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memestockwatchlist t1_jdjsqc3 wrote

Selling puts for all of the downside but none of the upside, welcome home brother


sylphvanas OP t1_jdjt4oi wrote

25% ROI in 1 week is no upside? img


literallynegative t1_jdjvxhc wrote

Inb4 100% gone in a day.


sylphvanas OP t1_jdk0xoa wrote

Only way that happens is if the stonk goes to 0


bittabet t1_jdkm0v4 wrote

Or it delists and you can’t assign especially in an IRA since even brokers that allow shorting for assignment need you to post collateral. Look at how screwed the signature bank put holders were 😂


Albert0824 t1_jdoc39g wrote

You realize OP sold puts? He’d have shares assigned if they ended up in the money. All IRA’s I know of only allow CSEPs not naked puts. So basically if it delist and Long put holders can’t short this guy keeps all premium…unless he gets the short end of the stick and someone who actually owns shares uses their put.


brad9991 t1_jdkbo6k wrote

I bought the initial dip and sold on the bounce for 60% in 24 hours. Sit down kid


wadafruck t1_jdjtqlz wrote

You seem like a complete idiot....

Because im all in FRC and im a complete idiot ahhahaha


sylphvanas OP t1_jdjx2tn wrote

Lol I made 2k on 2DTE puts I sold this Wednesday. What could go wrong? img


HomosapianDaGreekGod t1_jdk0b9e wrote

all fun till she rockets lmao


v4luble t1_jdkc0wp wrote

When I saw robinhood I knew this was gonna be brilliant.


CrowdGoesWildWoooo t1_jdks1qu wrote

I think it is safer depositing money in FRC than managed by you


VisualMod t1_jdjl6gu wrote

I do not recommend buying or selling any options on FRC. The market is currently overvalued and I believe it will correct itself in the near future.


BuyLowThenSellLower t1_jdkpttl wrote

Overvalued to buy, then sell Overvalued to sell, then buy Simple as that, can't be Overvalued both ways...


brad9991 t1_jdkbhhv wrote

Is this a Robinhood IRA? You belong here


galapin69 t1_jdlz0os wrote

Good play bro trust me


shortputz t1_jdkcwn3 wrote

I’d agree that IV is juicy.. 💦


Stack_Johnson t1_jdnsvlr wrote

“All in” and “YOLO” and you’re showing me covered calls? Boo this cuck


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HT32 t1_jdjubzg wrote

Stop using Robinhood!


Niceiceniceice t1_jdk1ayq wrote

Robinhood is dog but as a wealthsimple degen i do wish i had that awesome looking colour scheme


MammothLover21 t1_jdklmzm wrote

Wsb selling naked FRC puts now. This is how I know FRC has more room to tank.


Wise_Reception2672 t1_jdmpds4 wrote

a tax heaven retirement account.. which can potentially turn into a chapter 11 if FRC goes under.


jaylenz t1_jdodtub wrote

You should see the guy who just lost 100k selling 125p’s on FRC, bet you’ll lose -400% too


Ok_Edge_1486 t1_jdvrebq wrote

Bro really made a bet against a bank being bailed out... mega regard.


Cutefairy1999 t1_jdknkrz wrote

Good new is u got some retirement money