those atrocities, but you're a good person. Sure...

As long as people keep giving money to FIFA, continue watching the World Cup, nothing will change. You can try and keep slapping FIFA on the wrist. See how far that gets you


danc4498 t1_j0u2eyb wrote

That's cool as shit. You better believe I'd gtfo of there though. Seen too many videos on Reddit to feel comfortable there


aspz t1_j0ur9b4 wrote

Awesome shots. I don't think you'd hear much above the sound of the propellors but it would be amazing if we could hear the actual audio from the point of view of the drone.


PhillipBrandon t1_j0us153 wrote

I think at *some* point, tens of thousand people do become louder than a drone.


Tomycj t1_j0v44ht wrote

More than a million people, according to local media. Heard 2M+ at some time.


Blooberryx t1_j0vinp6 wrote

Makes me wonder. In the US is there anything that could bring a crowd together this big? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so many people celebrating one thing together before.


Manc_Twat t1_j0w6hbf wrote

1.8m were at Obama's 2009 inauguration.


AlphaAcid t1_j0wbqdt wrote

Lots of people saying Obama's inauguration was small and low energy and nobody even attended. Maybe it didn't even happen. Who knows? But a lot of great people are saying it.


samurai5625 t1_j0y1xjr wrote

The gathering in Chicago after the Cubs won the World Series in 2016 was ranked the 7th largest gathering in human history..


Yokies t1_j0vna1m wrote

Easy. Just say gun sales. Or say that big government is about to ban gatherings.


RyanMakesNoise t1_j0v3wj8 wrote

Did Nick Cage Steal the Washington Monument and give it as a gift to Argentina’s for its World Cup Win? /s


syu425 t1_j0vxkin wrote

Happy to see no burning car and graffiti all over the place


CurvyLauraChub t1_j0xa7g3 wrote

Totally insane! Hoping to be part of this celebration when the country I'm rooting for, wins the cup!


T0WERM0NKEY t1_j0xefv8 wrote

All I can think of is about those crowd stampedes.


hesido t1_j0y2a2i wrote

Is it safe to have a drone fly over people like this? I am no fun at parties probably, but the possibility of a malfunction and something with several blades falling into the crowd would be no fun either.


PM_ME_TRICEPS t1_j0zypvn wrote

Dude how long are these people celebrating for?


structee t1_j1kwvy4 wrote

That's surreal.


CablePicker t1_j0x0p3l wrote

So much toxic nationalism.


Cuillin t1_j0xgk4y wrote

See this, guys?

Whatever your protestations were or are of the World Cup, or FIFA, or Qatar don’t matter. Shit like this is why it’ll never change.

FIFA will continue to be corrupt, backwards nations with a noticeable lack of basic human rights will continue to host the World Cup, and they’ll all be rewarded for it.


scoot23ro t1_j0v97wp wrote

how to believe covid was a thing


atreides------- t1_j0vfued wrote

I can smell the COVID from here.


EvilSuov t1_j0vofwf wrote

Covid has not been a threat in most western countries for nearly 9 months by now, move on.


atreides------- t1_j0xv2cx wrote

COVID isn't over because Fox News tells you it is. Thanks for being part of the problem.


rocketcrap t1_j10azad wrote

The us could only manage 50 percent vaccination rate. Other countries where the is no dumb Maga cult hit 100.


adamanything t1_j0w28km wrote

I'm from Buenos Aires, and I say kill 'em all!


WankTown24-7 t1_j0uo30b wrote

Congrats, you pulled every dirty trick in the book, spent most of your matches rolling on the ground crying, you fouled more than any other team, you displayed little to no sportsmanship , you have won and boy are you proud.


DonTavo t1_j0upg61 wrote

congratulation on your team sucking and not winning the World Cup. Now go cry for another 4 years.


Know_Your_Rites t1_j0usfzd wrote

He doesn't have to live in Argentina for the next 4 years, lol. Most countries think about things other than the World Cup during the time in between.


WankTown24-7 t1_j0uvbhh wrote

>congratulation on your team sucking and not winning the World Cup.

My country's team didn't even qualify lol, I don't really mind. Just watching Argentina this year was embarrassing for the sport, the histrionics and diving, they have no shame. I think at the start they thought 'ok we'll try to play clean', then lost to Saudi so it was back to the ol' get one goal in and then disrupt play as much as possible, fall down at every possible instance and Leandro Paredes deliberately booting it after a foul right into the subs in the Netherlands match, shameful. They don't know the meaning of the word sportsmanship.


chronic_ice_tea t1_j0u5qo1 wrote

I never understood why so many people get so excited and passionate about sports.


xieodeluxed t1_j0ubni8 wrote

Let people have fun. There are enough painful things in the world that we don't need to bring down other people having a good time. I hope you someday feel even a part of what these people are feeling now.


rundmcarlson t1_j0ufzlg wrote

How does "I never understood" correlate to "stop having fun" in your mind?


Murkus t1_j0uc74j wrote

Oh I am positive that commentor feels these kinds of emotions and feelings. I'm just sure he reserves them for things beyond one particular kind of sports game.

The way you word it makes it sound like you only get that kind of feeling from football, which is very strange.


chronic_ice_tea t1_j0uruo5 wrote

I genuinely don't understand. I am not saying people shouldn't have fun you have fun with whatever it is that you want I just don't get it.


SsurebreC t1_j0uw7n0 wrote

What do you get excited and passionate about? I could try to explain from there.


SuperCowToTheRescue t1_j0ur7qi wrote

it's so much more than only a "sport" but we dont expect you to understand it and thats ok


chronic_ice_tea t1_j0us53m wrote

How is it so much more than a sport? I just see it as a bunch of dudes trying to put a ball in a fence. Or like American football a bunch of dudes trying to put a ball past the line and I see people losing their minds over it or trashing their own cities or like my father-in-law becoming angry at his own family because "his team lost". Yes I see a bunch of people celebrating and being happy over it and getting drunk or whatever but I don't get why that is.


SuperCowToTheRescue t1_j0uvggw wrote

exactly, you don't understand it and that's ok. Many people are very passionate about a lot of things. You are just not passionate about sports (or team sports, whatever). You don't have to be. But football is kind of a big deal being the biggest sport tournament in the entire world by far (or at least western world)
I assume you are from the united states, and I (am from Argentina) work with people from the USA, and I also don't understand many things from your culture, and that's ok too :)


chronic_ice_tea t1_j15f42r wrote

I'm not saying just soccer, man I'm saying all sports or anything that involves people getting over excited about other people doing things for that matter.


SuperCowToTheRescue t1_j18lxv4 wrote

have you got no emotions man? you never got excited about anyone else for doing something?


DeTrotseTuinkabouter t1_j0v8uft wrote

Because it's your team! Your country! Your boys!

Imagine your kid, or best friend, or parent doing something amazing. Would you celebrate? Of course!

Some people can muster something akin to those feelings for strangers, because it feels like they're part of that group. And add millions of others who feel the same way and that feeling gets amplified.

Heck, you don't even have to be a part of the group, you can just be rooting for a team for some random reason like them being the underdog or liking the country because you went there once.