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12x23 t1_j1h0j9p wrote

The night Santa went crazy is still my favorite weird al song


shoesmcgee1 t1_j1kx5sk wrote

Anyone know... is it supposed to be a style parody of Black Gold by Soul Asylum? They sound so similar and I never really knew what sound he was going for.


Ripcord t1_j1hczi5 wrote

This is still an amazing piece of work.

Newfound relevance, though...?


Scioptic- t1_j1hoc3x wrote

The heading sounds like it was written by a Zoomer who's never heard of the Cold War.


triangulumnova t1_j1hwgqf wrote

I mean "newfound relevance" implies that it was relevant in the past and is so once again. Things can be relevant more than once.


idapitbwidiuatabip OP t1_j1jqt9l wrote

It was relevant before.

It wasn’t relevant for the longest time.

It has gained newfound relevance in our new age of nuclear brinkmanship.

Your comment sounds like it was written by someone who lives under a rock and doesn’t read enough.


greg_barton t1_j1ik7dn wrote

The narrative of unrelenting doom and gloom for the 2024 presidential cycle has begun.


idapitbwidiuatabip OP t1_j1jqvc1 wrote

Are you living under a rock or what

Edit - oh you’re just a Boomer with brain rot


Ripcord t1_j1jzat5 wrote

Are you 12, or what?


idapitbwidiuatabip OP t1_j1jzdvx wrote

I mean you’re the one having trouble understanding the term “newfound relevance.”

The song was relevant when it came out during the Cold War.

But an entire generation listened to this in the 90s and 00’s and the concept of nukes dropping was a relic from the past.

That’s no longer the case in 2022. Hence the ‘newfound relevance.’

I can’t believe you needed to have this explained to you.


Ripcord t1_j1k1rgm wrote

You're the one having trouble with perspective

Later, kid.


askingaboutviruses t1_j1hw4p2 wrote

This is what happens when we let 25 year olds with zero historical perspective write articles. The song was released in 86 which means it was likely written in 85 which was the height of the Cold War. The song reflects the very relevant anxiety of nuclear war something that was never more of a possibility than it was then. We’re not even close to the same place. Not by miles.


TheRecognized t1_j1jdfal wrote

Write articles? It’s just a post title.

And when you’ve got the leader of Russia repeatedly referencing the nuclear option over a proxy war, “newfound relevance” seems like a fairly apt reference to a Cold War era song


idapitbwidiuatabip OP t1_j1jr2dc wrote

And it was relevant then.

It faded in terms of relevance after the Cold War ended.

But a new Cold War has begun and brinkmanship is back.

Therefore it’s relevant again. This was very clear from the title yet you didn’t understand and it made you angry.

Simmer down now.


askingaboutviruses t1_j1lxsyg wrote

I don’t agree that the song has to do with brinksmanship per se, strictly the impact of nuclear war. I don’t agree a new Cold War has started. Few do. I understand the title and your premise, I don’t agree with them.

As to the rest of the content of your message I genuinely have no idea what you’re on about.


idapitbwidiuatabip OP t1_j1nebtu wrote

The song lyrics are literally to do with brinkmanship. Which is the term used for when we’re close to nuclear war. (Ie the impact of nuclear war)

A new Cold War has started. Biden said he’d send aid as long as necessary and fund the war indefinitely - that’s the definition of a Cold War.

This isn’t something you agree with. It’s a fact of reality.

The song used to be relevant when it came out, faded in terms of relevance, but now has newfound relevance.

Kids listening to this in the 90s never feared nukes dropping. Kids listening to it now may well have that fear. Why don’t you get it lol


askingaboutviruses t1_j1pvpzd wrote

That’s not the definition of a Cold War.

And that’s not what brinksmanship is. And that’s not what the song is about. I’m sorry it makes you upset that we don’t agree.


idapitbwidiuatabip OP t1_j1qrgx0 wrote

You’re being obtuse lol - for all intents & purposes, a new Cold War has started. As in rising tensions without formal declarations of war.

And yes, our world leaders flirting with MAD is brinkmanship.

And the lyrics are about it. Read the lyrics maybe? It’s all about finally going past the brink.

I’m sorry that you never learned how to be wrong and you’re such an immature clown that you have to deny reality and objective fact to try to save face after embarrassing yourself online.

There’s nothing to agree on here. You simply don’t understand- or you do and you’re just too much of a coward to admit you misunderstood.

Sad you have no conviction.


askingaboutviruses t1_j1r29am wrote

You’re not correct, but have a great New Year!


idapitbwidiuatabip OP t1_j1rqgwk wrote

Sorry you don’t understand what words mean


askingaboutviruses t1_j1ugw01 wrote

Says the guy being downvoted on every reply to his own post. Maybe everyone else is wrong and you’re right.


idapitbwidiuatabip OP t1_j1usefi wrote

There’s more than one of you who misunderstood - not uncommon in a subreddit this large.

Funny that you think downvotes or upvotes mean anything but I guess when you’re wrong you have to grasp at whatever straws you can.


askingaboutviruses t1_j1uy1fs wrote

There's more people disagree with me than agree*



idapitbwidiuatabip OP t1_j1uz4zo wrote

Not surprising that there’s a surplus of illiterate Redditors in a default sub

It’s a default sub


askingaboutviruses t1_j1v3a15 wrote

You posted here 🤷 Looks like you thought it was fine before you got downvoted to hell


idapitbwidiuatabip OP t1_j1v9vwj wrote

Wdym? The post was upvoted and well received. Idiots in the replies are inevitable like a YouTube comment section, since this is a default sub.

Man it really got under your skin that you didn’t get what ‘newfound relevance’ meant.


[deleted] t1_j1vlwlr wrote



idapitbwidiuatabip OP t1_j1vmvvi wrote

Can't disagree with facts


askingaboutviruses t1_j1vp0bq wrote

I have a question. If you believe the comments are all full of incorrect assertions and rubes then why are you in them so much? I'll bet you your pride that you can't be the person who walks away first. Because it really matters to you.


rocsNaviars t1_j1jrgal wrote

Also anyone who is honestly afraid of nuclear war in the world’s current climate has a brain stuffed full of fox news lies.


gogozombie2 t1_j1ig0c9 wrote

Yeah, we are a helluva lot closer to nuclear war now than we ever have been. If you want to know why, the Doomsday Clock is always a good place to start.


rocsNaviars t1_j1jrizn wrote

Lol I bet you are also against the US sending aid to Ukraine.


link_dead t1_j1ihx8y wrote

My favorite part is where the government convinced citizens they could survive a nuclear blast by shielding their eyes and balling up against a wall.


Bertrum t1_j1hd8lx wrote

I used to watch this a lot on my Weird Al best of music video DVD


MollyInanna t1_j1l63im wrote

Al, 2014: > It was a simple enough video to direct. 98% of that video is basically stock-footage clips from public-domain Cold War footage. There was really only one shot at the end, which was easy enough for me to direct. That was also a video the record label did not want to make, because for some reason they thought a Christmas song about nuclear annihilation wouldn’t really play during the holidays. But I wanted to have a Christmas song out, so I funded the video myself; it wasn’t that expensive.


MollyInanna t1_j1l6kwh wrote

Alternative mix of the song. Al: "[Engineer] Tony Papa and I liked the alternate mix because we thought it sounded more 'Phil Spector-y' but ultimately decided that the official mix was better for purposes of the album."


thtanner t1_j1jihsq wrote

"unstable times"

What's so unstable about now that's different than last year, the year before, the year before that..... ?


tacotacotaco14 t1_j1jpry3 wrote

Probably the open warfare in Europe and the leader of the invading country alluding to nuclear threats.


thtanner t1_j1l5jr9 wrote

...and the 2 years prior had a global pandemic. Stuff happens, a lot. It's rarely ever just 'smooth sailing' and I think we take it for granted when it is.

To put it into context, WW2 was only 82 years ago. How many world-altering military, political, and ideological clashes have occurred since then all over the world? What about financial crisis, etc? People act like things are hunky dory all the time, and they really just aren't.


hsvsunshyn t1_j1hnel5 wrote

I am not saying that Weird Al is a modern-day Nostrodamus, but it seems like there is an Al song for most things.