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Gary_Vigoda t1_j3gt5os wrote

They sort of hurt my ears but good on them for having fun. This scene is a lot more wholesome than people think.


IUTBB t1_j3jj4xb wrote

Sheesh nothing but hate in the comments, they're young and trying things out let them live!


LelixA t1_j3h22dd wrote

hello claustrophobia


calimeatwagon t1_j3gsqvo wrote

Are these they guys that got the BART shut down?


aardvarkbiscuit t1_j3g176q wrote

Hearing that would make me seek out the carriage with the big stinky pooh


Suausjfjd t1_j3h7sz6 wrote

punk shit show


klavin1 t1_j3i7yhd wrote

nah. punk shows can be a whole lotta fun


Suausjfjd t1_j3ifqvm wrote

I like punk. I don't like shit though. They suck


virgilvandijkcheese t1_j3hdm8t wrote

a bunch of spoiled kids playing dress up who have never heard of a human crush. punk has never been more dead.


Vetissimus t1_j3hqmuw wrote

It feels forced - absent of any true emotion…

But they have youth on their side and are exploring musical expression and that I can applaud.


A7MOSPH3RIC t1_j3i7z0u wrote

"absent of true emotion"

Yeah, there is no emotion in punk. /sarcasm


Vetissimus t1_j3id1nv wrote

“It feels forced - absent of true emotion”

Your attempt at partially quoting me and then misinterpreting what I said is frustrating… obviously I never said punk itself was absent of true emotion >:/

Were you in the band?


A7MOSPH3RIC t1_j3ijh48 wrote

Ok, you are not speaking of the music. What then is "absent of true emotion" to you then?

Perhaps you can swallow a little bit of that pride and admit you made a judgement statement which may not be founded.

No I'm not in the band.


Vetissimus t1_j3ik6af wrote

The word “feels” is in my original statement. You should swallow your attempts at debate.


A7MOSPH3RIC t1_j3je59f wrote

What *feels* "absent of true emotion?"


Vetissimus t1_j3qsxgm wrote



A7MOSPH3RIC t1_j3rpyr8 wrote

No, I certainly feel emotions that are true and so do you. We all do. For example, You are clearly bothered by me asking you to explain what in particular you felt was so lacking in true emotion. It's clear you can't articulate this and perhaps you even know that you were being judgemental and just threw out a criticism that might not be true without thinking about it too much. The interesting thing, to me, is that it is your "true emotion" that prevents you from saying something to the affect of: "on further reflection there are true emotions going on here."

Of course these young people are experiencing true emotions. They are clearly feeling this experience. They're doing something daring; risky even. They're having fun. They're making music and having experiences. The music itself is very emotional. The singer is literally screaming into the microphone with anguished energy. Whatever you feel about this music or this act of taking over a metro train, the one thing that is clear is that these people and this music are full of emotions.


virgilvandijkcheese t1_j3hxbll wrote

young people seem to think being contemptuous combined with certain consumer choices makes them part of the resistance. listening to punk music is apolitical, punk rockers just want attention from their parents or teachers or whatever. being mad at the government or authority is easy. growing the fuck up and figuring out how to make the world better is the hard part. crowding a train is not rebellion it's a nuisance.


Vetissimus t1_j3i3cdl wrote

Your reaction to them gives credibility as to what they are doing is indeed “punk”… punk requires your exact response (and many more like yours) in order to be validated.


virgilvandijkcheese t1_j3ib56a wrote

oh shit I never realized it's just trolling. thank you for opening my eyes. I will stop feeding the troll.


TRDeadbeat t1_j3hi345 wrote

LOL you're old, and it shows


A7MOSPH3RIC t1_j3i7m7s wrote

Nothing wrong with being old. A lot of good people grow old. Maybe you will too someday.

I think what you dislike about this person's comment may be articulated better. May you grow and learn how to construct those thoughts.


TRDeadbeat t1_j3ih7b7 wrote

I'm already old, and I never said I disliked the comment. Just that it shows that the OC is old.

Nice cape though. Glad you're here to protect us seniors.


Gandalftron t1_j3je2o9 wrote

As a person getting old, your comment is shit. Getting old fucking sucks.