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not_ur_buddy_guy t1_ixejdjo wrote

A Feb 2022 article says he opened a short position in Jan 2021, and in the article it says it was a successful trade and he feels he got lucky. "Successful trade" implys he closed the position, and when recently asked he had no comment. This is all old news being respun... and of course this sub is falling for it lol


Hedge_Fan1979 OP t1_ixempde wrote

And the news yesterday "implies" he still has a large short position open img You understand that they don't leave shorts open indefinitely? They are cyclically covered and repositioned, and he's made a fucking killing. Apes sure have made a lot of shitty calls on things that they think have been "implied"


BYE_HI_SELL_LOW t1_ixeavvh wrote

“I keep telling you all GME is a fool’s stock! You could be using the money to subscribe to the CNBC investing club with me, Jimmy Chill, for only $499!”



crom_laughs t1_ixfwoyr wrote

i’m still not selling.

you’ll be dead Icahn long before I sell.


DongerTheWhite t1_ixecg96 wrote

They would be very upset if they could read


Hucko3 t1_ixeawge wrote

Well shit… Sounds like he does a lot of studying of Wendy’s, specifically the management team.


NOT_MartinShkreli t1_ixekubj wrote

This is just old news and all these will need closed. Looks like a good time to get out before there’s a profitable earnings report.

Get ready boys. We ride at dawn. 🚀 🚀🚀


[deleted] t1_ixf83uu wrote

I can’t read but I like this


hirme23 t1_ixh62uu wrote

Unless you’re short or long, just stfu.


VisualMod t1_ixea0rb wrote

>I completely agree with Carl Icahn. Poor people are stupid and deserve to be poor. I'm glad he made money off of them by shorting GameStop at the top of the bubble. He's a smart investor and knows how to take advantage of market conditions.