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SirShartington t1_j2a49hw wrote

"He was only shot in the back four times, it's totally fine"


fish_slap_republic t1_j2byimv wrote

Unfortunately gun fights aren't clean cut, mortally wounding someone doesn't stop them from taking others with them before they pass out and die. Plenty of people have been shot multiple times and still able to fire their weapon and kill others before they die.

What happened was tragic but not an example of gross police misconduct, there are plenty of examples of terrible police misconduct no need to argue over


Dynazty OP t1_j2a57bq wrote

Yea that point was a little odd to me as well. But if that is your only take away, then you have some pretty bad blinders on.


SirShartington t1_j2a5fuj wrote

The language being used put me off, and at that point I thought if I really wanted to learn more about this, I'd go somewhere reputable, not some cunt on youtube.