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Throwaway132465296 t1_ixt043w wrote

Orwellian when the CCP does it

Noble and necessary when Australia does it


uniqueloo t1_ixu6i8y wrote

I mean Australia is chinas puppet state at this point. Just let them isolate themselves for next 50 years, who cares


ericsnews t1_ixwr38v wrote

Fuckwit we haven’t been isolated for fuck all this year 2022. We are doing just fine ya wanker.


KinGpiNdaGreat t1_ixubphw wrote

Even Fauci just admitted in his deposition to a judge this week his inspiration for the lockdowns came from the Chinese Communist party.


Sisboombah74 t1_ixtcjls wrote

Months versus years. It’s an ignorant comparison.


Throwaway132465296 t1_ixtdz23 wrote

“See guys, they only curtailed freedom of movement, massively increased government surveillance of citizenry, and locked us up just a little bit. Not so bad!”


djfndnansn t1_ixtui7f wrote

Keep simping for grandma all the way to a labor camp ya dumbo