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I noticed that many budget stores prosper in recessions because people want to save money and buy things for cheaper. Stores like Ross and TJ Max are at highs right now. I want to get into Ross, but think it might be too late. Does anyone have other recession stocks that they bet will prosper when the market doesn’t?



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longGERN t1_iy690rr wrote

Yep typical wsb 6 months late all these stocks have already stabilized or mooned


JellyBoyBets OP t1_iy69fiq wrote

Not really probably late by 1 or 2 months but the recession is just starting and these companies will continue to perform well.


longGERN t1_iy6aw8p wrote

Ok have fun buying Walmart at a 50 PE, one of the boomer Blue chips that PE actually matters


243james t1_iy6i9r5 wrote

Let me know when you find one within a reasonable value so I can one day sell it... lol.


Cautious_Rutabaga328 t1_iy6ehk3 wrote

If things are as bad as some are predicting, maybe invest in gun stores and rope manufacturers. Repeat customers won't be a thing but people will pay a premium on those products. Cost won't bother them...

Too dark? Maybe? Naaaa


JellyBoyBets OP t1_iy6ex7l wrote

True or prison stocks


Cautious_Rutabaga328 t1_iy6f8jd wrote

I'm more cynical than Burry. He seems to be predicting complete lawlessness, i'm predicting Game Over for many... On the plus side, fixes the housing crises. Silver linings and all that


VisualMod t1_iy65bb4 wrote

>I think it's never too late to invest in any stock, but I'd recommend looking for stocks that have an inherent value and are likely to do well regardless of economic conditions. Stocks like energy companies, technology giants such as Microsoft or Amazon, health care providers with stable cash flow models etc. can be a great way to diversify your portfolio during recessions since they tend not only remain unaffected by market fluctuations but may even benefit from them if other sectors struggle.


Wisesize t1_iy65nwi wrote

Walmart, Costco, any food staples like general mills, p&g, etc


rob_burnley t1_iy6a1et wrote

car rentals do well in recessions...avis, budget, enterprise, hertz, etc


Such-Combination5046 t1_iy66j64 wrote

Recession will last until the end of next year most likely


Ra93qu1t t1_iy6hf7e wrote

just go for things that people will still need (not want) when recession hits. food producers, telecoms/utilities, healthcare.


243james t1_iy6i59a wrote

Should of bought them at the June bottom.

Fk me man I was buying into the recession almost 1 1/2years ago.... feeling like peter.


RonaldoPalko t1_iy7ewho wrote

MCD, BUD, PM, CAG, AWC, PEP and DPZ are my recession plays the last couple weeks. I’ve been in GIS a little longer and like it


Kamikaze_Cash t1_iy90m4o wrote

Some good ones for the recovery are CCI, O, META, and of course TQQQ.

I will fight anyone who says to buy shit companies like CVNA, PLTR, and PTON.


JellyBoyBets OP t1_iyal7rs wrote

How much more do u think the TQQQ will sink? Is this a safe reliable ETF


Kamikaze_Cash t1_iyaramr wrote

TQQQ is a complete gamble that the next bear market will start soon. I’d keep the position small and only get into it after you have a nice base of blue chip stocks and ETFs.


haarp1 t1_iybxdc3 wrote

lawl, i hope you're not serious.