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plomautus t1_j1rzky4 wrote

>You're on a sub devoted to 'white people' talking about a movie about slaves getting revenge against their southern masters.

Weird didnt know r/videos was devoted to white people talking about slave revenge movies.

>I normally ignore typos but how do you fuck up spelling cementing? If english isn't your native tongue, I'd understand.

Cement kirjoitetaa suomeksi "sementti" joten meni ajattelematta sen enempää suomi ja englanti sekaisin koska c ja s kuulostaa pehmeänä lausuttuna melko samalta. Luulis kuitenki asiayhteydestä ymmärtänvän mitä tuolla tarkoitettiin.


Gary_Vigoda t1_j1rzwt1 wrote

Oh fuck around, I was mixed up in a argument over the same type of crap on that stupid wpt sub. Ha, my bad, apologies. I'm not even going to edit my mistake.