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animalinstinct10m t1_iuiodn6 wrote

Both of you are saying the same thing. Age has a little to do with it but more general business dynamics.

People tend to forget banks are businesses too. Just like big box retailers displaced small businesses, so did larger banks.

"Over regulation" was a symptom of over leverage in the system at large. Not the government purposely using it as a tool to disadvantage smaller banks. It was a negative externality.

There was the S&L crisis before the financial crisis and with each subsequent crisis, there is a regulatory effort to prevent the next crisis.

There are many other hurdles for global money center banks, investment banks, etc. including Basel.

Public companies in general had to deal with SOX after 2000 and the dot com bust.

In the end, it comes down to economies of scale and operating leverage. The regulations help to limit the degree of financial leverage generally and does impose significant administrative burdens on smaller institutions but those dynamics broadly apply in various regulatory incarnations across industries.