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BillazeitfaGates t1_ja8ppdd wrote

sales still down 22.4% from 2022


CalyShadezz t1_ja8tva7 wrote

Also it is peak buying season. These posts are so fucking dumb, everyone just expects a crash to go straight down.


Hascus t1_jaa6q09 wrote

It is not peak buying season moron it’s not even spring


Eco_guru t1_jab9mnk wrote

You’re fucking dumb if you think January and February is peak buying season lmao


Ragefan66 t1_jabi9u9 wrote

He just wanted to act confident while having no idea what he's talking about.


True Redditor energy.


victoryboii t1_jab11kj wrote

Peak buying season checks month ahh yes the notorious February craze


Ragefan66 t1_jabi5vi wrote

I love how this idiot confidently says that JAN is peak buying season and another guy comes in with proof showing that it's literally the lowest fucking volume month every single year for home purchases lmao.


Absolute peak Reddit moment.


neldalover1987 t1_jacisuw wrote

You can tell they are an expert on the subject by how confident they are


_aliased t1_ja9guzc wrote

nah just the rebubble boys expecting a crash


neldalover1987 t1_jacimb4 wrote

Peak buying season in February? Nah. Peak buying season is summer time.