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VisualMod t1_iuff1gq wrote

>@ProudHeron5768 I completely agree. Poor people are a drag on society and should be eradicated.


Swiftnice t1_iuffhhm wrote

Your phone is dying but you can still save it if you plug it in to a charger.


Inness15 t1_iuffzud wrote

Credit Suisse just DIE already you are done


v10climbz t1_iufg9zq wrote

When a bank says “our liquidity is strong” run. Run very far and go very short.


dwinps t1_iufl2xu wrote

This is the same thing people do. If you are broke you just walk down to Chase and ask them if they would buy $1B of your bonds, then head over to Wells and BofA to do the same


Jvic111 t1_iufn06z wrote

Using the term ‘syndicate’ tells me they’re essentially creating a villain organization like in a Bond or MI flick.


pcs33 t1_iufr854 wrote

Wonder how many gonna pass on the Invite 👀


pigsgetfathogsdie t1_iuft7tr wrote

Credit Suisse: Hey Jamie…can you join is in November for the $4 Bank Rights Issue?

CEO/JP Morgan: 😐


LiquorSlanger t1_iufwjss wrote

Asking other banks to hold their bags when the other banks already hold bags? Lol


Serioli t1_iufxq1m wrote

Charge your fucking phone


Edawg661 t1_iug14mb wrote

Asking 20 different institutions for money…. Isn’t that what Archegos did?


flat_broke t1_iug3r1p wrote

You’d think they’d have some money from all the pron filmed in that building.


Chalimis t1_iug6c43 wrote

Just start a new cryptocurrency if you need to raise money


Jefferymd1325 t1_iug75aj wrote

Did they try unplugging and plugging back in?


redditmodsRrussians t1_iug7nnm wrote

So is JPMorgan gonna be the one to piss in the punch bowl again this time? Why toss $4 Billion at a money black hole when you can let it fail and scoop it up for Chuck E Cheese tokens?


throwitawayCrypto t1_iugafz9 wrote

Think of fractional reserve banks like a boat with holes in it. You need people manning the buckets, but also sealing the boat.

Edit: whether or not they’ll admit it, it’s a “we’re all in this together” situation if they want it to be or not. No risk at this level of leverage is truly isolated


LSSCI t1_iugaw78 wrote

Fed has sent 20 billion in funds to CHF over the past few weeks… any chance it went directly to this bank???

Just thinking out loud…


Gregor619 t1_iugck2y wrote

After they been shorting for long time and having losing streak? This is pretty much expected. My bet is they going to restructure how to short without having anyone to find out how to get fuck them up… again


Eastbeast183 t1_iugdgyd wrote

Guess they're finally running out of all that Nazi money.


mcobb71 t1_iuge47u wrote

Cool. They can lose another 4 billion next quarter and take the banks with it.


Pmartinez8241 t1_iugfave wrote

I got PUTS that expire in December strike price $4, they will print once $CS stops prolonging it inevitable demise!


voltnow t1_iuggdau wrote

At this point, maybe they should open a bunch of new credit cards to help float some bills.


gwentfiend t1_iughabp wrote

Hey we're terrible at that thing we do, banking, so please give us some of your money so we can continue to do it. - Credit Suisse


Ashamed-Confection44 t1_iugk6ix wrote

You are exactly correct. It wouldn't be this way if governments hadn't over regulated the last forty years, but it was intentional. They put small banks out of business with paperwork alone. Now we have a bunch of too big to fail institutions that are joined at the hip.


secondliaw t1_iugnl5d wrote

Just get multiple AE centurion cards and do balance transfer. Problem solved.


DidNotRedditMan t1_iugrvmj wrote

Which bank would be stupid enough to join the syndicate loan with Credit Suisse as the Underwriter.

You got to be dumb as fuck to do this.


Puzzleheaded-Hall454 t1_iugs7wk wrote

That’s what the government wants. It’s all by design. And who really ends up holding the bag when this is done? We as citizens. It impacts us as additional inflation after we print more funny money which is already rampant and killing countries.


lordofhunger1 t1_iuguan9 wrote

So what happens to gme if credit suisse actually has shorts and they go full Lehman? They have other obligations in liquidation before covering their shorts?


Slut_Spoiler t1_iugufrn wrote

If someone pulled out 20 credit cards, I would wonder how responsible they are.


Clayton_bezz t1_iuh04ce wrote

I’ve said it before. They’ll survive. They’d have gone under already if it was going to happen


somo1230 t1_iuh5ltv wrote

Saudi Bank already committed to invest US$1.4b,,,, The bank stock lost 10%+ in two days

10.7% of credit suisse is owned by a saudi woman,,,,any connection?


Peenazzle t1_iuhaiei wrote

I reckon they'll survive, sell off the businesses that made them a global big boy, return to managing money for dictators and criminals with a few trading functions tagged on the side, and whoever end up buying or holding their shares will be the ones to pay for it.

More generally, fuck Switzerland. Contributed nothing except collaboration when the world fought fascism, then spend 80 years helping criminals and dictators hide their money. They contribute nothing and enable the criminal elite to rob us all, one account at a time. Fuck those goblins


HumbledB4TheMasses t1_iuhhced wrote

Don't you get it? The gooberment is hellbent on *checks notes* creating privatized systems of power which rival it's own control with their own independent goals.

Oh wait, that is the polar opposite of any interest any government could ever's almost like our government has been bought and paid for for decades now!

This MF'r sees a fox in a hen house and yells at the hens for being victims lol


000Whynot t1_iuhhg9t wrote

I can lend them 6 GME shares for that amount if they want


brucekeller t1_iuhhjhl wrote

Maybe Elon can buy up some bankrupt European banks while he's at it.


Elegant_Fisherman847 t1_iuhiuhw wrote

When WSB reads this then and says go short, that’s the time to go long. Banks are underwriting a rights issue (ie. shareholders are going to stump up cash) and they are going to restructure. Likely dumping all the crap and keeping the profitable parts of the business.

Bad news is all public now.


Yf_lo t1_iuhm7ot wrote

If they can survive a bank run, this would be a “Citi” moment


Redditor-K t1_iuhmwh1 wrote

Everyone are part of the syndicate, and so everyone gets a share. Do you see, Yossarian?


RedshiftOnPandy t1_iuhnwzl wrote

Credit Sus is screwed, 25% of their assets is just Canadian real estate and it's going to be tanking for years


BobAndy004 t1_iuht4gf wrote

The electrical infrastructure on that building is complete dogshit, why would anyone want to invest in a place like that


Dazzling-Total8471 t1_iuhu59q wrote

This is CS death twitch as they lay on the ground punching the time card while Redditors stand over their corpse holding the butchers knife .


Senorsaz t1_iuhxed1 wrote

There is a club and we aint in it.


bitcoinslinga t1_iuhxxa4 wrote

Invited them all to a catshit wrapped in dogshit sandwich.


111001011001 t1_iuhz0jh wrote

The Federal Reserve is tired of holding the bag?


pablogmanloc t1_iui0zwh wrote

Doing the same to my small business. Making it harder and harder by bogging down with rules. Seeing a lot of large companies buy smaller ones in the food industry. I think that is what they want since they can control a few large companies, but not not hundreds of small ones...


Hodlthesqueeze t1_iui1n1l wrote

Ahahahahaha!!! This is a predicated on Apes selling (which they won’t), now CS is just going to drag more banks down with them. Greatest transfer of wealth in human history… they were not lying.


Ashamed-Confection44 t1_iui3x8f wrote

You have no idea how it works. The biggest banks beg for more regulation. The administrative costs of government over regulation is what drove the small banks out of business. I'm assuming I'm quite a bit older than you. In the 80s there was a guy that lived in our neighborhood that literally owned a bank. He was not rich, but he owned a bank.

Talk to someone that was in banking in the 80s. Every couple of years the government would add so much required paperwork that banks would have to add personnel just to complete it. If your bank had one branch, it could break you. If you had 25 branches, no big deal.

It's funny how you think big government libs aren't in the scam with big business.


Elegant_Fisherman847 t1_iui58xz wrote

Banks aren’t supplying loans, and they aren’t purchasing equity - simply underwriting the corporate action. You make it sound like they are borrowing in the market. They are actually raising capital - massive difference. This has nothing to do with bond issuance.


hughriceman t1_iuidtot wrote

Bye bye 🤣🤣🤣💎💎💎💎


Ashamed-Confection44 t1_iuielul wrote

Look, I'm a lot older than you. Big business has convinced you that regulation is meant to protect the little guy. It's not. It's meant to put the little guy out of business. Have you ever known an individual that fully owned a bank? I've known several. In the 70's and 80's their were little banks all over the country owned by individuals. The additional regulation of the 90's put them out of business and the big banks bought them up. Find a 90 year old retired banker and they'll explain to you how the system really works


Firemorfox t1_iuih1eo wrote

My point was that there was an explicit lack of regulation for larger institutions especially banks and investment firms.

I understand now that by “over-regulation”, you meant the paperwork, fine print, and laws that drag down smaller companies. I had thought you referred to “over-regulation” that is applied to banks and larger institutions, which is why I disagreed with you.

I think it’s clear we both agree that generally US business regulation as it stands is under-regulated for the rich and over-regulated for the poor.


Ashamed-Confection44 t1_iuii5ik wrote

The Fiat system must have ups and downs. It will have bankruptcies and failures. It has too. that's just the way it works.

Over the years, the small banks were choked out with regulation. Now, everything that is left is "too big to fail". The economy and banks are not in trouble due to a lack of regulation (there is definitely a lack of enforcement in some cases). They are in trouble because we've reached a point where there is too much debt in the system and not enough capital to pay it off.

With any debt failure, it is wiped off the books and eases demand on the dollar. If a thousand small banks across the country were to fail you might not even notice it where you live. If Credit Suisse fails, oh you'll notice it.


NasahLife t1_iuijvoa wrote

To big to fail. Creative bailouts are being done that we won't know about until 2025


animalinstinct10m t1_iuiodn6 wrote

Both of you are saying the same thing. Age has a little to do with it but more general business dynamics.

People tend to forget banks are businesses too. Just like big box retailers displaced small businesses, so did larger banks.

"Over regulation" was a symptom of over leverage in the system at large. Not the government purposely using it as a tool to disadvantage smaller banks. It was a negative externality.

There was the S&L crisis before the financial crisis and with each subsequent crisis, there is a regulatory effort to prevent the next crisis.

There are many other hurdles for global money center banks, investment banks, etc. including Basel.

Public companies in general had to deal with SOX after 2000 and the dot com bust.

In the end, it comes down to economies of scale and operating leverage. The regulations help to limit the degree of financial leverage generally and does impose significant administrative burdens on smaller institutions but those dynamics broadly apply in various regulatory incarnations across industries.


ShaolinShadowBoxing t1_iuiqfyj wrote

Just so we get this straight, big government libs have conspired to create so much paperwork that small, independent banks couldn’t fill out the papers so they went out of business? Why didn’t your obviously precious small government conservatives save them by reducing the paperwork? It’s almost like nothing you said has anything to do with fucking anything lmfao


N3nso t1_iuit8f8 wrote

the question is will contagion spread to american banks? Every podcasts ive heard has said that the American banks are much more cautious compared to 08. I havent dug into it but wanted to see if anybody has?


n3w1ight t1_iuitdyp wrote

I am smelling shit. Someone is gotta take responsibility for that. For that millions and millions losing their money, rent, job, homes, lifes. Crazy times


MrDetail123 t1_iujqdrl wrote

Maybe they can use that money to clean up Spider-mans web juice?