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Here we go ! APPLE, it is finally your turn.

Cities in central China have hastily drawn up plans to isolate migrant workers fleeing to their home towns from the country’s largest iPhone factory, amid fears they will spread coronavirus after leaving the plant in Covid-hit Zhengzhou.



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DimesOnHisEyes t1_iug0bnc wrote

This isn't anything new. Foxconn slave workers been jumping off the building and trying to put secret notes in boxes for like a decade.


JTTW2416 t1_iugfqs8 wrote

My last iPhone said “Help” instead of “Hello” when I turned it on.


NoAd8953 t1_iugdl77 wrote

I wish I could say this is surprising, but in a country that has companies put up nets next to the buildings so workers can't commit suicide during strikes over working conditions. Unfortunately, nothing really comes as a shock anymore.


last-resort-4-a-gf t1_iuftijv wrote

It's free to spread in every other country . What's the big deal


Affectionate-Depth66 t1_iugnhn9 wrote

Over a million people have died in the states from Covid and the US has a quarter of the population china. I guess china was not wanting to have 4+million of their citizens die so they took a different approach. That and their vaccine not being great didn’t help. china was turning into a dystopian nightmare before Covid and now it’s full on.


foolon_thehill t1_iuhpfqr wrote

Imagining China giving half a shit about 4 million of their people dying lol


ProfessorPhahrtz t1_iui4pqa wrote

Does a country that allows millions of its own people to die care about the life and safety of it's citizens? What about a country that does not allow this?


foolon_thehill t1_iui52fu wrote

They are also committing genocide currently...


ProfessorPhahrtz t1_iui57k4 wrote

Go to Xinjiang and ask about that


foolon_thehill t1_iui5ag8 wrote

Tienaman square


nailattack t1_iufu5nl wrote

AAPL plz…Drop already for fucks sake


Cultist6661 t1_iufw1we wrote

AAPL is currently single handedly propping up the entire tech sector. This is an easy one.

Nov 4 P146.

Good deal.


Invest0rnoob1 t1_iuhcekf wrote

Apple isn’t going to drop. The market is being held up. They wanted as many people to lose as much money as possible without the market completely collapsing, because they can’t do QE to stimulate the economy.


NasahLife t1_iuim8z3 wrote

Inflation and Bear Market will get it done 💧


CoolFirefighter930 t1_iufwi5y wrote

I don't think I will do a play on covid 19.


theGr8Alexander t1_iufwsfz wrote

Yeah Covid is old news


DimesOnHisEyes t1_iug0pwn wrote

I live in red state land and I honestly forget that people still wear masks are are still scared. The vast majority of people are done with COVID and have moved on.


driveonsun t1_iugxgqb wrote

You mean they got covid and will get it again.


DimesOnHisEyes t1_iuhldzr wrote

Wear your mask stay home and never leave again


driveonsun t1_iuif0vi wrote

Because that’s the only other choice?


DimesOnHisEyes t1_iuihp32 wrote

You could also wear panties on your head if it makes you feel better. No one cares anymore. You can do whatever your little heart desires.


driveonsun t1_iuiybaa wrote

No one cares = you don’t care. And you can’t imagine anyone being smarter than you.


DimesOnHisEyes t1_iuj2xrz wrote

Uh huh cool story. You continue doing you. I really don't think it's possible for me to care any less.


driveonsun t1_iujwe6g wrote

Sociopath brags about being a sociopath. Too stupid to realize that only impresses other sociopaths.


DimesOnHisEyes t1_iujzllz wrote

Yup that's right. I sure do hope I impress all the other sociopaths at the next sociopath meeting where we talk about all the sociopath stuffs. We even have a slogan and a little jingle. Tyrone worked really hard on it. We all sit around without masks on and plan on ways to do other sociopath stuff. It's a fun time by all.


JTTW2416 t1_iuggabs wrote

I live in OK… haven’t seen a mask in a while. Funny enough I did get Covid for the first time about a month ago. I’m vacced but it sucked for a couple days and took about a week to get back to normal.


somo1230 t1_iuh823s wrote

Can't apple just send Moderna vaccines to their workers???

I'm my country covid is history thanks to Moderna


SageMaverick t1_iug9f7r wrote

Can the iPhone 14 carry Covid? Asking cause I just ordered one and it’s probably coming from China. I’m canceling the order to be safe and help retail with their puts


VisualMod t1_iuft6pg wrote

>This is a worrying development. If the workers are indeed carrying the coronavirus, then they could potentially spread it to many other people as they travel back to their hometowns. This could cause a major outbreak of the virus in China, which would be disastrous for both the country and for Apple's business there.