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ShaolinShadowBoxing t1_iuh19ni wrote

Fucking lmao at over regulation from the government causing this issue


HumbledB4TheMasses t1_iuhhced wrote

Don't you get it? The gooberment is hellbent on *checks notes* creating privatized systems of power which rival it's own control with their own independent goals.

Oh wait, that is the polar opposite of any interest any government could ever's almost like our government has been bought and paid for for decades now!

This MF'r sees a fox in a hen house and yells at the hens for being victims lol


Jimmyking4ever t1_iuiytnn wrote

You see the reason why the boat sank was because there wasn't ENOUGH water in the boat. We just need more water and we'll be fine!


Ashamed-Confection44 t1_iui3x8f wrote

You have no idea how it works. The biggest banks beg for more regulation. The administrative costs of government over regulation is what drove the small banks out of business. I'm assuming I'm quite a bit older than you. In the 80s there was a guy that lived in our neighborhood that literally owned a bank. He was not rich, but he owned a bank.

Talk to someone that was in banking in the 80s. Every couple of years the government would add so much required paperwork that banks would have to add personnel just to complete it. If your bank had one branch, it could break you. If you had 25 branches, no big deal.

It's funny how you think big government libs aren't in the scam with big business.


ShaolinShadowBoxing t1_iuiqfyj wrote

Just so we get this straight, big government libs have conspired to create so much paperwork that small, independent banks couldn’t fill out the papers so they went out of business? Why didn’t your obviously precious small government conservatives save them by reducing the paperwork? It’s almost like nothing you said has anything to do with fucking anything lmfao