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Pepepopowa t1_ja7t6iw wrote

Financial media is trash.


Wander21 t1_ja8or6i wrote

People behind this definitely swithed to shorts


talonrequiresskill t1_ja7kwxc wrote

Literally no one and nothing except God himself can truly predict the market


XNoob_SmokeX t1_ja7ykkt wrote

It might sound stupid but I do coin flips to determine whether I buy a stock and how much I go in on it.

If I keep getting heads in a row I take it as a sign from God/the universe and go in harder.


sielingfan t1_ja830x1 wrote

What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss?


XNoob_SmokeX t1_ja8sji8 wrote

Nothing yet. But you have to understand. I paper hand. I have hands made of toilet paper. I paper handed FSR this morning and took $120 gains.


Aramis9696 t1_ja8nxnn wrote

Probably more sane than spending 10 hours a day staring at charts and still not doing any trade with full confidence.


DAWMiller t1_ja8y8j2 wrote

"I kept crawling and it just kept working" - Jerry Smith


Qzy t1_ja7ytsu wrote

God? That's the guy that gives kids cancer right?


outofobscure t1_ja7lb16 wrote

so, have you asked this god guy? come on, share his picks!


Helmer-Bryd t1_ja8mdll wrote

What god? Be more specific, there are more than 2000 gods humans believe in right now. Do you believe in one of them? I don’t


Low-Environment6530 t1_jaakpfq wrote

2000? Where did you get this number? That‘s about one god per 4 Mio. people = fairly too much 😜


Helmer-Bryd t1_jabngct wrote

Actually 2500 gods

Anthropologists estimate that at least 18,000 different gods, goddesses, and various animals or objects have been worshipped by humans since our species first appeared.

So who is right?

You know it’s all depending on where you are born. That’s it. Where you end up with for parents, relatives, teachers, neighbours. That’s it.


Low-Environment6530 t1_jabzwt0 wrote

2500, good. And each, of course, is the only true. 2500 times. Rarely laughed so much, thank you!


Helmer-Bryd t1_jac2wkb wrote

I don’t believe in one of them.

Religious people don’t believe in 2 499 gods. I don’t believe in 2 500 gods


Chabubu t1_ja8erfn wrote

God can’t predict, he just does the opposite of whatever WSB agrees on.


peeparty69 t1_ja8mb9d wrote

yep. All you can really recommend right now is being very careful with short term trades, but for long term/retirement accounts, you should absolutely be putting some cash in at this point if you have any that you don’t need


banzomaikaka t1_ja8z9ck wrote

God cant predict the market, otherwise hed be a trillionaire


BootBarnExec t1_ja91n6u wrote

News flash, god has nothing to do with the stock market.


WillPowerXXX t1_ja9olty wrote

Thank the Lord God made the Devil … god is good all the time!!!


limlwl t1_ja84m9y wrote

When news and banks saying bear market and time to sell.

It’s time to BUY


AbbreviationsOk6721 t1_ja88f59 wrote

The other day this page said tsla dropping 20%🤣


joyful- t1_ja9d3li wrote

MS is pretty much the only bank that's been consistently sounding the alarm since end of 2021, they were pretty on the mark with their calls

They called technical bounces pretty well too, called out both the bounce back in October and this year as well

Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future results, etc


breakyourteethnow t1_jaalwxe wrote

They were one of two to correctly predict CPI numbers iirc, everyone else gave much more bullish numbers. Idk why ppl say inverse MS when they've been one of the only one's to call the shots right this past year.


Charlierg50 t1_jab9j18 wrote

I'm new to this, so I hope you are correct!! 💯😹


rickert1337 t1_ja7oigs wrote

Sounds to me like someone is ballsdeep in puts and now crying


maceman10006 t1_ja849up wrote

Morgan Stanley definitely cares about your financial future. Listen to everything they say. Liquidate all assets into cash and head to the mountains with every can of baked beans at your local Walmart.


RevolutionaryEnd5293 t1_jaapxw7 wrote

It would be nice to hear the counter bull thesis to support the theory that the majority of companies are undervalued as compared to current and future earnings. Yet instead, you shoot the messenger. I'm pretty sure MS has little to gain by warning people that this may be a bull trap, except maybe some credibility. A rare thing on Wall Street.


Invest0rnoob1 t1_ja7t0ul wrote

People believe investment advice in the media and post it unironically. 😂


jr1tn t1_ja7k839 wrote

Perma bear MS


rylar t1_ja7k42o wrote

The people that profit off of rube retail investors write these articles


computerlad69 t1_ja7lh9n wrote

'No one can predict the market' until someone does, then bulls are all like img


[deleted] t1_ja7uylj wrote

i HATEEE journalism so much.


hotmyth11 t1_ja7lz18 wrote

The MS strategist has been pretty accurate lately. The only reasonable counterpoint to the bears has been that sentiment is already too negative, who’s left to sell?


vacityrocker t1_ja9a7fr wrote

I like investing dot com - but their article writers are just as stupid as all the rest - just think what will 'they' do when the warehouse is full and you'll know why articles say buy or sell


EEazy89 t1_ja85hm6 wrote

I agree but when is the real question. Before or after fed meeting.


kelvinduongwa t1_ja8dj4i wrote

since they said this then the probability for it to come true is less than not saying it.


12A1313IT t1_ja8nb49 wrote

When WSB and agree, it's time to inverse


masstransience t1_ja8wd44 wrote

I said March, but I didn’t say of which year!!!! img


Fukitol_shareholder t1_ja91khq wrote

When media are putting puts on the market or gaining positions for future bull rally


SatanSavesAll t1_ja91rpd wrote

Good thing we have these accurate sources to help retail get rich


captiancb t1_ja97puw wrote

Nobody knows what the market is going to do so YOLO your account into out of the money options that are going to expire at the end of the week get rich or go broke trying


Jaded_Tackle724 t1_ja99xbd wrote

Are you the last one to say bear . All in we go


CrypTom20 t1_ja9r906 wrote

Inverse bank re inverse cramer inversed by kathie...


Zwoxlol t1_ja9ui9e wrote

We will run to 4300-4400 in march and crash early to mid Q3


Mages17 t1_ja9uvyk wrote

Yeah sure