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With Microsoft investing $10 billion into open ai to give bing a chat bot (similar to chat gpt 3) and Google’s equivalent flopping.

Will bing begin a new era?

According to Microsoft bing is 140% quicker and more efficient using 2.9GB of RAM compared to Google’s 3.1GB of RAM at 60 tabs open (weather Microsoft exaggerated this data by using optimal situations I don’t know. But is proven correct to an extent)

If you can’t live without your chrome extensions you can add them to bing as well. And it is not hard to transfer your bookmarks

So what is stoping bing dominating search? I’m going to guess that people don’t like changing or trust Google more.



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_foldLeft t1_j9wazme wrote

Bing is a search engine. Chrome is a browser.
YOU are a fucking idiot.


blizg t1_j9xbnw6 wrote

He also said something about the Weather?


Chabubu t1_j9yzoty wrote

OP’s boss already replaced him with ChatGPT.


RemmingtonBlack t1_ja04v70 wrote

OK thank you sir.... I thought I was just the guy that wasn't up on something new...

Didn't even notice what sub I was on, thought maybe I was reading some IT sub and I missed a tech update...

..... but alas, this is WSB (should've known)....


Eqder1 t1_j9vzz3l wrote

My company defaults to bing as the search engine and it literally gives me a panic attack when I search in bing.


Gabers49 t1_j9zl0xh wrote

Have you tried Bing for work though? That shit is amazing if you use office 365 or whatever they call it now.


intelpentium400 t1_j9vzp83 wrote

Are you referring to Microsoft Edge when you’re talking about RAM usage? Bing is the search engine, Edge is the browser. Regardless, just because your product has better AI chat and uses less RAM doesn’t make your search engine better. What you see on the first page of your search results is an important factor. Google being able to provide Google Maps and reviews when you search for an address/business is a big factor for many.


CreepingFog t1_j9xshun wrote

Google search been giving some shit results lately, it’s all just clickbait articles not giving you the info you looking for


Arlo1515 OP t1_j9vzzkf wrote

From my experience with both engines I think edge/bing is better as it gives better answers and more of the time


wo1f-cola t1_j9w4x0v wrote

Google’s dominance in search started a long time ago with Page Rank. They basically crawled the web and promoted web pages that were linked more in other pages.

That was 20+ years ago. Now most Google services use a knowledge graph to respond to queries. Google doesn’t want to get better at suggesting web pages to users. They want to answer queries directly. They want to know EVERYTHING, and they’re doing a fantastic job of that.

I don’t think any company can disrupt Google and their ambitions. They’ve been collecting data for too long, from too many sources for anyone to catch up. They didn’t just luck their way into that situation. They got where they are by being patient and planing and developing technologies for the future.


Arlo1515 OP t1_j9zcyx2 wrote

Over the last 3 years they have been losing market share and Microsoft gaining


wo1f-cola t1_j9zk56b wrote


Google may have dropped from 88% to 84% on desktops, and most of that was gained by Bing, but Bing hasn’t cracked 1% of the much bigger pie that is mobile.


hertzwinapu t1_j9we69j wrote

Google search is trash and has been for a decade. Satya overplayed his hand with his crappy chatbot but anything that forces Google to change even a little bit is a huge win for the internet.


VisualMod t1_j9vyhiy wrote

>There are several reasons why Bing has not been able to dominate the search engine market despite being faster and more efficient than Google. Firstly, people are creatures of habit and tend to stick with what they know, even if there is a better option available. Secondly, Google has a much larger user base due to its earlier entry into the market, which gives it a network effect advantage. Finally, many people perceive Google as being more trustworthy than Microsoft/Bing due to its long history of providing accurate results.


No-Equal-2690 t1_j9x2qkz wrote

Bing is a horrible name with no value, no one will say “bing it”! Bing is one sharp and annoying syllable while google is two goofy fun syllables.


k1215un t1_j9w2gzg wrote

Many install chrome on their windows PC but I doubt many install bing on their android devices.


kkyu99 t1_j9x1vld wrote

i mean, edge is chromium so it's kind of preinstalled


tarix76 t1_j9xaz2u wrote

I'm the guy who has both Google and Bing installed on my iPhone. 🙌


gangix t1_j9w71xn wrote

Do your mean Edge vs Chrome or Bing vs Google? Because Bing vs Chrome doesn't make sense. In corporate Bing is being forced upon people but I doubt Microsoft can force it in Android. Microsoft's best bet is to outbid google in Apple ecosystem.


Unknownirish t1_j9wbwac wrote

Bing will not take an overwhelming amount of market share in search, IMO. Why, IMO? Because the future hasn't happened yet.

I personally believe Microsoft is milking this who OpenAI for every dollar they can get in the short term. But in the long term, you know that future that hasn't happened yet, degenerate, other companies (I'll say Google because what else is there, fool?) Google will develop their own AI software. They will build up their search engine and adapt it with search.

Who knows also? Perhaps Apple will finally release their own search engine for their iOS degenerates that buys the same phone every year with a slightly better camera and a different number at the end of it.

Who knows?


g1ucose t1_ja1kptg wrote

>Google will develop their own AI software

Have you been living under a rock?


No_Low_2541 t1_j9wow16 wrote

i don’t mind Bing but the chrome - Google integration is too nice ..


LoZioSodaz t1_j9xjkqj wrote

I really don't want to be banned...

It's been 2 weeks since I upgraded to Windows 11 and i'm since using Edge + Bing. I'm sincerely surprised about how much I like It. I don't think i'll be going back to Chrome soon


RemmingtonBlack t1_ja67e71 wrote

lol.... edge is chromium (which begat chrome)...

you guys are fuckin funny...

in other news... this whole post is dimwitted, other than the highest upvoted comment... you dipshits realize you can use bing OR google search on: firefox, chrome, chromium, edge, opera, brave, safari, etc????? All the opposing arguments sound like people have never been on the internet/computer before...

....and then from this, comes the financial advice... (jeez)


LoZioSodaz t1_ja69h7z wrote

Of course Is basic knowledge you can use the search engine in every browser... I'm just saying that lately i prefer using bing as a search engine and Edge as a browser than before when i was using Chrome and Google search.

>lol.... edge is chromium (which begat chrome)...

I don't know what you mean here.

Ther's a motivation why if you access Google from Edge It asks you to set It as the favorite search page, Bing does the same: the added revenue generated from searches Is important for the respective companies. If tomorrow 60% of Google search users would pass to bing, next quarter results of Google wouldn't be that good. So it has financial interest and it's alright to talk about how users are changing perspective on companies and tools.


RemmingtonBlack t1_ja6he7r wrote

>Of course Is basic knowledge you can use the search engine in every browser

...with that in mind, read the rest of the comments on here...





(that was tech talk, forgive me for that... nothing 'business' related there, just a funny irony)


NRA-4-EVER t1_j9wd6sq wrote

If you want people to change to bing they need a better marketing plan to convince people they are better. That's how Pepsi briefly moved past coke back in the 80s.

Also, if they could find a way ($$$) to get to be the default search on Samsung or apple phones they could do it.


dbsoundguy t1_j9xibo2 wrote

The bing search AI is in beta so most people have not seen what AI powered search looks like. When you see it you will understand that the world is now different. It’s not a stoopid chat box. It’s search results like you’ve never seen before


Nagi-- t1_j9xtynh wrote

Too much analysis. So calls or puts?


Soft_Video_9128 t1_j9y1254 wrote

You are bringing this up due to chatGPT. That thing is still a little error prone, but it’s huge potential is unmistakable. That is why so much attention is on it. Obviously chatGPT will keep getting better with time. With integration in to Bing, if the search result is numerous times better with chatGPT, there will be endless chatter about it on social media and people will switch to using Bing. Think about it, if it takes me 10 mins to click through a bunch of links on Google to figure something out and it takes me 2 mins for me to read what Bing’s chatGPT has figured out for me, ain’t no way will I keep using google.


hapwheeiness t1_ja0axhp wrote

If a search takes you 10 mins, I have bad news for you....


Soft_Video_9128 t1_ja0djx5 wrote

You have NEVER spent 10 mins+ looking something up you don’t understand where there isn’t an obvious answer? Like you are saying every single google search you do, you figure out your answer in a couple of mins?


hapwheeiness t1_ja0mji2 wrote

Yep. A couple of minutes is more than enough.
If the user doesn't understand something, the user is regarded, and/or reading in a non-native language.

If there isn't an obvious answer, it's because there is no answer/it's something no one can ever claim to understand (stuff like: what is the meaning of life, what is happiness).

A quick google search on the level of questions.

>Level 1: Summary / Definition / Fact Questions.
>Level 2: Analysis / Interpretation Questions.
>Level 3: Hypothesis / Prediction Questions.
>Level 4: Critical Analysis / Evaluation / Opinion Questions.

1-3 are obvious. I can get the answer in 2 minutes.

4 is not, and it isn't something a search engine or chatbot can help you with. The nature of these are questions is such that your ancestors, you, and your progeny can dedicate your lifetimes to and still not get the answer.


zenn103 t1_j9y2waw wrote

I’m not sure what you mean, you mean Edge vs Chrome and Bing vs Google Search? They will gain more market share in both areas, but will not beat Chrome or Search. It will hurt Google severely.


darkspd96 t1_j9ykx42 wrote

Where's the ticker? What's the strike?


ReallyGottaTakeAPiss t1_ja0dcea wrote

Common folk don’t give a fuck about system performance when they’re googling a instructions on how to cook chicken breast in an air fryer.

Additionally, no one is using AI to find instructions on how to cook chicken breast in an air fryer.


dbsoundguy t1_j9xh3gj wrote

Don’t underestimate an ai powered search engine. I’ve seen the bing ai in action and google is now obsolete. It’s a game changer. I am definitely NOT a Microsoft fanboy


ThreeWetCarrots t1_j9y3i4c wrote

Bing fucking sucks. Microsoft seriously pays people to use it and they still choose to use google instead


grimkhor t1_j9y3x0n wrote

I changed browsers in the past and a big reason is because they started to suk. If search doesn't fulfill my needs and something else does I will switch. Currently my needs for search are 100% fulfilled by google so there's no reason to switch. I don't think AI will change classic search too much. I think they will take some market share as Edge is often already mandatory in cooperate and that might widen now. It's not a major game changer like many think for search but it can be game changer as a standalone development like direct windows integration.