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eddie7000 t1_iy0o2xy wrote

Reliable scanner? Lol.

As soon as a scanner looks like it's reliable it stops working.

You're better off figuring out which kind of losing trades you can handle without going batty. ie Lots of tiny losses and one massive winner, etc...


JollibeeNo1Customr69 t1_iy0t5kx wrote

Maybe if you're looking at little intraday scalp trades on a noisy, unreliable minute chart, but Daily, and more so Weekly, Monthly and even Quarterly chart set ups are quite reliable. Not all of us are looking for quick, "gut instinct", lucky, minute by minute scalps and are quit content to wait and watch the longer time frames and calculate the Discounted Cash Flows for a given company. As for Pair Trading, it is considered a lower risk "arbitrage" strategy by Hedge Funds and used by them precisely for that reason, usually on a Daily chart.