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hijinks t1_iujmk3l wrote

Dumb. Ban


Yf_lo OP t1_iujmwnc wrote

Man I don’t have your level of memefication skills. Can’t shade me for doing my best…


hijinks t1_iujn5j1 wrote

That's really sad that your best is that. Same scene you see everywhere


Yf_lo OP t1_iukauz7 wrote

Yeah my fragile ego is shattered internet stranger. Now I guess I’ll listen to Linkin Park.


Fordo88 t1_iujo127 wrote

This has the be the lowest effort attempt at a meme I think I have ever seen


KegRunner t1_iujnfoq wrote

Swing and a miss.


Thetagamer t1_iujn57e wrote

is this your first time seeing a panhandler? They’re literally on every corner in Austin


[deleted] t1_iujp732 wrote

Bruh it's just some guy


Rjd210 t1_iujox9z wrote

Why didn't you help him out and give him some of your gains?


aligador t1_iujpj99 wrote

Your photography skills could use some improvement as well. Try to make it so that you can caption a picture without indicating that the subject is in far off left hand corner, and everybody still knows what you're talking about


LetsSeeWhatsGoinOn t1_iujszy6 wrote

I understand the comments but i like the bear with two guns


Yf_lo OP t1_iujtkr2 wrote

Lol that was actually my intent. Thanks for noticing it.


dwinps t1_iuka2yq wrote

That’s Kanye


Worldly_Expert_442 t1_iujvyq2 wrote

Crop the picture of the panda with the guns and add anything like the below for a better meme:

My puts put out!

Puts on China!

Puts in a bear market are easier than OPs Mom (wife or sister also work.)