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suicide_walter t1_jdkr2tz wrote

God damn, she captured all of the crash and none of the rebound. Say what you will but that’s pretty hard to do


Munk45 t1_jdn2yzu wrote

Buy high, sell low is the WSB religion


tommys206 t1_jdnclfe wrote

I’ve basically done that too, and nobody is giving me any credit!


TheSpiderEpisode t1_jdkw1jn wrote

“Don’t confuse brains with a bull market.”


solovino__ t1_jdn15kv wrote

I remember one of my friends really argued Cathie > Buffet in February 2021. He was so convinced this time it was different. All I told him was “read about the dot com bubble” but nothing would get through to him.

Til this day I make sure he hasn’t forgotten why Buffett is daddy.


JamesJokee t1_jdkqnpp wrote

5 years mate


CranberryReign t1_jdkrqbg wrote

Short-term thinkers are baffled by long-term thinkers.


imunfair t1_jdm75kg wrote

> Short-term thinkers are baffled by long-term thinkers.

Some people are just able to see through the claim that her fund will quadruple without needing 5 years of being a gullible sucker to actually elapse first.


No_Aioli_1547 t1_jdkv9us wrote

If she had it her way inflation would 10x her portfolio in 5 years


ticapnews t1_jdkw90d wrote

Imagine if Cathie got together with Jim Cramer...


xx-BrokenRice-xx t1_jdm1k0d wrote

Man they gonna have some real ugly kids…..


xedj t1_jdm2v6h wrote

And some real poor ones too


Mundus6 t1_jdmfuir wrote

TBF Cathy is losing other peoples money. Her fees are probably trough the roof. And Jim Cramer are basically paid by insiders so they can dump on retailers heads.


StoryAndAHalf t1_jdn6j51 wrote

The black sheep of the family would spawn a new Vanderbilt-like dynasty though.


2WorksForYou t1_jdmpxuc wrote

Inverse wood etf?


FuturePerformance t1_jdl7b0v wrote

Easier to quadruple when the price is at $37, she’s just setting herself up for success


TakeDownBanks t1_jdks7ey wrote

Cathie is like .. if Jesus had a sister.


ChampagneWastedPanda t1_jdl0ewa wrote

She is extremely religious and prays for stock advice. It’s why the funds are called Ark. Ark of the Covenant


OmNamahShivaya t1_jdlz4m2 wrote

I thought you were joking for a second, so I looked it up. Holy shit....

" The company is named after the Ark of the Covenant; Wood was reading the One-Year Bible at the time. ARK's first four ETFs were seeded with capital from Bill Hwang of Archegos Capital. Wood was named the best stock picker of 2020 by Bloomberg News editor-in-chief emeritus Matthew A. Winkler. "

Bill fucking Hwang LOL


imunfair t1_jdm6qy7 wrote

> Bill fucking Hwang LOL

Yep, it's interesting that her ARK funds started doing poorly right after his artificial stock squeeze strategy imploded his hedge fund. Makes you wonder.


megalon43 t1_jdtza9c wrote

I like that Bill Hwang massively imploded in the midst of a bull market though.


yldf t1_jdlll8p wrote

Well, Jesus rose from the dead once for a very brief period of time, then people are still waiting for his return for over 2000 years.


VisualMod t1_jdkqjbt wrote

I do not have a strong opinion on this matter, but from what I can see, it seems like the Ark fund is doing quite well.


2leftgloves t1_jdm597j wrote

What Cathie is to tech stocks, Peter Schiff is to gold.


yardsaleyolo t1_jdkwvcx wrote

Fund is actually set up pretty well right now for rate cuts


yldf t1_jdllo5p wrote

It isn’t hard to build a portfolio that will do well on rate cuts. You don’t have to fund her a private jet for that.


cletus_ t1_jdlwahe wrote

Cramer’s sister


MrDinkh125 t1_jdlxzy8 wrote

Coinbase and BTC are about to 🚀


MrDinkh125 t1_je2xlxf wrote

Edit: I sold all my positions a few days ago and bought LAC. I gained more than 60% and sold half my LAC.


Majestic_Salad_I1 t1_jdm5xgf wrote

Chill bro she said 5 years and it’s been 1. There’s still 4 more years, 2 of which will be a recession and the next 6 will be climbing out of that hole.


DifferentMacaroon922 t1_jdmcdmp wrote

Gonna need a 10x in next 4 years ro be on schedule. Even if it does manage that, the volatility in this portfolios is atrocious


braiinfried t1_jdnqcau wrote

none of these fund managers actually have any fucking clue what they are doing, shit they probably cant even read a basic macd chart. But I'm not sure fundamentals even matter anymore when we just print money and do shady bank to bank deals to change prices. I trust Eggon more than I trust a fund manager.


Wedgtable t1_jdlle5t wrote

Bet her $SQ position is hurting right now


Unknownirish t1_jdltmpb wrote

Yet we are told to fear and hate SBF but this bitch and Ross Gerber are free to scam people smh


ZeroTolerrance t1_jdoefht wrote

To be fair she is completely transparent with the holdings of her fund, it's your choice to buy in


Unknownirish t1_jdoeviq wrote

I don't understand that. I mean I understand the message she is sending to her fellow "colleagues" but at the end of the day she ought to advocating financial literacy than outright being poor and relaying on a wage smh

Edit wrong comment. I need get off Reddit.


indigoreality t1_jdm2b3o wrote

This picture says in 5 years. That was 2 years ago. Wait 3 more years.


2WorksForYou t1_jdmpuo5 wrote

Why not sell at the beginning of the fed tightening, save 2 billion, and re purchase the same stock for 90 savings?


ldmonko t1_jdmw6jr wrote

Mine and her portfolio looks pretty same. I should get her kind of fees too!!


Munk45 t1_jdn2vbp wrote

No, we really really mean it this time.


Cab000se t1_jdn4hfg wrote

They have harvested billions in tax loss to offset future bull run if it comes.


Middletobest t1_jdn4t58 wrote

Cathie leave the irons at home Woods


Moralpizza t1_jdn7wng wrote

Draft Kings, Roku, and Skillz all innovative tech 🫡🤣🫡🤣


blahyaddayadda24 t1_jdn8095 wrote

Tbh if we have a stupid one last rally to end all rallies this ETF will be money.


RealMcGonzo t1_jdndhv8 wrote

She should team up with Cramer.


S_Teeny t1_jdng93v wrote

I'm 100% confident mama Woods is in this sub and one of the biggest regards and degen here


MudInternational5938 t1_jdntvhp wrote

I don't think Arks ever made money total BS to call this chick a financial anything she's a Muppet


hdn3007 t1_jdnuzq3 wrote

she has no choice but buy buy and buy.


Extreme_Fee_503 t1_jdo2jkk wrote

Cathie Wood fucking sucks at trading. She managed to win for a while because it was the perfect market for taking extremely risky bets on shit companies that will never turn a profit but those days are over and her days of being a fund manager might not be far behind at this rate.


fretit t1_jdoud4t wrote

ARKK, just another Covid bubble.


vacityrocker t1_jdpat80 wrote

Ditty chick's are hot... sometimes


dead_in_the_sand t1_jdq5hpp wrote

you do understand that the arkk stock chart is merely an indicator if investor confidence than anything else.. right?


Other-Bumblebee2769 t1_jdrjcho wrote

She was a bull market genius lol

On that note... how do I start a fund...I want to lose billions while personally enriching myself?


locoturco t1_jdwcpv6 wrote

Someday Cathie will be most succesful investor.If she can remain alive 10 years more or so.