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Apple deleted all their tweets and is basically going to war with Elon. In order for Elon to keep Twitter a float he needs to keep selling TSLA stock in order to keep the lights on and feed going for all the users. If he decides to build his own setup who knows how good or how bad that will be. Huge risk. War is also very expensive, TSLA stock will be the biggest casualty.



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Habooboo5 t1_iy6cr7u wrote

Apple didn’t delete all their tweets, they don’t tweet. See this from 2 years ago:

Tim Apple dgaf about twitter, it’s all Elon doing his shitposting to get attention, and as always it’s working


NextTrillion t1_iy6w57n wrote

Yeah, Apple is likely not concerned about any of these shenanigans in the slightest. Their job is continue executing their business plan.

Anyone thinking Apple is going to start beefing with Musk is an idiot.


xmarianix2 t1_iy7lj85 wrote

It’s almost like one company is run by adults and the other an autistic child


db117117 t1_iy7oiwx wrote

Apple isn’t going to start a stupid culture war beef but it absolutely will enforce App Store policies, including the ones that help prevent it from being embroiled in hundred million dollar lawsuits for violating EU law

Which Elon-Twitter has already started doing

Elon’s most like trying to manufacture a dumb narrative for his fanboys when what’s happening is he’s violating/likely to violate several country’s laws as well as partner policies


4troglodyte t1_iy73lqi wrote

That was an excellent read in psych jujitsu👊Thanks for the link🙏🏻


TheMetrifiedMe t1_iy7fxxc wrote

Who is that author and why am I already so afraid of her?


4troglodyte t1_iy8xe44 wrote

Suggest you follow the link and draw your own conclusions as to whether to fear or dismiss🙏🏻🙈


mlamping t1_iy6cvoe wrote

Lol who are you ppl?


moistmoistMOISTTT t1_iya5xim wrote

The true Elon Musk fans are the ones who shitpost about him 24/7 and bring him to the top of /r/all 5 times a day. It's like a right wing politician who has performed 57 abortions for his mistresses.


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euserc75 t1_iy6be9u wrote

Can Elon turn the lights off at Twitter before December 31 and then claim the $44B (or whatever his share is) loss on taxes?


symmetryofzero t1_iy6hlx4 wrote

You have to pay taxes first to be able to claim anything on taxes lol


4troglodyte t1_iy73wtq wrote

Maybe YOU do…the tax code is convoluted and archaic for a reason🙈


NextTrillion t1_iy6wbk0 wrote

Does he have a quarterly monthly weekly daily hourly payment plan?


Chanimuadib t1_iyat7so wrote

He paid 11 Billion dollars in taxes this year, far more than anyone else ever.


symmetryofzero t1_iyaxu2g wrote

He claimed he paid $11b. Of course, if there's actual proof he paid that im all ears.


Wisex t1_iy732uf wrote

He's actually in on this with Michael burry, when Burry's tesla puts maximize its tendies they're gonna escape to the bahamas and live the gayest life together


AutoModerator t1_iy732ux wrote

Michael Burry responded to my craigslist ad looking for someone to mow my lawn. "$30 is $30", he said as he continued to mow what was clearly the wrong yard. My neighbor and I shouted at him but he was already wearing muffs. Focused dude. He attached a phone mount onto the handle of his push mower. I was able to sneak a peek and he was browsing Zillow listings in central Wyoming. He wouldn't stop cackling.

That is to say, Burry has his fingers in a lot of pies. He makes sure his name is in all the conversations.

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4troglodyte t1_iy73t8j wrote

Is this my Accountant Shifty? Hey man don’t be putting our business in the streets🤡🙈


VisualMod t1_iy68zzk wrote

>I think Elon is making a big mistake by going to war with Apple. The risk involved in creating his own platform and the cost of fighting this battle will be very costly for Tesla stockholders, who are already taking on huge risks investing into TSLA. It would be better if he found an amicable solution rather than engaging in a public feud that could hurt everyone's bottom line.


[deleted] t1_iy6lq5p wrote



LBCaliforniaTX t1_iy6vkjx wrote

You just pulled these numbers out of your ass lol.

Apple’s revenue is $394B USD and by your math their revenue is well over $1T USD.

Tesla earns roughly $10k per vehicle and produces 4,000 cars per day.


Alexa_is_a_mumu t1_iy6uga8 wrote

Dude I used to shit on apple till I just spent 1500 on one the other day on a 14 Max Pro blah blah blah because the person I wanted to gift a phone to wouldn't consider anything else. No one cares about Samsung phones except me apparently.


Stachemaster86 t1_iy7icp4 wrote

I hated the color 2000’s era macs. Didn’t like their one mouse click. Didn’t like Apple. Wanted an MP3 player and iPod was starting to really take off. Considered Zune but figured it’s easier to ask how to use a device if you get the popular one. Fast forward 8 years and I got an iPhone because it was popular and I didn’t have any desire to mod or do fancy computer stuff on my phone like Android. Add in the ice cream, jellybean, etc and it was getting confusing. Apple has features released that other phones have had for years already but folks don’t care. My friends like the Google phone and a few others the Samsungs. The rest are just apple people due to being basic I guess. Not having expandable memory has and still frustrates me but I’m already planning to upgrade at 3 years to the next iPhone no matter what the features. It’s a bit of a cult but no different than Ford/Chevy/Dodge trucks. Didn’t even look at the competition and went from a Pontiac to F150 because of the popularity and I always wanted a Ford. Hope that’s insight but Samsung makes a fine phone, just not big appliances.


eddie7000 t1_iy6ug25 wrote

Assuming Musk is planning on taking on Apple alone? Just like he's the sole owner of Twitter.🤣


Electronic-Tonight16 t1_iy7aoba wrote

Ahhh, another regard was bamboozled by Musk.

What a waste of a post


kaloki89 t1_iy6a3qv wrote

I completely agree. Though days like today throw me for a loop..the market was red EXCEPT Tesla the decide to be green. I wonder if I missed some news or maybe it's shorts closing for prophet and getting a good position before the big fall 🤔


fknbtch t1_iy6b2xf wrote

also super stupid of him to go up against the maker of the very phone he uses to do his "attacking". wonder what's in there? bet Tim knows now.


YuriBezmenovReturns t1_iy6m524 wrote

I mean Apple has kinda been pissing everyone off with their fees though.. Didn't they piss off a bunch of game makers at one point, now Web3 shit and TSLA? Between them trying to fuck everyone in the ass with their mediocre hardware and the fact they keep losing market share I think Elon is the least of their worries

Then again regards will pay $4099 for the same stupid phone every year, so what do I know


choose_uh_username t1_iy6touz wrote

Yea people aren't gonna switch from iPhones, it's one of the hardest areas to break into (Amazon, Microsoft, Google is doing not so good). Unless legislation passes everyone has to bow down to Apple cause consumers won't stop buying


NextTrillion t1_iy6x82y wrote

On top of that, they make good, long lasting phones with ample OS support. I’m 5 years now on this phone, and my partner’s phone is 6 years old. And I use my iphone A LOT.

She wants to replace it with a newer one, but doesn’t want to wait 3 months for it to arrive, so she just said, naaaah, I’ll wait until next year. Hopefully by then they’ll have a USB-C port, but I’m not holding my breath.

Finally, since the phones are still decent, they’re actually worth quite a bit. I got the battery replaced for very little.

Apple does some dumb shit, but they also get a lot of things bang on.


Fulkerson1776 t1_iy6yp5g wrote

They will when there are no more iPhone coming out of China due to civil unrest and lockdown BS.


GSAT2daMoon t1_iy6e2k0 wrote

TSLA is designing a smart phone Puts on 🍎 🪦


beyerch t1_iy74l60 wrote

TSLA was already going to drop in the next 6-12 months, this pretty much solidifies it.


I__Like__Bourbon t1_iy74wo9 wrote

No one really cares about Twitter except for the people who were already on Twitter. Plenty of other social media platforms available.

I say put it all on MySpace and let’s get Tom back in there to run things.


OG_Flushing_Toilet t1_iy9zf7y wrote

Tom’s been on an endless summer surf and photography tour since he took a few million off Newscorp and spent a few months seeing what that world was like. He hasn’t even posted any of his photos since like the middle of the Trump admin. I’d say it’s safe to assume Tom Anderson gave up on America a while ago and isn’t coming back. A true genius.


nailattack t1_iy6d4wa wrote

Do you actually have positions on TSLA though, or are you just talking shit?


PharmingTheD t1_iy7iv7f wrote

Most people on this sub can't afford TSLA or AAPL positions lol


Invest0rnoob1 t1_iy84dq4 wrote

My 7 shares of apple beg to differ. Don’t worry I’ll save some shares for the rest of you.


nrsxvi t1_iy7n9in wrote

Finally my apple calls will print. RIP Tesla


SiofraRiver t1_iy6oxrt wrote

Remind me, just how much Twitter has to pay in interest every year after this went down?


SlaminPBJ t1_iy85hcr wrote

Please show us your options. Oh wait you don’t have any, you just hate Elon? You are the exact reason this subreddit sucks now.


moondawg8432 t1_iy97r5v wrote

Oh look a “Tesla is a sinking ship” post. So unique


Thiscantmatter t1_iy6ocyc wrote

Elon will burn Tesla down with Twitter imo


darkspd96 t1_iy6z1d4 wrote is musk going to release a phone soon?


curious_geoff t1_iy70gey wrote

In a rare turn of events I agree with this post. Elon is going to fixate on Twitter to save face and the hype on Tesla will fade.


White_lynx_investor t1_iy7vxxr wrote

The dude can’t build a car that won’t run over kids, he is now wanting to build a complete phone… 🤣🤣🤣 “People will be happy to buy it” in what earth are Tesla fans living?


boosterish1313 t1_iy7dhif wrote

Anti establishment warriors like Elon only come around every so often. And thankfully, they smash the cages that all of us regards were unwittingly sitting in, thinking we were fit by running on our hamster wheels (idiots on their pelotons for 30 min), thinking we were happy sipping water out of a weird tube regulated by a silver ball, eating the same grains day in day out. Time to wake up, All.


roaringfork t1_iy70d3r wrote

So I gather that because the MSM is bashing Musk out of fear of being revealed as agents of the deep state, this AAPL enthusiast crowd thinks they know better than Elon yet are piss broke and work at Wendy's. I can't wait to get the MuskPhone and shitcan this Android.


zmarketec t1_iy6fm7w wrote

Well it will take a visionary executioner like Musk to do it. A good housecleaning was in order. Time will tell.


Obsidianram t1_iy6itfo wrote

Main thing is he took away one of the lefts crown jewels, and they're pissy about it. On a bigger note, it needed a major overhaul - and fumigation - to get it ready for next-gen ops...


SiofraRiver t1_iy6p9b5 wrote

>one of the lefts crown jewels

Are you really delusional enough to believe this nonsense or are you just playing?


BigBadBen91x t1_iy73o4i wrote

Never underestimate the delusion of the right wing. Remember, they were backing orange man's assertion of injecting bleach into their veins


Imgoin2brich t1_iy6i4hi wrote

People and families lost alot of livelihood from the former twitter that decided to play Johnny Law on free speech. It genuinely hurt people to do that.

I hope everyone involved in that is fired. They were messing with people's livelihood because of disagreements in values. You cant claim to be a public domain and then silence only certain views. Time to reap what you sow.

The other side apparently has a voice too, and now it's being heard.


m0nk_3y_gw t1_iy6j33c wrote

hahaha wut?

Twitter has a history of boosting right-wing voices

they do the barest fucking minimum of fact checking political and health misinformation years too late and the right-wingers lose their minds.

Reminder: you are on reddit, which banned that bullshit earlier /r/the_donald


roaringfork t1_iy717dw wrote

So far from any reality or anchor of truth it's scary. This is how to become a minion fully wired into the matrix.


Penis_Just_Penis t1_iy6ujyt wrote

Public domain. Lol. If this isn't a TRUMPER crying Twitter stole my 1st amendment rights. Lol


Imgoin2brich t1_iy81x04 wrote

I should clarify that I've been laid off too, and I dont genuinely wish people lose their jobs, maybe only if they indirectly caused the same hardship on families. I didnt mean to sound so cold in that statement.

I stand by the rest of what I said.

Dont go censoring me and banning me for it now lmaooo


drycooter t1_iya0utr wrote

Ok fascist dupe. Hopefully one day the fascist propagandists musk is enabling will give you your freedom back! You just have to keep working for them like a good little servant and forget about how they will be enslaving your grandchildren one day because you were too gullible to understand the difference between freedom and liberty


Imgoin2brich t1_iya460e wrote

What?? Is this real? I'm literally standing by what I said even after being downvoted and threatened for banning..

Yet here you are saying I'm not standing up for liberty and freedom.

Is this real?


Various-Stomach-1286 t1_iy6at2w wrote

Apple prefers government censorship just like china! Leftist shitbags have a hard time with truth.


m0nk_3y_gw t1_iy6ipiy wrote

Refusing to throw advertising money at a dumpster fire = cEnSoRShIp!!!