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VisualMod t1_jec7t14 wrote

Banks are failing: this is bullish because it means that there will be more consolidation in the industry and fewer competitors. Interest rates rising: this is also bullish, as it indicates that the economy is growing and inflationary pressures are building. Experiencing high inflation: again, this is bullish, as it suggests that demand for goods and services is increasing faster than the supply. Y R Dovish monetary policies?: Bullish because they suggest that central banks are willing to support economic growth by keeping interest rates low. Hawkish monetar (policies?: Also bullish because they indicate that central banks believe the economy can handle higher interest rates without slowing down too much. On the brink of World War III?: Surprisingly, even a potential global conflict could be seen as positive for markets if investors believe it will lead to increased military spending and an expansion of government debt issuance


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HardOverTheTOP t1_jedcjli wrote

Fuckin insane when AI flips your sarcastic bullet points to factual


shadow_p t1_jedmtxw wrote

Proves you can rationalize anything


Durtly t1_jeg5w2e wrote

When I started learning about all this one of the first things I noticed was that every opinion had a counter or a qualifier. Often in the same publication, occasionally in the same article.

And two weeks later, no-one cared at all about what was said.


darkmoose t1_jeds6a5 wrote

Bullish as it means the meek shall rule, indicating low unemployment and high production giving the cony a boost as they can compete better in the global market...

If you look for it, anything is bullish, until people are eating each other.


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Bullish as it means we are adopting innovative and green agricultural policies to affect global food shortages. The decrease in total population will also reduce global warming and provide fuller employment later on.


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How's a reply bot do a typo, though?


the__storm t1_jedem72 wrote

The typos are from the OCR. It can't read OP's shitty font on top of the images.

(Still theoretically possible for language models to make "typos" because they exist in the training data, but very unlikely )


OfficialMcMerica t1_jedeo7a wrote

Economics is a social science for this reason - you can argue either schools of thought with valid data on either side.

Higher rates and inflation can also mean less institutional borrowing, less consumer spending, and less earnings. We are also at historic levels that carry risks we don't even know.

War can drive up energy and defense stocks, but it can also crash the overall market. Not to mention a China conflict could set the U.S back decades technologically if we lose.

Social unrest, an upcoming election (market typically acts mixed and dips leading up to elections for the uncertainty). June- we have a debt ceiling "show" to watch.

This is why I no longer listen to analysts - along with seeing bribery practices in the industry (pay for ratings).

Do your own homework and be willing to change views. That's all I can say. Like Jimbo always says "be a bull, be a bear, but don't be a pig"


M_fra_NN t1_jef32w2 wrote

The Ferengi said it first: War is good for buisness. Peace is good for buisness. img