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hejhog111 t1_iubts67 wrote

This is a misleading chart. Why would you start it from 1935 and not 1929?


WACS_On t1_iuc93sb wrote

That would be around the beginning of Hitler's shenanigans


Pencilowner t1_iue1vsn wrote

I think he means the crash in 1929. It would line up a little better with the pandemic.


Stidj t1_iucw0h4 wrote

Buy after Pearl Harbor is attacked. Got it.


Pencilowner t1_iue1z1f wrote

I've been out of the market for over a year waiting for China to attack pearl harbor.


No-Move-9576 t1_iuc2v9y wrote

Guys dont wish for a war, we all deserve better than such a crap, diplomacy has to work.


VisualMod t1_iubkyg2 wrote

>Yes, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell sharply during the Great Depression and World War II. However, it rallied strongly afterwards, reaching new highs in the 1950s.


SpeakerClassic4418 t1_iubrry9 wrote

So if you take it from the high point, around 1936-37.. it took about 15 years to get back to that high. Amazing when you pick the start and stop.times of a chart how you can manipulate it.


ButtStallion007 t1_iucykja wrote

Lol, except China invading Taiwan has no correlation to anything on this chart, thus no need to reference it. Nothing will follow exactly and one single event can be plotted anywhere. You would need context, additional points(victories and defeats), to have this be relevant.

Honestly, this is some of the shootiest TA for current times. Interesting historical chart though, just horrible TA.


Pandabum1 t1_iuboc1g wrote

Gonna be a fun day at the Dow when Wall Street is a molten crater. Bullish on iodine


JPowellRecession2020 t1_iudkpfv wrote

Algos will activate their black boxes and keep trading. You may be the last human trader on earth, that would be neat wouldn’t it?


Superb-Ad3945 t1_iucizxw wrote

I didn’t go to Obama s inauguration but I may go to see those mother fuckers off


euserc75 t1_iubn9by wrote

When WW III?


Fancy-Cricket-7015 t1_iuccjnb wrote

Back to back World War champs looking for a threepeat. LFG 🇺🇸


Garrulous_Amoeba t1_iuchbrr wrote

Champs? I’m not sure America should get a title ring when they missed most of the first AND second WWs


ewzetf OP t1_iubnbue wrote

1-3 years according to military analysts


euserc75 t1_iubsz6l wrote

So no point in finishing college…..where’s that Wendy’s application


Apotheosis t1_iuck1v4 wrote

>military analysts

Defence contractor shills

Anyone with half a brain and prepared to consider what is actually involved can see invading and holding Taiwan is god damn impossible for China.


Inventies t1_iubt57d wrote

Yeah Chinas being way more brazen about invading Taiwan, and their support of Russia and the Ukraine conflict is increasing as well. The tipping point will be here before we know it


TurboD16F20 t1_iucag7v wrote

This chart has as much relevance on the market as you do.


wongyeng888 t1_iublewu wrote

The resulting carnage may be greater than WW2


Inventies t1_iubtn6o wrote

Shit just look at the loss of life since the Ukraine Conflict began. If that’s anything to base it on loss of life will probably be far greater than ww2, given the advancements in warfare


Past-Track-9976 t1_iud36gz wrote

Would be smarter for China to invade Russia lol.

Premier Li Keqiang told Xi that I'd the US and China decoupled that China would take huge losses. Xi didn't listen. Now that they are losing access to chips, they may have been set back decades.

There are large companies like Apple that will be completely effed if China invaded Taiwan.


Little_Yellow_8116 t1_iudl5go wrote


males away in europe, ethnic regions closer to china (in the east) disproportionally depopulated bc racism

china might not invade, but they will certainly use the treat and use russia as little more than a resource colony which then absorbs china's output of pink plastic junk

russia is fuq

west is also fuq bc doesn't have access to russia's raw materials anymore


Cervix-Hammer t1_iuf92u5 wrote

Everything Russia has, Canada has. They just have a cuck who refuses to develop anything


Little_Yellow_8116 t1_iuftq83 wrote

yeah but the west isn't limited to murica. the EU is now cut off from russian raw materials


Knightp93 t1_iuboufk wrote

Correlation is not causation.


ankole_watusi t1_iubvk46 wrote

I think some radiation plume charts would be more useful.


5ive_Rivers t1_iubxht4 wrote

Instructions unclear


Fit-Boomer t1_iudqwaf wrote

He owns SPY puts so he portrayed a time about 100 years ago when world war was bad, all in order the make people have FUD.


MargoritasattheMall t1_iuc06f0 wrote

TSMC runs the world. China wants it and needs the tech. Russia is quite a nice $inkhole di$traction for US. Taiwan kicks off major conflict. This tanks the markets way harder than a tactical nuke


Apotheosis t1_iuckagm wrote

TSMC will be permanently disabled and staff will flee as soon as China makes a move. The tech to support it somewhere else is in the EU and not for sale.


[deleted] t1_iud4vfr wrote



NameIWantUnavailable t1_iudgky1 wrote

Highly trained scientists and engineers in semiconductor manufacturing in the middle of a semiconductor shortage? Wherever the heck they want to go. The guys who worked on the Manhattan project ended up in the US. And there will likely be some warning before the blockade.


[deleted] t1_iudk85u wrote



NameIWantUnavailable t1_iudlhwo wrote

It won’t happen overnight. Either the blockade or the migration.

The seeds of the migration have been planted. TSMC is likely already concerned about losing employees to competitors. Of course, if they opened up new fabs elsewhere, they could keep those employees. Oh, wait. That’s already in the works.


SOL-MANN t1_iucyi25 wrote

„way harder“ means what exactly? 10%? 15%? because the market is already on a level that even burry would say it won’t go lower. you need an end year rally before beginning of 2023 it will go lower due to the recession. after q2 2023 the economic figures will be better, so the next rally will be there. it is actually quite easy to understand, right? people buying puts after such a decline in september/october are not the brightest tools.


Fancy-Cricket-7015 t1_iuccooh wrote

The Volcano on Hawaii island (the largest on earth) is about to pop…. We will blame it on North Korea, and attack setting off a string of conflicts…. WWIII


Shvabicu t1_iucloj0 wrote

No I will not you troglodyte


Flynn_Kevin t1_iudt3q8 wrote

China ain't invading Taiwan. Even if it happens, they're not getting what they want, all the chip fabs will be rubble.


clampie t1_iue8a9t wrote

China is not invading Taiwan.


Fluid_Football t1_iuecsdw wrote

You degenerates China will not invade Taiwan soon, this will be follow Russia path. They can see that only with full economic independency they can do that and they will need to have a soldier in every Taiwan home/ building in order to have something left.

how are they going to feed their population if US puts a ban on their exports ?


mgoodwin532 t1_iufuvol wrote

I myself, could go for some Korean bottom.


matchwood11 t1_iuc0y7b wrote

I will go on a buying spree, and just not for stocks.


giordano709 t1_iucjv9r wrote

The unification of Taiwan back to China? I think its always the last resort to use force.


AlpineRavine t1_iudj4k0 wrote

if Winnie_the_pooh == Putin:
    remindme! open the chart

MentallyAut t1_iueaov9 wrote

How much you lost this year?post that chart.


BojackPferd t1_iuegzzi wrote

And now adjust for inflation/deflation and now adjust for dividends.


Appropriate-Hair-503 t1_iug3mls wrote

What will i realize with this chart after China invades Taiwan?


Fibocrypto t1_iubtx9p wrote

Thank you for posting this