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HenryGoodbar t1_jadsmu0 wrote

And when the Sheriff puts out a warrant for ya it’ll lock the doors drive you straight to the station.


DangerStranger138 t1_jaeh302 wrote

Sheriff's will start putting out warrants only on Friday nights hoping to catch then en route to home from the bar reeking of alcohol for extra charges


HenryGoodbar t1_jaehw28 wrote

Nice. Now I’m thinkin the software will monitor the occupants live for criminal violations while operating the vehicle.


Im_A_MechanicalMan t1_jadr8db wrote

Makes me want to just keep older cars, the more intrusive the tech becomes.


lost_in_life_34 t1_jadx7mx wrote

would you be happier if a guy in a tow truck and with a gun take your car in the middle of the night?


MrGameRat t1_jaebjfl wrote

I would. But probably only because where I live if I were to default on my car loan the repo order would likely go to either my uncle or my cousin who both own repo companies. So in the event that all holds true, pretty sure I'd just get a phone call "bro pay your shit"


lost_in_life_34 t1_jaebzx6 wrote

in NYC this guy tried to repo a cop's car and they arrested him and seized his cameras he had in his truck and help his truck for months and he couldn't work


DangerStranger138 t1_jaehd3r wrote

Guess Mister tow trucker driver noob doesn't know the arsenal retrofitting potential a van down by the river is capable of


AmbitiousBasket0 t1_jadt100 wrote

nah. calls are the play. best case scenario is they have patents at such a level that other companies cannot replicate the functional aspects of that software without encroaching on F's patents. All automakers & dealerships will want this function, so they'll license F to supply it. Will reduce manufacturing costs by reclaiming delinquent payee's vehicles and reselling/repurposing them. Imagine how psyched a dealership would be to sell the same car three or four times just by pressing the "return home" button.


Mountainman220 OP t1_jadxo2a wrote

Who tf is guna wana buy a car from them then?


Meat__Head t1_jae32p9 wrote

The average person isn't so regarded that they go into a vehicle purchase with the intention that it gets repossessed. It takes a special kind of regard to do that. Calls it is


Mountainman220 OP t1_jae3tvz wrote

Lots of regards out there so yea you’re prolly onto something but the real technique is inverting this sub and everyone’s saying calls…


Meat__Head t1_jae4k9a wrote

I think Ford trades with such little price movement, that neither calls nor puts are likely to print. They are probably more of a stock to actually buy shares as opposed to options if someone is long on them.


Mountainman220 OP t1_jae5cuf wrote

Yea just checked it out. They seem to be in a steady decline but yea daily volatility doesn’t seem like much. Certainly way more puts than calls currently


ethanhopps t1_jaetvcu wrote

Everyone forgets the Divy, boomers eat that shit up for the like 5% yield dividend, that's why it looks like it never goes anywhere


Mountainman220 OP t1_jaevfqf wrote

Ah yea forgot it’s a dividend stock. I guess I’m in that generalization cuz I invest in dividend paying stocks in my Roth haha.


AmbitiousBasket0 t1_jadyv7x wrote

The same people that are buying them now.


samjo_89 t1_jae10mk wrote

People who don't foresee themselves going through a car repossession.


Minimum_Finish_5436 t1_jae60ql wrote

Any self driving car, theoretically, can do this.

Never buy a self driving car.


Otherwise-Arm3245 t1_jaep9y3 wrote

Cars will be subscription based soon, you wont own them. You will just pay a monthly fee. Lifestyle/ career choices are going to destroy the lower and middle class.


FullCopy t1_jadtjsf wrote

I’d be just as concerned with a Ford flying away.


Harvick4tw t1_jaeciz1 wrote

Will it drive itself to the repair shop too?


BreakfastOnTheRiver t1_jae7vlr wrote

LMAO if it can get out of the driveway!!!


Mountainman220 OP t1_jae8ma9 wrote

Yea I just remembered they had a whole issue with their transmissions not parking so cars were just rolling all over the place after being parked. Wild times. I’m


The_Fake_King t1_jaely4i wrote

There's a racist joke out there somewhere about a black man's father leaving in a self repossessing car, but it's not for me to make.


FATKEDLUVSCAKE t1_jaeuzw1 wrote

I called this exact scenario and more years ago. Been preaching it for years now. Next cars will process your thought crimes watch!


bradadams5000 t1_jadrvja wrote

I don't believe a patent is needed. All of these software features can be incorporated into any automobile. I don't see that a patent is even needed.


jlex_421 t1_jae8y17 wrote

Reselling the same vehicle without any additional overhead?! Bbbbbullish!


HomelessKodiak t1_jaet2ta wrote

So what happens when someone's car get's bricked in a life threatening situation and they die as a result???


Runs_towards_fire t1_jaexxtc wrote

If it’s like every other feature on a ford, it’ll randomly stop working and then randomly start working again without any reason.


BullBearAlliance t1_jaeyzgb wrote

You shouldn’t be able to patent something obvious like that


jr1tn t1_jads3qn wrote

The post makes no sense