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euserc75 t1_iubn9by wrote

When WW III?


Fancy-Cricket-7015 t1_iuccjnb wrote

Back to back World War champs looking for a threepeat. LFG 🇺🇸


Garrulous_Amoeba t1_iuchbrr wrote

Champs? I’m not sure America should get a title ring when they missed most of the first AND second WWs


ewzetf OP t1_iubnbue wrote

1-3 years according to military analysts


euserc75 t1_iubsz6l wrote

So no point in finishing college…..where’s that Wendy’s application


Apotheosis t1_iuck1v4 wrote

>military analysts

Defence contractor shills

Anyone with half a brain and prepared to consider what is actually involved can see invading and holding Taiwan is god damn impossible for China.


Inventies t1_iubt57d wrote

Yeah Chinas being way more brazen about invading Taiwan, and their support of Russia and the Ukraine conflict is increasing as well. The tipping point will be here before we know it