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syzbo t1_j6loams wrote

Dave really did hit that drum kit HARD.


berrey7 t1_j6na35h wrote

Unfortunately losing his hearing from it.


myfuntimes t1_j6ljq14 wrote

THE song of my youth. I never enjoyed moshing around like that.


baconperogies t1_j6lutng wrote

I guarantee you had a mosh pit for one in front of MTV at least once in your youth if you grew up with this song.


myfuntimes t1_j6lwzb1 wrote

Yeah, me, Eric, Nies, and Jenny McCarthy at the MTV beach house. 😊

I actually never went to a Nirvana concert. In hindsight, I wish I did.


Maple-Whiskey t1_j6lmkn2 wrote

I want to go back and be able to listen to this album for the first time again.

Having Smells Like Teen Spirit fade, and then being blasted with In Bloom was an incredible feeling


Gary_Vigoda t1_j6m530v wrote

Saw them right before they recorded Nevermind. There was less than 50 people there. When this song came out, it was everywhere and I didn't believe it was the same band.


[deleted] t1_j6m8za4 wrote



thewildcardbb1 t1_j6o8350 wrote

I heard he faded away only to return one time on a queens of the stone age song. You know the one.