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Fit-Boomer t1_iugjqcg wrote

If he was smart he would load up on a crypto coin and then announce he is using said coin as the payment vehicle for Twitter. Then dump the initial investment in that coin. Not Doge because everyone already thinks it will be Doge or shib.


bafangoolNJ t1_iugn6tv wrote

He should honestly sell them their accounts, and pay property taxes on it every year depending on how many followers they have.


rubbarz t1_iuhkawe wrote

He already said doge will be the coin used.


Fit-Boomer t1_iuhki5d wrote

Has he ever pivoted before?


rubbarz t1_iuhnnzf wrote

He's only ever mentioned bitcoin for tesla, doge, ether (i think), and like 1 tweet for Shib