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mayorjimmy t1_j1oxp8a wrote

Well if Kanye thinks he's suing for royalties he done gone and fucked all his credibility so he's going to get laughed out of any court he's dumb enough to step into.


mayorjimmy t1_j1p12ze wrote

for those of us living on planet reality. unfortunately the US court system is fucked and we have to humor even insane dickheads so scumbag lawyers can make money. as long as he can find a lawyer willing to take his money it's still possible he might try it.


IndIka123 t1_j1p3bvr wrote

When people in the past have sued for a stolen pitch, it’s because they submit a script. If there was a script then yes your Could sue over an idea that was stolen if they read it, then used it and cut you out. However we all know Kanye didn’t write a script and he pitched a slave idea and thinks now he wrote Django.


29979245T t1_j1p6qbk wrote

A case where there's no evidence or the claim would be legally meaningless regardless can usually be thrown out by a judge without ever seeing a jury.

Which is the best way it could work, unless Planet Reality is the name of a supercomputing paper shredder that can stop stupid lawsuits from even being submitted to the legal system.


LemonLimeAlltheTime t1_j1phfti wrote

damn now we're just posting shitty shorts from shitty random channels



Gary_Vigoda t1_j1pi17d wrote

> Yes, yes he did

No, no he didn't.

He never said he wrote the plot, he just pitched the idea to use a slave theme for his video.

Tarantino said he had the idea earlier but he also confirms most of Kanye West's statement. Saying he had the idea earlier is not something anyone can prove or disprove however.

I'm not defending Kanye West. Dumb thing to try to take credit for personally, especially since the Django character was based on the earlier Mandingo movies from the 70s and Tarantino made his career by reviving Blaxploitation.


Gary_Vigoda t1_j1pktt7 wrote

Reservoir Dogs isn't blaxploitation but True Romance and Pulp Fiction both rely on the stereotypes. Sam Jackson and Gary Oldman specifically. Blaxploitation is aimed at white youth consumers who love the urban image. Jackie Brown was just a blatant blaxploitation movie after people forgot why they were criticized in the past.


Flash635 t1_j1poo2i wrote

Ha ha ha! The battle of the self entitled jerks.


the_original_Retro t1_j1pqlue wrote

I read it the other way, as "THIS CLAIM fucked his credibility", for this specific theme.

West's credibility was super in question before, that's obvious and no argument there.

But that won't get a lot of weight with respect to a specific court case where he's suing for royalties.

"Your honor, the plaintiff's generally not credible" isn't a starting argument.

But if instead it's "Your honor, we can specifically demonstrate where the plaintiff had made misleading claims about ownership and creation of the concept that is the theme of their frivolous lawsuit" (or however a decent lawyer would put it), suddenly it's really relevant.


landslidegh t1_j1psh4a wrote

TL;DW: Kanye wanted to dress up like a slave in a music video


danteheehaw t1_j1pu2mg wrote

Blackspoitation movies were made by black people because black people kept getting shut out of hollywood. When they ended up becoming popular hollywood realized easy cheap movies aimed at black people were very profitable. They amped up the "exploitation" as time went on in typical fashion of movies trying to one up one another. Then like a lot of x-sploitation genres they died off as the themes of the genre naturally found there way into other films or avenues without being over the top. Occasionally a new one springs up that gains some traction.


plomautus t1_j1pvg5k wrote

Hey american sjw, you claimed Tarantino made his career by reviving Blacksploitation. Prove it then, because all evidence points to him making it with Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and sementing it with Kill Bill.


Gary_Vigoda t1_j1pwmg7 wrote

Mario Van Peebles started the genre in the early 70s as a serious black film maker but Hollywood appropriated the genre to sell a dumbed down superficial version to white consumers who love all things 'black'.

This song is almost 100 years old.

White American youth were stuck going to church on Sunday, praying nightly, and being told pretty much everything fun is 'sinful'.

Meanwhile, 'black' people were partying, smoking weed, getting drunk, having sex, and making good music.

Race records in the past were made by black artists then appropriated by the music industry who sold it to white kids who loved it and hated their parents, the church, their teachers, etc...

They turned anti-establishment and became rebel Hipsters.

Hollywood has been exploiting black people since Vaudeville & Minstrel shows. This was fairly common knowledge until the early 90s to be honest.


Murkus t1_j1pxh4r wrote

If you don't like Kanye . Stop talking about Kanye.

It really is that simple.


Murkus t1_j1pxkz2 wrote

I'm fairness. We need to shut about Kanye... Forget that fuck. Stop giving him attention. But he's right about shorts.

This is literally an edit of an edit of an edit of an actually produced video.

Just post the video.


gordo65 t1_j1q3ucf wrote

Honestly, I don't think discovery would hurt him. We already know that he's mentally ill, and that his illness causes him to fall into paranoia and to engage in self-destructive behavior. Really, what else is there to discover that he hasn't already published himself?


crlcan81 t1_j1q5747 wrote

Who the fuck cares? Stop giving either of those knobs airtime.


angryswooper t1_j1q9ms1 wrote

What the fuck is with the editing in that video seeming to clip together every few words? Or was my player that bad?


Jonsj t1_j1qhtrj wrote

I still don't understand how you can use appropriation about art and culture inspiring and developing off each other.

All artist, all culture is based on something else, usually inspired or formed by society around the artist. Do you suggest we fine comb all culture and artistic expression, lock it down and then form a committee shutting down anything that can be found anywhere else? We also have to find the earliest expression of that art form and make sure they keep the rights to make anything in that expression and everything else is banned.


chilicuntcarne t1_j1qpfe5 wrote

> Bob Kahn and I would be arguing for days about how to go about the handshake. We immediately knew how to implement it after seeing a video of Kanye doing a three-way-handshake.

- Vint Cerf

> During my CERN days I struggled a lot with design decisions while working on ENQUIRE. I was fortunate enough to have a direct line to Kanye. He told me what to do.

- Tim Berners-Lee


CmonTouchIt t1_j1qxyw5 wrote

I mean.... I'm Jewish. The shit he says literally affects me and my family. So I'll respectfully disagree, ill always loudly talk about and argue against antisemitism


ZoidyBoy t1_j1r09ej wrote

Really great response from Tarantino


FullMaxPowerStirner t1_j1r8fpb wrote

lol is this Youtube's new attempt to compete with TikTok? Portrait mode still sucks, no matter what.


Peter_G t1_j1rcgg6 wrote

Tarantino is great, every single time I hear him interviewed it's either on entertaining anecdote, or I actually learn something about Cinema.


MessiahPrinny t1_j1rg9w6 wrote

In Kanye's version the butler was the good guy.


FinalPush t1_j1rgepw wrote

Weird oddly wanting Kanye to be a slave to be funny yet low key power trip stupid pinkie


Gary_Vigoda t1_j1rhybf wrote

This came out in 1987 and satirized American's fixation with slave and ghetto movies.

Pulp Fiction came out in 1994 and played heavily off the same stereotypes Hollywood Shuffle criticized.

I'm not American. My observation is critical of Hollywood and left leaning Americans who eat this stuff up.

> If you can’t watch Pulp Fiction without being hyper fixated on race, you might be the racist

Everything you guys watch is about race. Even this stupid ass post is about a slave movie. I don't think it's me that has the race problem.


Phannig t1_j1rigs1 wrote

When I first heard about Django Unchained I assumed Tarantino was making his version of the 1966 Django which to this day is considered one of the most violent movies ever made. Throwing Tarantino into that mix would have been epic. What we got was a bit..meh…in comparison to what I was hoping for.


fukensteller t1_j1riqf1 wrote

Ideas mean nothing unless you can produce it. Ideas are a dime a dozen.

Even if QT got inspiration from his idea, all thats similar is that there is a slave. What about the dialogue, type of characters, or thats its like an old spaghetti western and all of the ideas behind the film.

Its non sense.


Gary_Vigoda t1_j1rmr0c wrote

I'm not American or an SJW.

> Prove it then

You're on a sub devoted to 'white people' talking about a movie about slaves getting revenge against their southern masters.

Black people in the 80s were tired of this stuff back then.

> sementing

I normally ignore typos but how do you fuck up spelling cementing? If english isn't your native tongue, I'd understand.


midnight_reborn t1_j1rpuli wrote

Why do people still pay any attention to Kanye? He's old news. Irrelevant. Washed up. I only clicked on this post because it mentioned Quentin Tarantino. Otherwise... Kanye Who?


SpambotSwatter t1_j1rrtzr wrote

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plomautus t1_j1rzky4 wrote

>You're on a sub devoted to 'white people' talking about a movie about slaves getting revenge against their southern masters.

Weird didnt know r/videos was devoted to white people talking about slave revenge movies.

>I normally ignore typos but how do you fuck up spelling cementing? If english isn't your native tongue, I'd understand.

Cement kirjoitetaa suomeksi "sementti" joten meni ajattelematta sen enempää suomi ja englanti sekaisin koska c ja s kuulostaa pehmeänä lausuttuna melko samalta. Luulis kuitenki asiayhteydestä ymmärtänvän mitä tuolla tarkoitettiin.


lekoman t1_j1s71hc wrote

Kanye is a textbook narcissist (and that's not just me throwing around that word without knowing what it means because it's the internet and it's trendy to call people narcissists). He literally thinks all good ideas must've been his idea.


cuteater t1_j1spjek wrote

Quentin Tarantino was my idea.


hippyengineer t1_j1svrzx wrote

All right, let me ask you this. Tell me if this is creative: when I was five, I imagined that there was such a thing as a unicorn. And this is before I had even... heard of one or seen one. I just drew a picture of a horse that could fly over rainbows and had a huge spike in its head. I was five. Five years old! Couldn't even talk yet!